Do You Know Today Is World Kidney Day?


World Kidney Day is a kind of global observation that is concerned with the awareness of the importance of a healthy kidney. It aims at drastically bringing down the impact and frequency of kidney diseases, and the related health ailments around the world. The global observation is observed every year on the second Thursday of March. Back in 2006, 66 nations observed this holiday. Merely two years later, the number rose to 88 nations. The holiday is a combined effort of the International Federation of Kidney Foundations and the International Society of Nephrology. Let’s gather some interesting and useful facts about our beloved kidneys!

Do You Know What Is World Kidney Disease?

world kidney day

Kidney Disease, also known as Chronic kidney disease can be described as a progressive and gradual loss in optimum kidney function. This can take place over the course of months or even years. You see, each of our kidneys has several microscopic filters called nephrons. These filters can amount up to millions. These nephrons have a special characteristic, that is, they are essentially nonrepairable. Therefore, as one can easily imagine, once these filters are damaged they are rendered useless. Other healthy nephrons can take up the task on behalf of the damaged nephrons but in case the trend is not dealt with, soon there would not be enough nephrons to purify the blood in the body. This is basically what we denote as kidney failure. On this occasion, world kidney day theme is organized for all people. 

Once kidney failure occurs you will be able to feel it within. Visible effects will start appearing in the form of bloating in certain parts of the body and you will begin to feel very ill. If left untreated for a long period of time, kidney failure can prove to be a fatal disease.

Do You The Things To Remember About Kidney Failure?

  • Not Easy To Get Rid Of – Chronic Kidney Disease or kidney failure is not something you can get away from with ease. If you remember, the nephrons are nonrepairable in nature.
  • The Earlier, The Better – The earlier you identify the disease, the better it is. With appropriate and effective treatment, you can fight it off.
  • No Early Symptoms – The early stages of Chronic Kidney disease have no significant symptoms or signs whatsoever.
  • Get It Tested – The best way to stay aware of the situation regarding your kidneys is to get them regularly tested. Urine and blood tests are used to detect the presence of kidney disease.
  • It Is Common – Kidney disease is not rare at all. As per statistics, about 8 percent to 10 percent of the entire adult population on the planet carries some kind of kidney damage. It can due to various factors, the major one being the lifestyle pattern of the modern age. As a matter of fact, each year, millions of patients succumb to their deaths due to Chronic Kidney Diseases.

Do You Know The Harms It Can Do To You?

The harms of kidney disease are not new to the world. Each year several people die because of this pandemic. The worst thing about it is most of them do not even realize they possess this abnormality before it is too late.

The first and foremost harmful effect Chronic Kidney Disease has on people is that if left undetected, it can increase the risk of developing a long term and progressive deterioration I kidney function. This can eventually end up in kidney failure. This is often termed as ‘End Stage Renal Disease’ or ESRD. This term also holds further significance as in this stage the patient requires a kidney transplant or a regular dialysis treatment so as to stay alive.

The second harmful effect of this ailment is on the cardiovascular system. Chronic Kidney Disease increases the chances of death due to cardiovascular diseases such as strokes, heart failures, and heart attacks. The interesting yet dangerous fact about Chronic Kidneys Disease is that even if the person possessing the ailment seems to be perfectly okay, it is rather more likely that he will develop a serious cardiovascular disease in the future regardless of the fact whether he succumbs to kidney failure or not.

It is indeed treatable. In case you manage to detect Chronic Kidney Disease in the early stages, the damage and deterioration can be controlled by appropriate medication. In the long run, it can also be stopped and in addition to this, the risk of the associated diseases related to the cardiovascular system can also be nullified.

Do You Know The Way Of Measuring Kidney Function?

The most primary indicator of impaired kidney function is the level of creatinine in the blood. Creatinine is a waste product produced by the skeletal muscles in the body and disposed of by the kidneys. As you can imagine, an impaired kidney function would automatically translate into unusually elevated creatinine levels in the blood.

The other most effective way to keep in check kidney function is termed as Glomerular Fi8ltration Rate or GFR. The Glomerular Filtration Rate is the method that keeps in check and examines the rate of blood filtration by the kidneys. This allows medical officials to determine the health of the kidneys and to decide whether the kidney function is impaired or not. GFR can be measured by taking into consideration various factors like the age, gender and ethnicity o the patients combined with the creatinine levels in the patients’ blood.

Do You Know The Causes Of Kidney Disease?

There is more than one reason for this disease. The most common of them all are hypertension or high blood pressure and diabetes type 2. As a matter of fact, high blood pressure causes more than one-fourth of all the kidney failure. Whereas, on the other hand, diabetes has been deemed the cause of about a third of the total kidney failure cases and is also the most common reason of End-Stage Renal Disease in the developed nations.

There other causes too that are relatively less common than the above-mentioned ones. These conditions involve infections like pyelonephritis or inflammations like glomerulonephritis. In some of the cases, kidney diseases have been found to be inherent in nature. This means that the disease is a result of long-term blockage in the urinary system due to an enlarged prostrate or the existence of kidney stones.

Do You Know The Treatments Related To Kidney Disease?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for Chronic Kidney Disease. However, a properly implemented treatment plan can slow down the deterioration of the nephrons present in the kidney. It can also slow down the other harmful effects of the disease on the cardiovascular system. For people with Chronic Kidney Disease, a well-regimented diet, and a properly administered medication program. In the case of ESRD, regular dialysis or a kidney transplant are the only two options left in order to sustain life.

You see, when you succumb to kidney failure you need to get regular dialysis in order to get rid of the excess waste fluids and substances that that get accumulated in the body and are usually flushed out by the kidneys. Now, in the absence of kidneys, they need to be taken care of by either dialysis which again can conducted by a machine, also referred to as ‘hemodialysis’ or by injecting fluids in the abdomen, also referred to as ‘peritoneal dialysis’.

In other worse cases, a kidney transplant is the only option left. This is often combined with medications and a healthy diet plan so as to restore normal kidney function. There are number of World kidney day activities are organised for patients for remembering the importance of this day and how to prevent 

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