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What does magic mean? Something that defies all logic and science, right? Well, that is exactly what happened on the night of 26th May 2018. Real Madrid football Club put their name up high in the list of football clubs all over the world as the team that pulled off a hat-trick in terms of UEFA Champions League wins, with the latest one being the third win in three years. The road was not that easy though. Los Blancos had to face formidable sides such as Juventus, Roma, and of course, the toughest Liverpool the world had seen in years. While most of the fans really thought Liverpool could pull off another similar to the one in Istanbul 2005, it was simply not the case. Real Madrid won the Champions League trophy in Kyiv. But the future of the club is in darkness as the recent Champions League triumph was followed up by the resignation of the manager that led them to this victory. Zinedine Zidane resigned as the Real Madrid manager just after winning the European silverware.

A Glorious Past

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Real Madrid is one of the oldest clubs in the world and is definitely the richest football club in the whole world. Real Madrid has a rich history that only a few clubs can compete against. The club was found on 6th March 1902 by a bunch of football fans in Madrid, Spain. Little did these fans know that this club would go on to become one of the biggest football clubs as well as the most popular football club in the world in terms of competitive success one day. The club originally had white and blue jerseys which were basically inspired by English football teams. In their debut run from 1905 – 1907 in Spain’s primary league, that is, the La Liga, the club went on to win 3 titles with an Englishman as their gaffer.

The club truly flourished under the leadership of former player and future club President, Santiago Bernabeu. Santiago played for the club from 1912 – 1927. The trend that we today see in Real Madrid of stocking the team with the best players in the world was actually started by Bernabeu Yeste. This team of international superstars won the European Cup, today known as Champions League, a record five times starting from 1956 to 1960. The team started their ‘Galactico’ journey with the then Spanish superstar, an Italian by the name Alfredo Di Stefano. The advent of the 1960s saw Santiago switch to an all-Spanish player team. This idea proved fruitful in 1966 when Real won their sixth European Cup. In 2000, FIFA selected Real as the best football team of the past century. Just 2 years after that, Real celebrated their 100 years of existence in the best possible way. They won the European Cup! The team had stars like Zinedine Zidane, Raul, Figo, and Roberto Carlos. And to this day, the club is still owned by its members.

What Will Happen After Zidane?

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Fast forward a few years and here we are. It is 2018 and the player who once graced the pitch with his skills led the team to its third Champions League (earlier called European Cup) in three years. Zidane joined the club in Jan 2016 and in merely two and half years, he managed to bag 9 trophies. Zidane has had one of the most pleasant tenures as a club manager. He came with dignity and left with dignity. While leaving the club officially at the press conference, he stated that the club really needs a new voice and new a methodology in order to main the winning ways. Now things are a bit unclear about the sudden decision but this is sure that he didn’t want to gamble further on the luck card. Zinedine Zidane was a good manager of course, but he was never a great manager. He never showed extraordinary skills in strategies and didn’t have any trademark gameplay techniques. He was a strong figure though. He was able to keep the team full of superstars together in one dressing room, he managed to control the larger than life egos, and he did keep the team spirit high.

The 45-year-old led the club to 104 wins and 29 draws out the 149 games he managed the club since January 2016. The chances of him leaving the club were not as small as people think they were. Earlier in the season, Zidane stated that he would leave the club and walk away voluntarily if there was nothing more to give from his size. This statement followed after the club was knocked out of the Copa del Ray earlier this season. Real Madrid also finished the season seventeen points behind their arch Rivals FC Barcelona, finishing at the third position. But even after the given facts, understanding Zidane’s decision to leave the club voluntarily just after the mind-boggling win over possibly the strongest Liverpool side the world has seen after the 2005 squad.

The future of the club is uncertain. But we all know that don’t we? The real question is who is next in line as the manager of one of the biggest football clubs in the world. There are many choices that can get the job done. The list is as follows –

real madrid managers

  • Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger is out of a job. He left Arsenal at the end of the 2017-18 season and is laying low at this moment. His qualifications leave no doubt that he can be the next Real Madrid boss and that too very soon. Arsene is known for his on-field tactics and the way he maintains his team. The French manager is very likely to join Real Madrid in the next season and command his men on the pitch. Not to forget, he is a personal favorite of Real Madrid President Florentino Perez.

  • Guti

Guti is a former player of Real Madrid and is currently managing the Real Madrid under-19 football team. Real might repeat their policy of inside hiring, that is, the way they did in the case of Zinedine Zidane back in 2016. The Spanish manager, as mentioned earlier, also has the experience of being a Real Madrid player. He played for Madrid and appeared in 15 seasons.

  • Pochettino

Pochettino is truly in a tragedy. Merely a few days ago, he signed a 5 year deal with the London tram knowing that Zidane would not be leaving the club. And just one day after the Champions League win, he decides to leave. Poor Pochettino now has slim chances of getting into Real Madrid. That being said, Florentino Perez really admires Pochettino and rather than leaving him out of the list, Perez is more likely to pursue the Argentinian manager, if need be. On the other hand, Spurs now have the opportunity to demand a higher compensation if Real Madrid approaches the Spurs manager with the job offer.

  • Joachim Loew

Well, apart from the really awkward antics that Joachim Loew showed in the previous World Cup, his attacking tactics are pretty admirable. His leadership in the German football camp during the World Cups and Euros has already been seen. The question is will he take the job if Real decides to approaches him. The important thing is that he has already signed a new 5-year contract with Germany. Now, managing two different teams is a big task. That is the reason why you do not see too many managers indulging in both clubs as well national football duties.

  • Antonio Conte

Conte has had a bad season at Chelsea. And as far as Chelsea Football Club is concerned, it is not the club that is known for its generosity or forgiving nature toward managers. Conte has not been officially sacked but the chances of him leaving the club after this season are very high. Given the above information, it is likely that the Real Madrid job offer can go to him. He is indeed a good manager and has shown that he is capable of handling big fat European clubs. His hot head and fiery personality will also suit the role of the Real Madrid manager.

No one really knows what would happen, but whatever the result, the conditions would be same. Rather than getting to choose the team, the new manager will be given the team to manage. Just like in the case Zinedine Zidane, the chances of the new manager getting a readymade team are high. This has always been the case when Real Madrid is concerned. Everyone knows Florentino Perez’s indulgence in the club’s affairs and his passion for the sport. This overwhelming passion can sometimes get out of hand and interfere with the manager’s vision. This is something that the manager will have to deal with. There are other things too that the manager has to deal with. These are listed below –

  • The future of Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo in the club. Rumors are spreading regarding both the players. Ronaldo is at the brink of the playing prime and Bale is simply uncertain about his future at the club. And not surprisingly, both the players have been really important cornerstones in the club’s victories over the years.
  • The new manager will need to establish new playing styles and tactics. This was not the case when Zidane was in charge. Zidane was never known for his playing patterns and tactics.
  • Keeping the individual egos under control. The team is made of huge superstars. And with greatness, comes an even greater ego. Zidane was successful in doing so. Let’s see what the new manager thinks of this task.

That being said, the future is full of uncertainties and will surely be a joyride for football fans. Do give us your feedback.


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