Do You Know These Steps to Make a Good Tinder Profile?


Whether you want to make friends or you are searching for the love of your life, Tinder is the best place for all these and much more. This fun app was launched in 2012 and since then, it is being used by almost all the teenagers to find new friends and love of their lives. If you are someone who is looking for all these, then Tinder is definitely for you. Don't know how to make a good profile on Tinder? Don't you worry, because I am here to your rescue. Here are seven easy steps to make a great and attractive profile on Tinder. Let's get going. Also read, Online chatting sites

Seven Steps to Create a Good Tinder Profile

So, without much further ado, let's go through the list.

1. Link Tinder to Your Facebook Account

steps to make a good tinder profile

When you create your Tinder account, make sure you link it with your Facebook account. It is very crucial in order to make a good Tinder profile. There are a lot of fake accounts on dating sites like Tinder. In order to save you from these fake profiles, linking is a must.

2. Choose the Right Photo as Your Display Picture

tinder profile

Tinder is all about knowing the ones that you don't know already and in this case, it is really important for you to choose a right picture as your profile picture. Remember, a good or bad picture can make or break your image for a potential love interest of yours. When you link Tinder with Facebook, it imports few of the recent pictures from Facebook, so you need to check if the images on Tinder are required by your needs and your profile? If not, then remove them. Try to make a solo picture of yours as your Display Picture.

3. Upload Some Picture Through Facebook


The one and the only con that Tinder has is that you cannot upload a picture directly from your phone on your profile. But, like I said earlier, what you post on Facebook is not needed on your Tinder profile. So, what you can do is, you can share a picture through your phone on Facebook and change the settings to "only me". Then you can share it on Tinder. Once the pic is posted on Tinder, you can remove it from Facebook. Removal of the picture from FB won't affect your picture shared on Tinder.

4. Upload Gratifying Pictures Only


Click and upload pictures that make you look flattering. It's only then that the opposite sex will approach you. Remember, a camera angle can make all the difference. So, make sure you click pictures with good angle. Don't post creepy or vulgar pictures, rather post something decent and smart. Avoid using selfies as it will make you look childish and immature. Add pictures taken by others. Try candid shots or smart ones with a good background. Make sure that you don't upload pictures with the opposite sex. Also, take care of your expressions. Don't add pictures where your expressions went for a toss. Get pictures clicked in which you are smiling. That is the best pose which has a positive impact on almost everyone. Before you upload a picture, show it to a friend who can tell you the truth. 

5. Upload Photos that Give a Clear Picture of What You Look Like


Well, this point has nothing new in it. I agree, but after looking at the profiles on Tinder even you will also realize that this point is very much valid. After all, why to post dull and blur pictures on a dating site? I mean, how is it going to serve the purpose? If you really want someone to take interest in you, then upload pictures that are of good quality, in which your face is clear and your expressions are good.    

6. Don't Over Stuff the Profile Bio of Your Tinder Profile


Keep it simple. That's one of the most important points that you need to take care of if you want your profile to be good. Your bio section would be empty by default so add limited information that describes you, but don't write your heart out else you would come across as a needy person. Plus, if you let the other person know everything about you through the profile only, then what will you do on a date?

7. Get Your Profile Reviewed by Someone Who You Trusttinder

Once you are done with creating your Tinder profile, then ask one of your trustable friends to go through the profile and tell you if there is some room for improvement or you need to change something or not. There is one more suggestion, if you can, then ask a friend of opposite sex to review it because they would know whether someone will like what you have mentioned or not. Also, you don't have to take their criticisms to your heart. They are just helping you out. Understand that rather than getting hurt.  

So, now as this list comes to an end, I would like you to know that these points are going to help you only if and when you deal with your interest with some confidence. Everything else simply follows. Keep these steps in mind while making your Tinder profile and get going in no time. All the best!


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