Do You Know Top 10 Destinations around The World to Spend Your New Year’s Eve?


New Years is just round the corner and the excitement has already started!! However, most often, all the buzz and excitement is deflated by endless traffic jams, overpriced cabs, busy streets, money crunch (thanks to month end!), and a stertorous crowd! On top of that, your boss would be right on your head to close the year with all the work done. But don’t feel sad, you can still have the sassiest New Year ever by going to these destinations around the world.

Roam on the streets in Vegas or relax in a five-star resort in the Maldives in the heart of an island. Or how about floating in the tranquil waters?! Explore the natural beauty or swap summer sun with winter chills or vice versa. This New Year, take a jive in the biggest adventure of your life and travel the world to celebrate your New Year’s Eve. You have n number of possibilities to spend your New Year’s Eve! So pack your bags and get ready to witness this year’s best day of your life.

Here’s a list of the world’s top 10 destinations you must not miss if you are planning for a kickass New Year’s party! Let’s get started:

1. Thailand


I’m sure you guys know, Thailand is ‘THE’ place to visit if you want to experience what life is!! From beaches to large-gathering events such as the Full Moon party which attracts over 30,000 tourists from all over the world every year, Thailand hits the list of top destinations you can go to spend your New Year’s Eve in! Apart from the glow-painted faces and cocktails-indulged youth that it’s famous for, the country is also home to Aman, one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Bangkok, the ‘Thai Capital’ is also one of the places you would want to visit on your New Year’s Eve!

2. Barcelona


Known for its vibrant culture and unique architecture, Barcelona is one of Europe’s most visited place. All the partygoers have this place as their hub and they just love to indulge in some of the most exotic cuisines, nightlife, and events happening every once in a while! One of the most eye-catchy events coming forth is a massive dance party by the renowned open-air architectural museum named ‘Poble Espanyol’ for the 30th consecutive time!! This event is going to go up till sunrise. There are many other intimate events hosted by renowned hotels and brands to let the crowd have some real fun!!

3. Berlin


Berlin is rated as one of the best places to visit around New Year. The whole place seems to be lighted and colours sprinkled all around! It just gives you another high and a true blue feeling of ecstasy!! Let me put it this way for you:
“The 1.8 km stretch between Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column gets over brimmed with about one million people ready to do anything to celebrate the New Year and party.”

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And what more do you want? You have booze, magic shows, food, noise, fireworks, bonfire, beer, and more to make up for a perfect Russian New Year!! A little downside would be the crowd since it is one of the major attractions around December 31st and January 1. But if you are a people’s person, you might love to indulge in some newly found bonds with tourists from different parts of the country!

4. Hawaii


Though it might cost you a dime to visit this place, if you are wanting to have some real fun and experience the best New Year, then this is the spot you must hit! The set of islands dons up a perfect festive look and wears all the lights to make you want to fall in love with the place even more!

Great outdoor music concerts, beachside intimate party (if you are a solo traveller!), boat cruises, fireworks, and of course the theme nights, Hawaii gives you a taste of life’s pleasures in its own style! And believe you me, once you visit this mesmeric beauty, you’ll want to visit it again and again!!

5. Maldives


Romance or relaxation, Maldives is that one place you should go whether you are travelling solo, with your partner, family, or friends. With over 1200 islands, the nation is going to take your breath away with some of the world’s most exotic resorts and hotels existing on this planet.

If you’re planning to visit here, then Westin property is one place you should never miss. Set in the middle of an island, this resort is a dream destination for most of us! I have already made my plans to visit this property and would recommend you the same. The best part is all the luxury resorts host their own intimate events for New Year. So, your party is already planned, you just have to be present there!!

6. Sydney


You don’t need a reason to travel to Sydney!! You just visit this totally stunning place! Also, just in case you aren’t aware, Sydney is the first major international city to ring in the New Year at midnight. Not just ringing, the whole Harbour Bridge and Opera House are illuminated with an awe-inspiring rainbow of fireworks.

If you are here to experience these exquisite sights, then the heavenly, Park Hyatt, situated right at the centre of the celebrations in The Rocks is where you should stay and witness it all! This New Year is going to be even more special since Part Hyatt is going to organize a grand rooftop sophisticated cocktail party with canapes, live DJ, and unlimited Veuve Clicquot champagne!

Apart from the incredible night parties and shows, you can experience some of the most bewitching places such as Icebergs, rooftop bars, and more specifically, Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel can be witnessed during the day.

7. The New York City


Since the early 1900s, Times Square has been one of the most visited destinations from people across the globe, especially on the occasion of New Year’s Eve. And you know what’s special? The iconic ‘ball drop’ scene on New Year’s Eve is broadcasted all over the world every year. And an endearing factor is that a Wishing Wall is set between December 1 and December 29 in Times Square Plaza for people to share their wishes, dreams, and hopes for the coming year. Well, this isn’t it, at exactly midnight on the New Year Eve, all these notes will be released as confetti and sent to the Universe with the beginning of 2019!!

Sounds thrilling, isn’t it? So if you really don’t want to live with the regret: ‘How I wish I could be witnessing this all live’, book your tickets and fly before it all ends!!!

8. Penang Island


I myself have visited this place and I was truly spellbound by the beauty of this island. Malaysia has other pretty destinations too including Kuala Lumpur but Penang took my heart!

From luxurious resorts like Golden Sands Resort by Shangri-La, Infiniti, Lexis Suites, White Mansion Hotel, and others to iconic beaches, Penang would be a complete delight to visit this New Year and I can bet on that! With multi-cuisine buffets to awe-inspiring views, Penang is going to bring some fresh breeze into your life, giving you all hopes of living life! The New Year will be even more special with special events, concerts, live shows, and party hubs brimming with colourful lights.

I am definitely going to visit this place again sometime next year, you make sure to not miss this mesmeric beauty on Earth this New Year!

9. Paris


Have you ever seen a tall tower shimmering with light in the night? That’s what you are going to witness if you are in Paris around New Years’ time. And you know what that tall piece of architecture would be? None other than Eiffel Tower!!!

And if you are thinking that this view is going to be the ‘regular sights’ or ‘just another thing’, then wake up and smell the coffee! It is going to be one moment of life that you would never forget! Paris, being the luxury city it is, gives you a plethora of rich views, night scenes, and luxury hotels including The Shangri-La, The Peninsula, Plaza Athenee, Hotel De Crillon and more. Book a suite for you with a front-row view and you’re set for your New Year. Light shows, concerts, and intimate events are other options that would charge you up for the year ahead!

10. Rio De Janerio


The last one on our list is sure to be Rio De Janerio! If you really wish to experience the difference and celebrate New Year in the best way, then this is the right place for you. With millions of people gathering at the Copacabana Beach on New Year’s Eve every year, you could be just one of them witnessing all those annual festivities unfold.

And if you have truly made up your mind that this is it! I am telling you, you’ll be having ‘The time’ of your life! With a lot of dancing, lights all around, music, classic Brazilian performances, fireworks, and the local reveries bursting out of joy. Don’t forget to witness the luxurious Copacabana Palace and the beaches. Also, just to give you a glimpse of what’s going to happen there: the famous beachfront palace is going to host a spectacular all-night pool party with live band performances and music by the popular DJ Guga Weigert!!

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And here we reach the end! I could give you countless other options that are my personal favourite and one of the most travelled destinations around this time. But that’ll be all the more confusing for you! So let’s just stick to this list. Choose any of the above-mentioned destinations, book your tickets, and fly to experience the best New Year’s ever!!

If you have any favourite destinations that you have already visited or want to explore in or outside India, drop them in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share with us how your New Year’s Eve went!


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