Do You Know these psychopaths are roaming free on our streets?


Psychopaths are antisocial animals, who take pleasure in tormenting innocent people. Most of these psychopaths suffer from antisocial personality disorder. Schizophrenia is another common condition in Serial killers or psychopaths. In some cases, the serial killers could be suffering from Reactive Attachment Disorder or abuse as a child or as an adult. Whatever may have been the reasons, no reason is good enough for the pain these criminals inflicted on their victims. Many argue that we should send them to psychiatric clinics for treatment, I disagree and so will you after reading how these murderers manipulated the system by money, wit, or other factors like not fit for trial and being clinically insane. We feel safe as we are protected by the law, but what will you do when the same law protects these maniacs and let them roam free among us?

Killers Among Us

Let’s face the most important fact here. Our entertainment industry is full of crap, as in serial killers movies they have immortalized psychotic characters like Hannibal and Dexter. The last thing you’ll find a psychopath to be is a genius loner. Many of them are married and have a social and active life. This is another reason why catching these killers is difficult. It is because they hide in plain sight. During various cases, police officials were befriended by these maniacs and they were always very close to the information about the investigations. Another reason it’s difficult to catch them is that there is no defined motive of the kill. They kill in cold blood and just for fun, so it becomes difficult for the investigators to look for the killer, as killer may be from another area and may have no connection with the victim at all. Once they are caught, pleading insanity is a loop that helps these maniacs to stay safe from being punished like other criminals. Many such criminals have used the law to protect them. Let’s check some of those serial killers who are free and waiting for a fresh kill.

Pedro Lopez

Pedro Alonso Lopez is also known as “The monster of Andes”. Trust me he is more than a monster. He is a Colombian serial killer, who was convicted of murder and rape of 80 girls. He, on the other hand, claimed to have raped and murdered more than 300 girls in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and neighboring countries. A local tribe was going to execute him but was saved by an American missionary, which asked the tribe to hand him over to the law. This was a grave mistake as he was released soon, and went back to killing girls on an average of 3 girls per week. His victims were girls aging from 9-12 years. He once said, “I like girls in Ecuador. They are more innocent”. He was arrested in 1980 and was sent to a psychiatric hospital on the grounds of being clinically insane, in 1998 the reports stated him sane and gave him a $50 bail. Isn’t that a mockery of humanity? He’s absconding now and Interpol is looking for him for a murder since 2002. I read an article where the author said “Maybe someone killed him as a service to humanity” I really wish it is true.

Genene Jones

She was a licensed vocational nurse at University Hospital of San Antonio. This is where she started killing babies in the pediatric intensive care unit. The hospital found out but didn’t report to the police under the fear of being sued. Instead of firing her, the hospital asked all the nurses to resign and got rid of Genene without raising an eyebrow.  Soon she started working at a pediatric physician's clinic in Kerrville, Texas. She continued killing and hence was caught. She is expected to have killed at least 6-60 infants in her care. She injected infants with succinylcholine, a paralytic which causes skeletal muscles to cease and cause cardiac arrest. The reason she gave for killing the infants was absurd. She claimed she was trying to stimulate the creation of intensive care unit in Kerrville. Are you kidding me, how can you even dare to justify killing babies? The truth is she was doing it to receive praise and acknowledgment in case she was able to revive the babies. In many cases, she couldn’t. She was arrested in 1985 and was sentenced to life imprisonment, which was changed to 60 years and now she is ready for release in 2018 due to Texas law about prison overcrowding. I can’t believe the excuse the Texas law is giving for her release. Why don’t you just hang her?

Issei Sagawa

He is a minor celebrity in Japan. Believe it or not but he is famous in Japan, I repeat famous not infamous, as real-life Hannibal Lecter. Sagawa belonged to a very wealthy Japanese family, which is the only reason he is free today. His parents paid enough to police, lawyers, and politicians to have him free. He was charged with attempted rape at the age of 23 when he tried to break into a German girl’s house and get a piece of her flesh. Nobody knew about his intentions till he killed and cannibalized Renee Hartevelt, a young Dutch girl from his literature class. He invited her for reading poetry at his house and shot her from behind while she was sitting. He then dismembered her body limb by limb and ate her for two days. He was arrested by French police while trying to dump the body in the river. During the investigation, Sagawa’s father provided with a defense attorney. As a result, he was held in prison for two years without trial and later declared unfit for trial by a French judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere. Jean-Louis made the judgment for Sagawa being insane and asked him to be admitted indefinitely in a mental institute. Meanwhile, Japanese publishers started publishing Sagawa’s story and made him popular, due to which French police deported him back to Japan. He was first admitted to a mental asylum and was released immediately after being declared sane. That proves either all Japanese are insane and he was sane as per Japanese standards or Jean-Louis Bruguiere and Japanese officials have more money in their bank than they should. Since his release, Sagawa is living a semi-celebrity life in Japan and has been on many shows bragging about his cannibal story. This story is similar to many others where money wins over truth and Justice.

Karla Leanne Homolka

She is also called Karla Leanne Teale. Karla is a Canadian serial killer. Charity begins at home they say. Karla took this statement to a whole new level as her first victim was her own sister Tammy, after which she went on to actively participate in rape, torture, and murder of two more girls named Leslie and Kristen. She and her husband Paul Bernardo not only committed these crimes but also videotaped the events for entertainment purpose. In 1993 during the investigation, she claimed that Paul abused her and that she was an unwilling accomplice in the acts. Her claims were proved false as the videos of Karla abusing the girls more savagely than her husband surfaced. Her plea bargain deal was called “Deal with the devil”. Public outrage had no effect and she was released in 2005. She has changed her name to Leanne Bordelais, got married and is a mother to three kids. According to a journalist, Paula Todd Karla is living in Quebec happily. I mean come on Canada, we know how Justin Trudeau is making efforts for women to have equal rights but what about equal justice?

Nikolai Dzhumagaliev

You know a person is really dangerous when he is called Metal Fang. Sounds Vampirish? He is yet another cannibal on my list. Nikolai was called metal fang because he had white metal teeth rather than plastic just because the doctor didn’t have any plastic dentures available at that time. Little ironic, isn’t it? Nikolai started killing and eating his victims in Kazakhstan in 1979 and was arrested in 1980. During this one year, he consumed at least 9 people according to the officials. The real death toll is never known for sure. Nikolai’s victims were mostly young female due to his hatred towards women. He believed all women to be infidels. After a successful murder, Nikolai would feast on the flesh for days and also organize dinner nights for his friends, just like Hannibal Lecter, serving them the human flesh without their knowledge. Last time Nikolai invited his friends to his house for dinner, his friends saw the severed head of a woman and reported it to police. He was declared insane and a patient of Schizophrenia and was sent to a mental hospital. He escaped in 1989 during his transfer to another facility. He was caught again in 1991 and is expected to have killed more women during the escape time. He is reported to have escaped again on 23 December 2015 and no attempts were made for his recapture. He is believed to be responsible for the disappearance of 22 years old girl Saida Akzhanova during New Year's Eve in December 2015. He is out in the world and the police is not even making any efforts to catch him.

I hope now you understand how these killers have used our system to protect themselves due to the fact that there are lots of loopholes in our judicial systems. During various discussions, I came across people who were against capital punishment and believed in treating these people for their psychological disorders. My only question to those people is why? Why would we sacrifice a fully functional, kind hearted, normal human being, who is already making a good contribution to the society, for a psychopath?

I hope it was an informative read and you’ll like it. Do let me know your views about capital punishment for these criminals. For any queries, please leave a comment in the comment section.


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