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As the times are changing, the world of smartphones is also changing. The premium bracket of smartphone price is edging beyond the $1000 mark and I believe that it will keep rising. The raging prices of smartphone often drop people into the despair of choosing the best. Since the number of phones is uncountable, it is tricky to pick the one who deserves the crown. So, instead of searching for the alleged ‘crown head,’ I chose to spread some light on the deserving entity.

The world of technology is growing rapidly which only gives an idea of how new smartphones will replace the old ones. We have come a long way from those key and flip-phones. Now is the era of infinite screen and face recognition.

OnePlus once has a plucky start but now it has become a globally-famous brand. The global franchise is rapidly growing and introducing some of the best smartphones including OnePlus 3T. Their mantra is to “Never Settle” and their phones don’t let us do so. We are here to talk about the latest device which is grabbing headlines.

So without further ado, let’s begin!

The OnePlus 6T

oneplus 6T

OnePlus 6T is trying to keep its original OS while closing to the stock Android as much as possible. It has so many technology tweaks which may make it the best till date. Thanks to the loose-lipped OnePlus staffers, we already got an insight into the latest instalment of this groundbreaking flagship. OnePlus 6T is the response to Apple’s new XS Max as well as all those flagship killers.

It will feature Android 9 Pie and an in-display fingerprint sensor which is the next big thing. It will be an absolute powerhouse but without a headphone jack. The battery will have 3,700mAh battery capacity which is pretty decent if compared with other phones.

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The only thing people I hate about 6T is that it ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack. Since we all know how important music is in our lives, this single change can turn the table for this OnePlus powerhouse. But OnePlus took the decision to ditch the headphone jack to support wireless music experience. The flagship also revealed a pair of Bullets V2 earphones along with a USB-C connector after stating the demise of the headphone jack.

The New UI

OnePlus 6T has an amazing user interface (UI) which can line up people to take shots at buy 6T. It might feature minimal upgrades in terms of internals and design elements. But the big ones to be mentioned are optical in-display fingerprint sensor and water drop-style display notch. You will find more information below about the next big thing in OnePlus 6T.

The In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

in-display fingerprint sensor

Using fingerprints to unlock a device is now ubiquitous. The scanner can be mounted on the back side of mobile phones, embedded in home buttons or placed on the side beneath the home button of handsets. But OnePlus 6T takes the whole concept to a different level. It features the in-display fingerprint sensor which can unlock the device. Now users can easily unlock the phone by just placing their finger on the screen.

Apart from the ease, it sure gives us a feel of future.

The Display Notch

display notch

The real highlight of OnePlus 6T is the tiny notch on the top of the screen. It is just dropping down to wrap around the front-facing camera making it as minimal as a cutout can get. It looks as elegant as possible and gives a feeling of bigger, wider screen.

It looks like a water drop-style display notch that is something which no other phone encompasses.

Other Factors

•    OnePlus 6T also has improved navigational gestures which can give so much liberty to the users. The most-recently used apps can be changed with a quick flick from the bottom of the screen towards the right. Users can also access the Google Assistant by just holding the power button for 0.5 seconds. The flagship claims that all the touches and swipes were tested over 1000 times to ensure that they are fluid for the users.

•    The phone is introducing an AI-based algorithm which is simply remarkable. The phone learn when you sleep which makes it minimize all apps and reduce the power consumption accordingly.

•    There is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 SoC available in the phones which is the latest in the market. With Snapdragon 845 SoC, users can enjoy their favourite games without hesitation.

Introducing the New Android 9.0 (Pie)

new android 9.0(Pie)

2018 is the year of Android Pie. Just like every year, there’s the latest version of Android made available to the users. The latest Android flavour is jam-packed with advanced features to give more power to users. It embraces the brand-new gesture navigation system, a heap of under-the-hood tweaks and new UI elements.

OnePlus 6T gets better Google's automatic cloud backups with Android P. Pie combines the Google Cloud's Titan Technology and Android's Backup Service which a nice fail-safe backup even if the phone fries or breaks.

The latest Android version gives OnePlus 6T to squeeze as much juice as possible from the battery. It features an adaptive battery which adjusts the brightness and examines how the phone is operating and limit CPU usage.

OnePlus 6T is more colourful as it features so many attractive tweaks. It has 157 new emoji along with circular Quick Settings icons. All the colourful icons and elements give a sleek feel to the eyes. Apart from the appearance, OnePlus 6T is smoother, better and more powerful.

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In the world of super-fast and powerful smartphones, the OnePlus franchise has delivered a heavy hitter. It’s just a matter of time till the 6T fever shakes the smartphone world. If you wish to know about other phones, you can read about it here.

I will be back with other some other cut-throat technology.

Drop your views about what you think about the phone.

So long!


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