Do You Know Why Conor McGregor Has A Chance To Defeat Money Mayweather?


Just a few more days and we will witness the match that combat sports fans have been fantasizing for over 3 years now- Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor. Well, the credit clearly goes to Ronda Rousey for she was the one who dragged Floyd Mayweather into the now never-ending debate of boxing vs. MMA after she stated that she could knock the boxer down in seconds. Well, that would have had been a good fight too, but for now we’ll focus on what we have. The sporting world is clearly divided into two blocks right now. The ones who believe in McGregor and the ones who do not. The number of doubters speaking against the Irishman’s chances of knocking down Mayweather is too damn high. The statistics are against him, the facts are against him, and even the majority of the crowd is against him. What makes him think that he can actually pull it off? But isn’t that’s exactly what is brilliant about Conor McGregor? He decides to do something so outrageous that no one believes he could actually do it. But then he does it, breaking all the doubts and questions that once surrounded him, while he just walks to the bank with your money. Here are some of reasons why I believe Conor McGregor has a strong chance of breaking Floyd Mayweather’s streak.

This Is Why Conor McGregor Has A Chance To Defeat Floyd Mayweather

He Believes In Himself


Believe it or not, but self-belief is something that cannot be taught or inherited. It is within, just like that. And for those who do not know Conor McGregor yet, I better tell you that in a sport where nothing is for sure, Conor McGregor is an example of a person who is full of self-belief. The guy preaches that whatever he has achieved till now is because of his self-belief and the law of attraction. Like any other legend whom we put on the pedestal, his dreams and ambitions seemed out of the world and downright ridiculous in the beginning but today he has accomplished all of them. And the credit goes to nothing other than his strong self-belief.

His milestones till now have been based completely on hard work and self-belief. Let’s go through his recent accomplishments once. He said he would defeat Jose Also by a knockout. He did so in 14 seconds. He said he would create the biggest pay per view bout in UFC history. And he did that too. He announced that h would be the first one to become a two division title holder. Well, guess what? He did that too. That is Conor McGregor for you!

To be quite honest, his belief is infectious. He compels others to believe in him too. And come this August, he believes that he will defeat Floyd Mayweather on his own turf, that is, inside a boxing ring. He does not anything about boxing and he cannot master the art of boxing in just a matter of months. But again, that is the way he believes it to be. And somewhere down the line, we all think he will. Despite the fact that Conor is equally money minded as Floyd Mayweather, he does not intend to make that money by losing the match. According to him, winning has its own pleasures.

He Is An Exceptional Technician


When it comes to fighting, Conor McGregor is an exceptional fighter as well as a technician. In his fight with Jose Aldo, it was as if he knew what Jose was going to do. Just as the fight began, Jose went for the attack with huge right on McGregor, but Conor quickly responded with a dodge followed by a straight left to Jose’s jaw. The result? Jose Also, a fighter who was undefeated for more than a decade was down on the canvas knocked down by none other than Conor McGregor. This fight earned him the name ‘Mystic Mac’. The stadium went bedlam and it was just chaos all of a sudden. The people couldn’t control their excitement.

After the fight, McGregor stated that he could sense that Aldo would go for the attack head on and this made him think of the necessary action. The match between the two was even more important because it was taking place after a year of trash talking and McGregor calling out Also several times for the title match. The fight is also memorable because Aldo shared a similar type of reputation of being invincible in the last decade as Mayweather does. This only spices up the situation between Floyd and Conor as Conor has a reputation of ending streaks.

In the post-match press conference, McGregor described how he already knew what was going to happen. He said that he could see Aldo’s right hand twitch a lot and he knew that Aldo wanted to unload his furious right the moment he got the opportunity. He was literally prepared for what was coming for him. This is how technically superior Conor McGregor is when it comes it comes to fighting.

