Do You Know You Can Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages with This new Hack?


Social media messaging Apps really have turned into modern day minefield of embarrassment. The moment we tap the send button and this realization dawns on us that we have sent the text message to our dad or mom instead of our girlfriend or boyfriend, the fear floods through our veins and we break out in Cold sweats. Embarrassing text messages can leave a deep impact on your relations whether you send them intentionally or accidentally. There are several instances when embarrassing text messages left people in depression and eventually became a reason for their suicide. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook which came out with the “Delete for everyone” feature for its WhatsApp Messenger App in November 2017.

The feature allows users to delete unintentionally send messages to wrong contacts. This one of the most sought features of WhatsApp is quite similar in nature to the ‘self-destructingmessages” feature of Snapchat. Initially, this feature allowed users to delete messages within 7 minutes but in March 2018, the company updated this feature. Now users can delete sent messages in 68 minutes and 16 seconds to be exact.

Hack Method to Retrieve Deleted Whatsapp Messages

WhatsApp “Delete for Everyone” feature had come as a great relief for the WhatsApp users as they could now easily delete the texts containing embarrassing content, But a new report claims that messages deleted for everyone can be easily accessed by the recipient using a hack method. If the findings of this report are really based on facts, it can render WhatsApp feature “Delete for everyone” useless.

Since the launch of this WhatsApp feature “Delete for everyone”, hackers around the globe have made countless attempts to bypass this feature and access deleted message on phone. Now a blogger from Spain has claimed in one of his blogs that even after deleting the message, it still remains on the phone in the form of cache. According to this blogger, the recipient can easily recover the deleted messages from the cache of the phone. Blogger Android Jefe claims in his blog that messages deleted by the sender for everyone store in the notification log of the device of the recipient. If the claim made by Jefe is based on facts then that means recipients can easily recover the messages that have been deleted from the Sender’s end. “The messages that are deleted by the sender thinking he or she has undone the sent text are not actually permanently deleted from the phone but are stored in the notification register of the Android system. One can enter the record to access the messages that other person deleted,” the blog reads.

Steps to Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Jefe claims that WhatsApp users can utilize third-party Applications to retract the deleted messages. The Apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Some of the steps to read deleted WhatsApp messages sent by someone to you are as given below:

1. First of All, you will need to download a third party App from the Google Play Store.There are several Apps that you can use to recover deleted WhatsApp Messages.
Notification History is a very popular App that you can download for this purpose.
2. And once you will download and install this App on your device, look for the messagein the Android Notification log. For accessing notification log, you will not need to download any App.
3. Just tap on the home screen> Click on Widgets> Activities> Settings> Notifications Log.

Limitation of This Hack Method

Though this hack works in most of the cases, only the messages that have generated a notification on the phone and have been interacted or seen with can be retrieved. Interaction refers to swiping away the original notification. Remember if the phone was restarted, you won’t be able to recover the deleted messages. Restarting the phone clears the log and removes the cache from the phone. Moreover, you will be able to read only the first 100 characters of the recovered message. You won’t be able to retrieve images or text but only text and the App is compatible only with the latest version of the Android Operating System.

Some Other Hacks to Retrieve Deleted Messages from Cache

Android Jefe is not the first person to make this claim that deleted WhatsApp messages can be retrieved from the notification log of the phone. When this feature was just one month old, iOS expert, Jonathan Zdziarski claimed that he has a trick to recover deleted or archived WhatsApp messages from the notification log of the phone.
One more hack to recover deleted WhatsApp messages after 68 minutes and 16 seconds is to disabling internet connection and then going to Settings. In the Settings Menu, select Settings and click on Apps. Select WhatsApp and click Force Stop.In addition, there are third party Apps like Notification History which show messages when Sender deletes them.

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