Do You Know What Is Easter Sunday And How This Date Is Decided Every Year?


Every year Christians around the globe eagerly wait for Easter, as this day holds a lot of importance for them. In some parts of the world, this day is also popularly known as Resurrection Sunday. If you turn down the pages of history, then you will come to know that after the crucifixion of Jesus, his body was placed in a tomb. During that era, the burial procedure involved the use of spices and ointments. What actually happened after the death of Jesus is, as there was no time to prepare the body for burial as per Jewish customs, on a Sunday morning, when few women went to the tomb with spices & other constituents for Sabbath, they were surprised to see that the gate of the tomb was already opened. The body of Jesus was not there and suddenly two angels appeared in the white clothes. Angels replied to the women that Jesus had risen. Actually, Jesus had told the villagers that he will be crucified and rise again on the third day. That’s the story behind Easter, in simple words, you can understand it this way. It’s a day to commemorate rebirth of Jesus Christ. Mostly, Easter falls on Sunday, so it is also called Easter Sunday. You might also like reading about the history of Palm Sunday.

More About Easter Sunday Celebrations

Easter Sunday Celebrations

It is definitely one of the most important & auspicious day for Christians all over the world. Easter Sunday is celebrated with great passion, doing fun activities and by decorating the homes. In nearly all the countries, public holiday is declared on this day and people visit the church for special prayers & hymns. Easter day is a delighting occasion of hope, hence, gifts are exchanged. Individuals who are away from their home, come back to spend time with their family on this special day. People celebrate this day by inviting each other for dinner. The week before Easter is termed as a holy week, commemorating last supper, Good Friday and crucifixion & death of Jesus. Further, individuals eagerly wait throughout the year for Easter. In the majority of the families, Easter dinner is organized where all the members of the family sit under one roof and express their feelings & sentiments for each other. Various mouth-watering desserts and cuisines are prepared on Easter Sunday thus, making it a joyful moment for everyone. Furthermore, churches are decorated with beautiful lights, chocolates are given to the children and good wishes are given to each other on this historic day. There are various symbols that are associated with Easter Sunday. These are lilies, eggs, baby chicks, bunny, the cross and palm branches. Actually, as per Christian mythology, Easter eggs symbolize new life, whereas, lilies symbolize purity, and cross means victory over death. Moreover, many people do eagerly wait for Easter vacations, so that they can visit various exotic destinations, but above all spend more time with their family members. Many parents on the Easter day take children for movies in theaters. Easter cards are also quite popular among the people as many individuals send the Easter cards to their families & friend circles in order to make the occasion special for them. You can even find people dressed up in the Easter dress which makes the day even more enjoyable. Some of the other highlights of Easter day are delicious cakes, eye-catching banners, beautiful baskets and above all, enthusiastic atmosphere. Celebrating Easter actually, marks the evolution of death to life which signifies a new beginning or a fresh start. You must be eager to know when is Easter this year 2017. Well, it is on 16th April (Sunday).

Calculating The Easter Date

Easter actually comes between March 22 and April 25 every year. The date of Easter day usually comes on the first Sunday after the happening of the first full moon or at end of March equinox. I think you must have got an answer to the question When is Easter 2018? Well, the date will certainly change, it will be on 1st April (Sunday). You can understand this way- it is a moveable festival, so you cannot have a specific date for Easter day. As now you know it is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon, hence it is variable that means the date changes every year. Actually, the lunar calendar is used for calculation, therefore, Easter Sunday dates change every year, so it does not fall on a specific date either in Julian or Gregorian calendars. There are different Easter Sunday calendar that is followed worldwide, so there different dates are marked on different calendars. But let me tell you, even though dates are movable, but it always falls on Sundays. The reason is that it is celebrated two days after Good Friday therefore, it comes on Sunday every year. Actually, the first council of Nicaea formed two rules these were stopped usage of the Jewish calendar and worldwide uniformity; these were the only rules that had been put forward to calculate the Easter date. There were various controversies that were associated with it and council did not agree that Easter should fall on Sunday only. However, in the western countries the Gregorian calendar is used, so as per that Easter is observed between 22 March and 25 April, only on Sunday and calculation is based on the fact that it has to take place within seven days of the astronomical full moon. In the Eastern countries around the world, Julian calendar is used for calculation of the Easter date. There is actually a 13-day difference in calendars between 1900 and 2099 and this is the reason that Easter varies between 4th April and 8th May on the Gregorian calendar. Most of the churches around the world have migrated from the Julian to Gregorian calendar, so the date for Easter is mostly same around the world. Just in case, you hear or come to know that Easter date is not the same in a different country, then it is just because they are following a different calendar for calculating the date of this auspicious day.

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More About Easter Food  

Easter Cuisine

When we are talking about Easter, not discussing the delicious foods of the festive day will be unfair. There are numerous delicious cuisines that are prepared which are mouthwatering & flavorful therefore liked by everyone. Some of the popular desserts that are prepared are Chocolate Fudge, Choco Truffle, Creamy Mocha Fudge, Apricot-Coconut cake, Lemon Dome and Berry shortcakes etc. A typical Easter lunch consists of Roasted lamb, Braised Lamb Shank, Spiral Sliced Ham, Roasted Chicken, Roasted Asparagus and Poached Salmon etc. In short, you can say that different types of Easter cuisines are prepared that are liked by children and adults. Further, Easter dinner is more about relishing tasty cuisines put on the table while cherishing some good memories of the time that you all have spent together with your family. All traditional, flavorful dishes are prepared with an array of sweet dishes, which make the occasion extra special. Furthermore, on Easter Sunday drinks are also prepared such as cocktails like Tokyo Iced Tea, Aviation, Centauri Sundown, Round Robin and Casino Royale etc. which make the occasion more delightful.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the celebrations that take place on the Easter day. Stay tuned for more such fascinating write-ups. Do share your comments and views on Easter day parties below.


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