Do You Know What Makes Premier League The Most Competitive League?


The football world is an intriguing aspect of our lives. Football is a whole different universe for us football fanatics which often makes us ‘aliens’ among the other entities. We talk football. We sleep football. We dream about football. And almost everything we do is connected to football. We all have our favorites and we all hate some. But there is no denying that our mutual romance with football is greater than any bond in the world. 

One of the major debates in the football world is: “Which league is the best in the world?”

Today, I will be stating some facts which attest that England’s Premier League must be crowned the best league in the world.

Some call English Premier League to be overhyped. I believed it might be the case. But there is no denying that Premier League has been influential in revolutionizing every element of the greatest game on the planet. EPL has changed how football is played, consumed or even watched. Premier League embodied the renaissance of football in England and have now started to dominate the world game today. Not to mention the canny mix of global ambition, money and broadcasting.

So without further ado, let get on with the testaments I have collected to prove my point.

•    The Global Reach

What makes a League best? The reach and TV coverage certainly plays a vital role. Imagine you traveling to afar corner because your lady wanted to and you have a title clash the same weekend. Well, EPL (English Premier League) is a global brand as it has over 160 million global audiences with coverage in over 202 countries across the globe.

So no matter where you go, you can find people huddled around screens, watching Premier League and bonding over their shared love of the teams.

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•    The TV Coverage

Premier League has a huge list of television broadcasters who broadcast 126 of the 168 televised games in the UK. Only the US views are spoiled with coverage as they focus more on MLS rather than the exciting fixtures of the Premier League. The experienced and fluent commentators such as Jim Beglin and Peter Drury make the live coverage of British Premier League even more enjoyable.

The best thing about Premier Leagues is that they also offer coverage to other countries in their native language.

•    The Local Derbies

We all know how densely populated and compact England is. On top of that, it hosts a top-level league which entice people to get the silverware. This gluttony of cities gifts the football world a wealth of local derbies. Derbies such as the West Midlands derby, Tyne-Wear derby, North London derby, and Merseyside derby are mostly mouth-watering fixtures.

The unpredictability of volatile derby matches makes EPL even more intriguing. And these derbies often throw up unexpected results which drastically affects the whole table.

•    The Competitiveness

There are always 3 or more than 3 clubs in the mix for the race of title. Even a single defeat of these top clubs results in losing the battle or being overlooked. Premier League offers competitiveness throughout the entire league which is somewhat what other leagues lack. Seemingly, anyone can beat anyone.

On top of this battle royale, every clubs wants to get a spot for Champions League qualification and stay away from the relegation. The Premier League is not dominated by its wealthiest clubs and is far less predictable than any other football league.

•    The Fans

The English fans are known for their passion and love of the game. Many fans have virtually married their favorite teams. They have a fair share of chants, taunts and songs which keeps roaring throughout the stadiums. They are known to create a dramatic and exhilarating atmosphere at games each week.

They might get circled for racism or creating a nuisance, but there is no denying that they still are among the best in the world.

•    The Star Power

England’s Premier League is allegedly paying more to the players. Many players are getting weekly payments while other are breaking transfer records. With more possibilities to reach the European glory, EPL attracts players from over the globe. Premier League is arguably a showcase for some of the world's best players.

European success plus massive amounts of cash is the ideal formula to attract star players. The prominence of football’s biggest stars makes the Premier League a circus of finesse. EPL gives a sheer pleasure to witness top internationals week in and week out which makes it even more intriguing.

•    The Masterclass of Managers

The Premier has always been blessed with some of the best managers in the world. The last couple of decades saw the brilliance of managers such as Sir Alex Ferguson, José Mourinho, Jürgen Klopp, Arsène Wenger, Pep Guardiola and more. All these excellent managers rebuilt the reputation of the Premier League and made it one of the most competitive.

There might be more names coming to the EPL but one thing’s for sure, that we will witness more masterclass of these top managers.

Club football can be a little too intimidating to the uninitiated. Which league to follow? Which match to watch? Where to start? These are some of the basic questions a budding football enthusiast can be facing.

There are many who prefer Italy’s Serie A, then there are some who opt for Spain’s La Liga. But my personal preference and research suggest that England’s Premier League is dominating all other Leagues.

I believe that the hype and fame of UEFA Champions League make it easier to lure people towards La Liga. But winning UCL (UEFA Champions League) is a completely different matter and experiencing the thrill of the competitive league is different. Premier League offers all the thrills, chills and heartbreaks which makes it best to follow.

My suggestion is to follow England’s Premier League for some cagey, stifling affairs.

Feel free to drop you feedbacks and share your views. You can also share the points which make EPL the best league on the planet. Will see you again with some more footballing action.

Later folks!


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