Do You Know What Twitter Has Given Us Over Decade?


Twitter has completed its 10 years and it has affected social media in a great way. From the day it was started till now, it has strengthened the people to share their thoughts in limit of 140 words. Also read, steps for accessing Facebook Insights

It has changed the way people used to look on the trends happening. Let’s discuss what twitter has given us over these 10 years:

Do you know about the contribution of Twitter over decade:

1. 140 Characters: While every social media website such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn offers you any word limit for your post, Twitter forces you to share your thought in just 140 words. With its unique feature of constant 140 word limit, Twitter stands different from all other social media networks.

2. Live tweets: Live tweet feature of Twitter has made it fast than any other social media. People tend to post important news such as any award event, disaster crisis, breaking news as soon as they get to know about it. This is the reason why many people are following Twitter to know what is happening in the world.

3. Hashtags: Earlier, hashtags were used for sorting topics on the Twitter but now they are even used as normal conversation. Hashtags help people to reach the audience of their interests.

4. Trolls: Trolls are basically the people who let the other people feel down by arguing with them or by upsetting them. Trolling has forced some people to quit Twitter for getting abused by trolls.

5. Revolution on Twitter: Twitter is also getting used for bringing out some revolutions. Egypt 2011 revolution was communicated and organized via Twitter in which people across the world participated and joined to support the protestors in every possible way. Without Twitter, it could not be possible for protestors to get a huge support across the world.

6. Interaction with Celebrities: Twitter has made it easy for common people to interact with celebrities like Obama, celebs of Hollywood and Bollywood. Nowadays, every celebrity uses Twitter to interact with their fans.

7. Hashtags like #TBT, #YOLO, #OOTD: These hashtags have become very popular on Twitter. You might see #TBT hashtag on almost all Thursday that stands for Throwback Thursday i.e. on Thursday; you have to post some of your past pictures on social media. #YOLO is used by celebrities as well as common people mostly on Twitter while posting any picture related to some adventurous events as YOLO stands for you live only onceJ.

8. KRK (Kamaal R Khan): Every twitter user might be aware of this person who is always seen in controversies against some celebrities. Recently, KRK was into news as he personally violated Vikram Bhatt for his movie “1920 London” and Bhatt had to file case against KRK.

9. Retweet: Twitter has come up with a new feature of re-tweeting in 2009 that can be used by a user to tweet someone else’s content to show public who actually tweeted that post.



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