Do You Know These Facile Anniversary Ideas Will Bring You and Your Partner Closer?


I clearly remember the anniversaries of my parents. Every year their anniversary looked like their first one. And, even till date, they are so much in love. It's been 31 years since they are married and no tiff or fight was strong enough to separate them. On their anniversaries, they make sure that they cherish not just their good memories but the bad ones as well so that they can learn to appreciate each other. Whatever I know of love is because of them and trust me when I say this, loving unconditionally is something that actually exists and that I have learned from my parents. The way they celebrate their anniversaries are pretty simple, but that very strongly shows how much they love each other. Everything other than both of them takes a backseat for them and they spend the entire day together by doing things for each other and showering each other with gifts. You might think that they must be spending too much, but let me tell you, that's not the case. They spend less and still manage to surprise each other. So, here I am, with some of their best anniversary ideas that are fool-proof and will sweep your partner off their feet. Ready to know about these cute and smart ideas for an anniversary celebration? Let's get going.

Facile Anniversary Ideas to Bring You and Your Partner Closer

Are you looking for romantic 1 year anniversary ideas? Then let me tell you that these ideas won't just make your first-anniversary special, but all your anniversaries super special.

hot air balloon

  • Make a day-long plan that involves something adventurous and fun like a hot-air balloon or bicycle ride or even a hike. Doing this will help you getting closer and couples tend to remember such fun times that they spend with their spouse. It also helps in making your relationship stronger.
  • Go for a ‘mystery trip' with your love. Travel from one town to another, having breakfast, lunch, and dinner in three different towns. Make it a memorable one by keeping it as a surprise for them.  
  • On that special day of yours, go to places where both of you used to go together or the places where you and spouse spent some special time. For example, a city where you two met, a restaurant where both of you went for a date for the first time etc. you can also go to the church where both of you got married. That won't just make you reminisce old memories, but will also make both of you feel special.
  • This one is anniversary ideas for her. All the loving hubbies all you need to do is, while you are enjoying your anniversary dinner or date, slip your better-half a love letter telling her why she means the world to you. If she is someone who is overtly romantic then you can also arrange a huge bouquet of roses for her as a surprise.

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  • If yours is an artistic couple then here is some good news for you. These days, several art studios offer painting classes for couples. You can join these classes on that special day and can sit in silence and paint together. If you already know how to paint then it's even better. In that case, you can sit with each other and spend some quality time together painting a masterpiece of your own that you can preserve for your entire life.


  • If you two are super romantic then this one will be your best gift to your spouse. After a delicious dinner or a superb dinner date, repeat your wedding vows. Repeat them one after other loudly and ask for the blessings of God to always remember the vows and fulfilling all of them.
  • This one is anniversary ideas for him. Plan a scavenger hunt for your husband. Plan it a day before your anniversary. Give hints to him leading him to more and more of them and in the end when he is able to find them all, he will get the gifts that you had placed for him. Instead of those gifts, you can also plan a vacation for the two of you and gift him with the tickets to the vacation.  
  • Go camping! Yes, that's right. But, that doesn't mean it should be out of town or very far away. It should be somewhere nearby as well or even in your garden area. Make a beautiful camp and decorate it with fairy lights. Arrange for drinks and food over there and you are all set to spend your anniversary in a romantically decorated tent.   
  • Make a DVD of your best pictures together. Add some favorite music of yours to it as well and make it look like a slide show. Now, dim the lights, turn the projector on and you are all set to impress your partner and to make the special day even more special for them.


So, that was all about the best anniversary ideas. Even though those who love us, don't expect much from us, still doing special things for them not just make them happy but us as well. Try these ideas and let us know how much did they work for you.


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