Do You Know These Unknown Facts About Mission Impossible: Fallout?


You must have heard of the latest installment in the Mission Impossible film series, that is, Mission impossible: Fallout. Of course, DC Universe fans cannot forget this movie as this movie is the reason why Henry Cavil had to keep the mustache on and hence the terrible CGI hiding it. But apart from that, the movie captures a few glorious moments and sets the records for many firsts.

There are a few broken ankles and 25,000 feet air jumps involved here and there too that make this film worthy of being watched. But we would not be talking about the movie. Instead, we will talk of movie facts that you probably did not know. Here we go:

•    The lead actor, Tom Cruise got training for over a year to be able to perform the ‘High Altitude Low Opening’ stunt or the HALO stunt in the movie.

•    The lead actress, Rebecca Ferguson was carrying a child while she was filming for the movie. Once the movie was completed, she was already 7 months pregnant with the baby.


•    For the first time in the Mission impossible movie series has a villain appeared twice. Solomon Lane is the first to do it.


•    The Mission impossible movie series is famous for many things. These include the fact that Tom Cruise does most of the stunts himself and avoids using body doubles and only uses them if absolutely necessary. But in this installment of the Mission Impossible movie, he ups his game to a whole new level. He performed the high altitude low opening (HALO) jump, he performed many smaller versions of the HALO jumps with parachutes, a bike chase in the streets of Paris without the helmet, going opposite the traffic in a scene involving a bike chase, a rooftop foot chase where Tom Cruise famously broke his ankle, and last but not the least, a helicopter chase where he has done most of the pilot’s work. This truly takes it to the next level.

•    The popular arm gun reload scene from the movie that people love so much? That scene was a result improvisation on the part of Henry Cavil.


•    White Widow, a.k.a., Vanessa Kirby in introduced in the movie while she delivers a speech in the form of a tribute to her demised mother, he is only referred to as Max. it was never clarified on screen but the reference was to the very first Mission Impossible movie that featured a British female arms dealer who was known by the name Max a.k.a., Vanessa Redgrave.


•    This is the first Mission Impossible movie that has the ‘F’ word used in it.


•    The movie got especially famous for its ‘ankle fracture’. Tom Cruise had to jump from one building to another in a scene that a being shot in London. While performing the jump, he was able to reach the other building safely thanks to the harness attached to him. But while landing, he incurred a fractured ankle. After the landing, Tom Cruise tried to go with it and started running for the scene as it was scripted. But soon, the crew stopped the shooting and the movie was put to a halt for about 8 weeks until Cruise’s ankle healed. The shot that captured was used as it is in the movie.

•    Apart from Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames is the only other actor that has appeared in all the movies of the Mission impossible movie series. Simon Peg only joined the crew from the third installment of the movie series.


•    Mission Impossible: Fallout is the longest movie in the MI movie series running for a whole 2 hours 27 minutes.


•    The popular bathroom fight scene between Henry Cavil and Tom Cruise was supposed to be shot in a span of 4 days but courtesy the detailed nature of the scene, the scene ended up being shot in a span of about 4 weeks. And the result wasn’t bad.


•    The shooting of the entire movie was wrapped up in 161 days.


•    Jeremy Renner was supposed to be a part of the movie but could be because of his prior commitments to Marvel Studios.


•    The interesting thing about this movie is that it brought new revelations to all the cast members of the movie. For instance, Simon Pegg got an incredible 8 pack abs for the first time in a duration of 25 years. It was not required by his role in the latest Mission impossible movie. The roles that are undertaken by Simon Pegg usually involve comedy, drama, and roles that do not require a smoking hot physique. Buy for the sake of keeping up with the action sequences, Pegg started working out and as a result got brand new set of abs. Co-stars Henry Cavil and Tom Cruise even teased him on the sets calling 8 pack Peggles. The name stuck with him till the end of the shooting. The actor stated that he really wanted to give the movie his best and so he continued working out. Some ‘A’ grade dedication right there.

•    Henry Cavil stated that his training for Man of Steel did not prepare him for this role. Quite surprising, right? He went on further to state that for his role as the Kryptonian, he was more into bodybuilding and sculpting. On the other hand, for Mission Impossible: Fallout and all the stunts involved in it, he had to do more of functional training. It was a completely different approach and he liked it, the actor stated further. 


•    The highlight of the movie, that is, the High Altitude Low Opening or HALO skydive, was shot in about 106 jumps. The dive was basically a 7 kilometer or 25,000 feet jump at a speed ranging from 265 kmph to 320 kmph. The stunt took a whole year of training and planning. The scene was such that the window for shooting this scene was 3 minutes every day during the sunset. Now, France has strict aviation and airspace rules so the scene could only be shot at the Emirates. After 106 jumps, the 3 possible takes were shot. The preparation for this scene was nothing less than extreme. The helmet used in the scene was a custom one designed with the help from RAF that could be lit from the inside so that the face could be seen. There was also a huge air tunnel built solely for the purpose of the movie to train the actors and the staff participants for the air fall. Co-actor, Simon Pegg stated that it was pretty tense going for the shoot every day with Tom Cruise as he did not know if he would be alive or not.

Hope these facts fascinate you and make you respect these actors even more.


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