Do You Know What Will Happen When Queen Elizabeth II Dies?


Her Majesty, the Queen of England, is a lovely figure and is admired by all. From her classy memes to her bad ass antics, we just adore her. But sooner or later, we all have to admit the fact that things as well people do not last forever and nor would our beloved Queen Elizabeth II. Have you ever wondered what will happen when the Queen dies? Or what series of events would take place in case the queen’s demise. Nothing can be said for sure but it is surely an undesirable scenario. It is often difficult to imagine someone you love and admire dyeing. But it is what it is and we all shall have closure when it happens. So? The question still remains. What would it be like when her majesty leaves us for good?

Do You Know What Steps Will Be Taken When Queen Elizabeth II Dies?

The scenario is most likely to be sad and gloomy. Of course, no one is going to be happy about the death of their queen. We have mentioned below a series of events that will most likely take place if the Queen of England was to die. Following the demise, the Buckingham Palace will carry out a series of actions to instate the next monarch and reestablish the British Monarchy. As simple as it sounds, let me tell you it is not. The media outburst alone will be a big impediment for the authorities to tackle.

The Operation


According to the sources, on the demise of the Queen of England, a highly specialized operation said to be called ‘Operation London Bridge’, will be implemented immediately. When the queen actually dies, the Prime Minister will be informed and he would also be the first one to be aware of the death of the Queen, that is, outside of the British monarch. He will be told this news in a particular key phrase, which according to sources would be ‘London Bridge is down’. This would be obviously to prevent the leakage of the extremely critical news by middlemen and communication operators.

From here onwards, the tasks would be taken over by a very sophisticated team of people known as the ‘Foreign Office’s Global Response Centre’. These people will engage in direct one to one telephonic conversations to inform various heads of the government of every country in the reach of the Commonwealth. There would also be an indefinite period of time, between the actual death of the queen of England and the time when the general public is made aware of the same.

This will be followed by a huge media uprising and outburst in all media platforms. Therefore, the immediate step would be to control the media outburst. To counter the inevitable media circus that is bound to follow, the Buckingham Palace will send out an official newsflash to the news centers stating that the Queen has died. Similarly, the Palace will put a public notice outside the gates of the palace about the demise of the Queen of England.

Controlling The Media Circus


Given the Queen’s popularity and weight in the political and international scenario, the death of the Queen of England will be given the same importance as a terrorist attack on any country. Therefore, one can imagine the severity of the issue at hand. All the television and radio networks will keep spitting out the same pre-rehearsed news editorials they have had for the last ten years.And this is excluding the reaction on social media. Social media, as we all know has become a hub for reactions to literally anything and anywhere in the world. Thus, it is not hard to imagine how the response on social media would be. Predictions range from YouTube tributes, communities commemorating the Queen of England’s legacy, and Google doodles to songs by notoriously talented musicians. Not to forget some cool memes in the memory of the Queen.

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Meanwhile, all these events are taking place in the great media circus where people would be most probably making gaffes, the Buckingham Palace would be on to something way more meaningful and serious. They would have two things at hand that they would need to take care of very swiftly. The first one would be to plan the Queen of England’s funeral. This would be taking place about two weeks from the death of the Queen of England. The second thing at hand would be to decide on the new head of the monarch of England.

Fact File – Some Facts You May Want To Know


  • If the Queen dies during carrying out her duties overseas, a specialized Royal Air Force squadron is to be deployed to the destination where the Queen has died. The squadron will leave from London and will have an inbuilt special coffin for the purpose of bringing the Queen of England’s body back home.
  • In case the Queen meets her end in lands of Great Britain, but outside the palace, she is to be returned to the palace by a vehicle, most probably a car or a Hearse. 
  • Shops will not operate in the honor of the Queen of England. Even the stock market will not work, as in, it will not trade in anything on that day (the day the public is made aware of).
  • Football stadiums will broadcast the funeral proceedings of the queen for the entire nation to see.
  • At sharply eleven in the morning, there will be a period of shared silence. Following this, the service at the Westminster Abbey will unfold.
  • At the end, there will a 37 km long (23 miles) procession that will escort the Queen’s body directly from Hyde Park Corner to Windsor Castle. Here, our beloved queen will be finally left to rest.
  • Prince Charles is most likely to be named the next head of the British monarch. This will make sure of the continuity of the British monarchy and the tradition of power being passed on to the coming generations.


That all being said, there is no reason to start grabbing the tissue boxes and searching ‘Young queen Elizabeth II’ on YouTube for tribute videos. The queen of England is mighty fine and is showing no signs of hanging her boots (yet).

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