Mind Games


McGregor has his own brand of mind games. He is a good talker, we all know that. But apart from the chitter and chatter, he is also exceptionally good at playing mind games. Before every fight, McGregor unleashes a series of trash talking that not only provokes his opponents but also clouds their thoughts. But this is still not the most interesting thing about his trash talks. The interesting thing is that he virtually wipes out their existence. He simply doesn’t let them talk. He keeps on talking and talking and talking. He wins the fight before it even begins and that is why he wins. Well, of course, he is a good fighter, but his talking abilities do him good too.

For instance, the Eddie Alvarez fight was a perfect example of his mind games. Before the fight, all McGregor was doing was talk his opponent into a trap. The trap was not material but mental. The Final press conference before the fight was the checkmate for Eddie Alvarez. When Conor McGregor made an entry with his red turtleneck t-shirt and off white mink jacket, he had already won the fight. Not to forget the drama he created by grabbing Eddie Alvarez’s championship belt.    

Now, Floyd Mayweather has had a very very long career. He has seen it all. In his undefeated pro career, he has seen it all. All the talkers, bad mothers, cussers, self-proclaimed tough guys, and what not. But Conor McGregor is one of a kind. He has the power to back it all up. And his fight history is a big fat proof of this fact. He may take him for another fighter with a big mouth and an even smaller IQ but that is simply not true. When it comes to playing mind tricks and backing it up, McGregor has become synonymous with the GOAT Muhammad Ali.

He Is A Southpaw


The art of fighting is old. So old that the origins of fighting can’t really be traced that well. And when it comes to the sport of boxing, frankly speaking, we all love it. It has a sense of romantic optimism and a love for the underdog. In the current situation, Conor McGregor is the underdog. I mean, he knows nothing about boxing, let alone defeating a professional boxer with a 49-0 streak. He is not used to the speed and stamina of professional boxers. He usually finishes his fights in about a few rounds, unlike boxers who go to the distance of 12-15 whole rounds.

Factors like he being a southpaw, he being young and thirsty, and he being a fan favorite, clubbed with the fact that Mayweather is making a comeback after a two-year retirement period leads to a perfect underdog victory playwright.

There is something called the’ puncher’s luck’ that is widely seen in the sport of fighting, or basically any sport that involves punching. Conor McGregor is without any doubt a great and powerful puncher. He is quick too. But unlike orthodox fighters, he uses his left unleash tremendous amounts of power. And most importantly, he can visualize the finishing punch before he actually lands it. All this makes the Irishman dangerous.

He Loves Doubters


Again and again, Conor McGregor has proved that he loves proving doubters wrong. To put it in simpler words, he survives on doubt. When people start doubting him, he thrives and emerges as the champion.

Conor McGregor has found doubters all his life. In the early years of his life, probably, his girlfriend Dee Devlin was the only one who believed in him. He faced doubters right from the beginning. Then after hitting the center stage in the UFC, he found more doubters. They just do not stop doubting, now do they? Initially, his weakness was thought to be wrestlers. But he knocked out Chad Mendes. Then came Jose Aldo, the sport’s most technically sound kicker. In featherweight, he managed to defeat Dustin Poirier as well as Max Holloway, who also happens to be the current featherweight champion.

When he rose in the weight ranks and entered the lightweight division, he was defeated by Nate Diaz, one of the Diaz brothers. He was at 170 pounds when he lost to Diaz. After returning to UFC, he demanded for a rematch and wanted the conditions to be the exact same way they were the first time. He ultimately defeated Nick Diaz in a unanimous decision and moved forward to pursue his other out of the world ambitions. This time around it seems to be knocking down one of boxing’s greatest fighters because why not. He just loves turning ‘won’ts’ and ‘can’ts’ into ‘wills’ and ‘cans’.

In the end, when all is done and dusted, the very fact that today we are talking about a match that has been the wet dream of millions of combat sports fans for a long time, is a proof that Conor McGregor is not usual loud mouth fighter around the corner. He is the ‘Mystic Mac’ and he has a fair chance of ending Mayweather’s streak.




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