Do You Know these Important Sequences from Game Of Thrones ‘The Spoils Of War’?


The latest episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ was laced with drama and incredible action sequences. It was just what the audience would expect from a show with a record breaking success. Despite the episode being leaked online, it received the highest ratings to date. If you thought it was all about fiery Dragon action then you must have missed some very important details, scattered all over the episode. Go through the passage to know more.

The Important Details from ‘The Spoils of War’

Game of thrones Spoils of War dragon

With only three more episodes left, the audiences were cringing for some satisfying sequences and Game of Thrones provided just the same in its episode 4. Dany riding Drogon is always a satisfying site and in the last episode, there was a lot of it. Aside from that, there were other important sequences which got a bit subdued by the fire-breathing Dragon. Some of these sequences are discussed below.

1) The Cave Sequence

Game of thrones Spoils of War cave

It’s not the first time Jon has been in a cave with a beautiful woman. This cave holds a lot more important, as this is where Dany actually starts trusting him. The drawings at the cave make things much more clear as in what went down before the Long Night. During his three-eyed-raven incursions, Bran found out that it was the Children of the Forests who actually created the White Walkers.

There is a complete history of the First Men and the Children of the Forests.Both the parties were at wars lasting for thousands of years. When the First Men arrived at Westeros, they started cutting down the trees and offending the Children of Forests fuelling a war eventually. When the Children feared to lose, they created the White Walkers. 

A peace treaty was formed between both the parties. The Firsts Men decided not to cut down trees anymore and Children went deep into the forests and started living far from the mainland. During the Long Night, both fought against the White Walkers forgetting their differences just like Jon indicated. The Children created the Wall and induced magical chants into it. The Night Watch was created by the First Men to guard the Wall.

If the Mother of Dragons would have bothered a bit more about exploring her ancestral home, she would have an easy time believing Jon.

Another important call-back during their conversation was when Dany insists (again) Jon to bend the knee and accept her as the rightful queen. Jon disagrees and puts it on his pride and Dany questions him if his pride is more important than the survival of his people. This is the same question Jon had asked Mance Raydor when Stannis Baratheon had captured his forces. Mance gave up his life to protect his pride, maybe Jon would have learned a lesson or two and he may bend the knee after all.

2) The Dagger and the Lord Baelish

Game of thrones Spoils of War dagger

In another important sequence, the Valyrian steel dagger from the first season made its way back to Bran. This time it reached him as a gift. It is yet to unfold who actually sent the assassin to kill Bran but the best guess would be the Lannisters. If Lannisters didn’t do it directly then they might have had this delegated to someone else. Lord Baelish is the best-worst person you could count on if you would want someone to be assassinated. Moreover, most of the sad events in the past and in the present can be ascribed to his manipulative maneuvering. Littlefinger is one man who cannot be trusted. He has never taken any sides. He has been all for himself. Despite declaring his undying love for Sansa, he had wed her to Ramsay who tortured and defiled her. He claimed to love Catelyn Stark but lied to her most of the times.

Let’s go back all the way to the beginning. Catelyn Stark had received a letter from her sister Lysa that her husband and the hand of King Robert, Arryn was killed by the Lannisters. In season 4, she admitted having poisoned her husband and lying to her sister on behalf of Littlefinger. This letter was a main cause of distrust that Catelyn had for the Lannisters. This mistrust was further planted by Baelish by identifying the dagger recovered from the Bran’s assassin. He identified it to be Tyrion’s and Catelyn believed that Tyrion conspired to kill his son. Her taking Tyrion into custody started the War of the Five Kings in first place. Now the same dagger has been gifted to Bran who has further gifted this dagger to Arya. In his last conversation with Baelish, Bran tells him ‘Chaos is a Ladder’ which a callback from season 3. In his epilog with Verys Littlefinger had said the same thing. This explains the shock on Baelish’s face when Bran recalls his catchphrase.

The Dagger which started all the chaos might get used ending Littlefinger and his Chaos theory.

