Do You Know Top 6 Luxury Hotels in London?


It is, of-course, scary for a middle-class family to book an expensive hotel, but people having an unlimited travel budget should not hesitate from booking a luxury hotel even if they are going to some rustic place. Staying in a luxury hotel comes with plenty of benefits. One of the benefits of booking a luxury hotel is pampering at day’s end that makes life pleasant and truly enjoyable. Luxury hotels offer a level of hospitality and services that are not offered in other accommodations.

You will find luxury hotels in London everywhere, but the most suitable are the ones that are situated in ideal locations for vacation travelers. In this write-up, we will tell you about six such great luxury hotels in London, situated in areas of high interest for vacation travelers.

Take a look and write to us that was it really useful for you or not.

1.    Shangri-La Hotel

Shangri-La Hotel

The Shangri-La Hotel located in Shard, London has perfect rooms with the best views in the area. This lofty Asian Hotel has the highest swimming pool and Champagne bar in Western Europe.

The highest building and the positive reviews are the big draws.  The Shangri-La-Hotel goes the extra mile with everything. It creates magical effect that no other hotel in the entire London area is able to create.

The rooms are spacious, comfortable, and decorated with Asian-inspired motifs, including Asian art and Chinoiserie wall panels.

2.    Rosewood Hotel

Rosewood Hotel

Rosewood hotel is situated in the neighborhood of Holborn.  Its location is very close to the prime historic attractions like the British Museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and many more.

Since it has been built back in the 1910s, the Architecture of the Rosewood hotel has Renaissance and Edwardian Influences. Its entrance carries a carriageway style. The location and the surroundings of the hotel are brimming with beauty and charm.

If you are someone who loves ornate culture and romanticizing the past then the Rosewood hotel is definitely for you.

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Moreover, the hotel features excellent customer service and the best breakfast in the city. A great collection of artworks mesmerizes your eyes as you walk through the corridors of the hotel. Each artwork depicts a particular point in British history.

For animal lovers who always like to travel with their darling pets, the Rosewood Hotel is the ideal hotel in the entire London area.  Though the hotel doesn’t offer personal butler services to guests, the well-equipped rooms with Wi-Fi connection, Nespresso machines, and luxurious toiletries will make you forget everything.

3.    Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park is one of the most luxurious hotels in London for spenders.  The hotel exudes an alluring mixture of fashionable luxury and Oriental elegance. It is located in the center of London.

Because of its central location, the stayers at the hotel enjoy the luxury of having some of the most iconic locations in London within easy walking distance.

The location is peaceful and hence ideal for business travelers. The hotel has 167 elegant rooms for guests. In addition, there are 26 richly furnished suites.   Guest service managers are available on each floor to cater to the needs of hotel guests.

Food lovers can have two of the most impressive dining experiences. They can have authentic French bistro dining at Bar Boulud and a historic British gastronomic cuisine dinner by Heston Blumenthal.

4.    Bulgari London

Bulgari London

Bulgari London, which is famous as a hotel of calm, is located on the edge of   Hyde Park in Knightsbridge, London.  Located in the center of the city and at just a minute’s distance from Harrod’s department store, the most famous landmark in the area, the hotel has set new standards among luxury hotels in London.

The class-leading quality of service matched by elegant contemporary art and enhanced by Bulgari’s legendary flair for design delivers a unique city hotel experience to travelers.

There are 85 light-filled rooms and suites for guests. In terms of the area, the suites are the largest in the entire London area.  In addition, the hotel has a 47 seat cinema, a unique cigar shop and an impressive spa to create a unique city hotel experience.

The hotel also has a 47 seat cinema, an impressive spa, and a unique Cigar Shop, to deliver a city hotel experience that is unique to the world.

5.    Lanesborough Hotel

Lanesborough Hotel

The Lanesborough Hotel, which underwent extensive renovation in 2015 has regained its status as one of the most famous luxury hotels in London. The hotel was redesigned by the world's renowned interior design studio known as Albert Pinto.

There are 93 rooms in this one of the most iconic hotels in London. The hotel is now run by some of the popular hotels in London. The hotels include Le Bristol Paris Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in the South of France and Brenner Park-Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden, and a few others.

After renovation, the hotel has become London’s most revered Regency Landmark in terms of its architectural heritage.  Its signature style has become synonymous with Lanesborough.

6.    Me London Luxury Hotel

Me London Luxury Hotel

The Me London Luxury hotel is located near the main theatres, fashionable hotpots, trendy nightclubs, and exclusive boutiques. You can say that it is located in the heart of the action. It is one of the most famous hotels located in the Centre of the city.

Its contemporary cutting-edge style makes its architecture the most spectacular in the city. There are 157 rooms including 16 suites for guests.  The spectacular outdoor rooftop terrace offers panoramic views of the London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Convent Garden, and Tower Bridge.

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There was a popular theatre in the hotel known as the Gaiety theatre which suffered bomb damage during the Second World War. The theater was eventually converted into an office block in the 1960s.


If your travel budget is high, then there is always a luxury hotel waiting for you in the city of London. Taking a look and write to us that was it really useful for you or not.


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