Do You Know Ways To Ask Your Boss For A Raise?


Wish to make more money than you are getting now? Or do you think you deserve to get more salary for the work you do? Even after realizing that you are worth more money, many of us are reluctant to ask for a raise. I know asking does not always guarantee that you will get a raise, but it also means you can get a good hike if you are lucky. Moreover, if you are planning to stay in the current company you are working now, you need to make sure that the employer is paying well. Not only you need to be well-prepared, but timing is also important. Let us check out, how to ask for a raise in writing and an email to your boss. 

How to Ask Your Boss for a Raise

The big question is what to say when asking for a raise. Whether we accept it or not, money is still a very important factor to have a good and decent life. So, why shouldn't you ask for what you deserve? Undoubtedly, approaching your boss for a salary hike can be tough and uncomfortable as well. How will you prepare yourself for it? Learn the best way to ask for a raise to your boss.

1. Research & Gather Information

Research & Gather Information

Preparing yourself is the first step if you are thinking to approach your boss for a salary raise. In order to make your boss believe that there is a strong reason why you think you deserve to be paid more, gather all the information about your appreciable work done in the past. Research on all the efforts you have put in adding a value and a positive growth of the company, i.e., unique contributions, the success of the project lead by you, praise from seniors, etc. Another thing is to be realistic and comparing your salary with the market trend to see if you are underpaid or not. Also check best interview tips for job seekers. 

2. Choose The Perfect Timing

Choose The Perfect Timing

Another important thing is to figure out the right time to ask for a raise. If your boss is having a busy schedule & working under pressure of completing an urgent project, there is a high chance that he/she might reject your proposal for a hike. Do not approach your boss during the time of annual appraisal; instead talk 3-4 months earlier about the raise so that they can consider your request before the final decision is made. The preferred time for asking a raise is while taking up a new responsibility or after successful completion of a project. 

3. Practice Before You Approach

Practice Before You Approach

It is necessary to practice what you need to say before talking with the boss, which is why you need to rehearse the points you will say. Practice them in front of a mirror or say it loud and hear yourself after recording. You should always speak confidently, avoid your small weaknesses in your work & focus on your strengths. Also, try to visualize many reactions the boss may give, while you discuss the raise and plan accordingly.

4. Be Confident Enough

Be confident

Not only keeping the tone of mutual respect is mandatory during the whole conversation, you also need to be confident while asking for what you deserve. Do not raise any statements in the form of questions instead, make sure that are more direct and confident. Approach your boss with positive body language and make sure that the conversation is able to create an air of collaboration.

5. Avoid Ultimatums & Complaints

Avoid Ultimatums & Complaints

The biggest mistake you can make is to start the conversation about the hike with complaints. Never compare yourself with any other employees in the company or their salary, as it will reduce the chance of getting a hike. Try to stay calm and positive, focusing on the strong points you have prepared for. Another important thing is to avoid ‘threatening to leave’ practice thinking it will be a good negotiating factor, because it is not. It will reduce the chance of making your boss accept your raise proposal instead; you will feel bad if it’s the reason that you are not getting the raise.

6. Expect The Response You Want

Expect The Response You Want

Try to frame the conversation for raise as the recognition for past achievements and the acknowledgment that you are a dedicated member of the team that has added values to the company. Make your boss feel that you understand his/her work pressure and the way to help them out with the raise proposed. You should never bring up your expenses of the month, an increase of rent or any personal reasons, as they are not considered as the factors for getting a salary hike.

7. Prepare Yourself For ‘No’

Prepare Yourself For No

Even though you should approach boss with confidence, you must also be prepared for the negative response. If the response is ‘No’, ask your boss about the desired progress in your work you need to focus on, to make the answer into a ‘Yes’. It will show your boss that you are bound to work for the growth of the company. Ensure that you get a clear feedback on why the raise proposal is being turned down this time.

Points To Keep In Mind

  • Make a proper face-to-face appointment with your boss, as it is the most preferred way to ask for a raise than asking with the help of letter or an email.
  • It is important to ensure that you speak politely with your boss during the conversation without complaining & maintain the composure.
  • Never ask for the exact figures of raise amount you want instead ask for the desired increment in percentage from the current salary package.
  • Do not forget to thank your boss for the time he/she has given for talking about the raise, no matter what the response is.
  • Never make the rejection affect your work, as bad attitude will make your boss less likely to give a salary hike in near future.


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