3) Bran and Meera

Game of thrones Spoils of War bran meera

The universe gave a very special super power to someone who would rather creep out people than telling them something important. Since Bran has become the Three-Eyed-Raven he has been acting cool, figuratively and literally. The people are waiting for the moment when he is going to tell people something relevant. When he first met Sansa, he could tell her a lot of essential insights but instead he reminded her of the night she was horrifically raped and gave her a major PTSD moment.  He has a lot of information to give out to people such as Jon’s lineage and Littlefinger’s involvement in Ned’s Stark’s death. Maybe he is just trying to keep this information aside and focus his energy on the white walkers. In the process, he brutally friend-zoned Meera who dragged him, sacrificed her brother’s life, and almost sacrificed her own life to make him the ‘Three-Eyed-Raven’. In the end, all she got was a cold ‘thank you’ from Bran. There is only one explanation for his cold-behavior as he himself puts it, he is no longer a Stark or Bran or even human capable of feeling basic emotions. Even before becoming the Three Eyed Raven, Bran wasn’t an emotional kind of a kid. His superpower has taken away what he had in very little since the beginning.

Amid all the disappointment, one of the details not to overlook is Meera heading home finally. Her father Howland Reed was present at the Tower of Joy. He helped Ned Stark to get past Arthur Dayne, who was probably the best swordsman ever to join the Kingsguard. At this tower, Ned found Lynna who gave birth to Jon Snow. It might be a possibility that Howland Reed is aware of Jon’s lineage. During the ‘Great War,’ all the small houses will come and seek shelter at the Winterfell just like Sansa had suggested. It might be during this time that Howland Reed might reveal Jon Snow’s true identity.

4) Drogon Vs Bronn

Game of thrones Spoils of War bronn

If there is one character which has been loyal to the Lannisters it is ‘Ser Bronn of the Blackwater’. His character was introduced as a sellsword. He formed an allegiance with the Lannisters at the Eyrie when he fought for Tyrion as his champion. After that, he came to Kingslanding and became Tyrion’s bodyguard. After his impressive performance at the Blackwater Battle against the Stannis forces, he was given the Knighthood. The show is in its second last season and most of the characters are redeeming themselves. Bronn is an exception; his motivation has always been the same. Being a mercenary, all he cares about is the gold until recently, during the Battle of Blackwater River. Bronn showed that he is not all about gold and castles but he is loyal friend/serviceman to the Lannisters. He took on Drogon using Qyburn’s Scorpion. He almost got fried trying to save Jamie who thought charging at Dany standing next to Drogon is a good idea. Amid all the chaos and frying Lannister army he managed to hit Drogon with a bolt.  Anyhow Dany managed to maintain her Dragon’s balance and destroyed the weapon. Now an interesting thing about Qyburn and his weapon Scorpion: Qyburn has been fired (sort of) from Citadel for conducting unethical experiments on humans, although he seems to be a very masterful maester. These weapons were first used in Dorne during Aegon the conqueror’s conquest. He along with his two wives rode three dragons and conquered all six kingdoms one by one. Most of these kingdoms tried resisting but were no match to Aegon’s dragons. The only kingdom to find a solution and successfully kill one of the dragons was Dorne. The Dornish army used the Scorpion with the poisoned bolts. If we look at Quburn’s working history, he will be very happy to experiment with the poison. Bronn did manage to hit Drogon with a bolt. Considering how much difficulty Dany was having pulling it out we can suppose it went pretty deep into Drogon’s body. If this theory holds, it might be last time we see Drogon taking a flight.

5) The Callbacks

Game of thrones Spoils of War arya

There were other important callbacks in the episode such Ser Davos correcting Jon’s Grammar as Stannis used to correct his. Even after his death, Stannis’s legacy continues in the show. Also, it was not the first time that Stark’s guards did not recognize Arya. Back in the season one, guards did not recognize Arya and were not letting her in during her stay at King's Landing. It was only when she threatened them with her father they allowed her in. In the similar fashion, Arya had to threaten guards at Winterfell with Sansa in order to enter her home.

Game of Thrones has gained worldwide popularity as one of the best TV series of all times. So far, the current season is laced with dramatic reunions, surprising twists, and stunning action sequences, in totality a cinematic brilliance. We can expect the same from the upcoming episodes.


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