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Air transport is one of the most used and preferred modes of transportation in today’s world. The number of airlines in the USA itself is huge with over 30 airlines (mainline and regional) alone. The safety and satisfaction of the users play a pivotal role in determining which airline is best. Coming on the heels of a news-worthy year for aviation and travel, here is a list of top-ranked airlines in the USA. The Points Guy is a famous brand which specializes in air transport. They come up with a list of the world’s best and worst airlines to help commuters pick the right ones. This list here compiles a data of top 10 airlines in the USA using a strategic methodology.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the list.

Number 10 - Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines might be the last number on this list but is still the biggest and longest-serving airline in the USA. They boast themselves to offer the best on-time performance and has the fewest denied boarding. The reason they are sitting at the bottom here is that of their mishandled bags and customer complaints. Hawaiian Airlines performs well in on-time arrivals, airfare, involuntary bumping passengers, and route network size.

Number 9 - JetBlue

JetBlue took care of their frequent issues with customer complaints and mishandled bags. They suffered for their denied boarding and on-time performance in 2016. They are rising up from all misshapen but it is still a long way to go. A lacklustre performance in baggage, customer satisfaction, change fees and on-time arrivals hurt the airline's score but it is still one of the best for cabin comfort.

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Number 8 - Spirit Airlines

2017 was a slow year for Spirit Airlines when they dropped at the very bottom of the rankings. But now they are back regardless of their baggage fee still being a weak spot. Their on-time percentage of 74.3% is the lowest in the whole list but that doesn’t make them inferior enough.  

Number 7 - American Airlines

American Airlines showed rapid improvements even though their on-time performance dipped drastically. Only Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines have a lower rank than American when it comes to customer satisfaction. The rank drop of American Airlines is due to their average baggage and arrival factors.

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Number 6 - Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines implemented a brand new proportional scoring system which has improved their overall rankings. The reports state that the low-cost carrier has shown significant improvement in terms of on-time performance, customer complaints, and the number of denied boarding.

Number 5 - United Airlines

United Airlines saw a reduced number of customer complaints despite the tumultuous 2017. The on-time percentage improved from 78.2% to 81.7% and an improvement is seen in its rate of involuntary bumping. The customer satisfaction is kept prior to everything else which means their rank might rise in coming times. 

Number 4 - Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines is repeatedly climbing up in the rankings. They have shown improvements in all criteria which makes an airline credible enough for the users. They have improved on-time arrivals, all-important airfare category and the network size. The denied boarding rate of Delta is the third best among all USA airlines. For Delta Airlines Reservations

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Number 3 - Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines boasts to offer the lowest number of consumer complaints. Apart from a low complaint rate, the airlines jumped above the competition with expanding route network and lower airfare. It is the only airline in the USA to score a perfect 10 for the change and baggage fee.

Number 2 - Virgin America

Virgin America is a famous American airline which was operated from 2007 to 2018. It is now a part of Alaska Airlines which is why it tops on the second on this list. Its number slips in three criteria where the number of denied boarding is impressive. They focus to offer low-fare service possible around all metropolitan areas.

Number 1- Alaska Airlines

The Alaska Airlines have secured the coveted top spot in the list of the best US airlines. This airline is Seattle-based and has reported the highest customer satisfaction for 10 years in a row. It includes many perks including the best baggage handling, on-time arrivals, airfare, and frequent flyer program. It is simply the best choice for anyone looking for air travel in or around the United States.

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This list included an annual report rank of The Points Guy which can help all aviation geeks as well as commuters. The score was set out of 10 including four criteria any airline should include. If you are against the list or need to add any names, feel free to drop your comments.


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