Do You Know These Clever 4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas?


Wedding holds an immense importance in a couple’s life. It is one of those important decisions when two people decide that they have to spend the rest of their lives together, in the good times and the bad times as well. And wedding anniversaries play an important role in reviving and reinvigorating the love of the two people. Couples show their compassion and love in different ways. They plan surprises for each other, and shower gifts as emblems of their endearment and amour. While it is quite easier to pick gifts for the 1st anniversary, it can be a little distressing to select a gift for the 4th wedding anniversary. If your 4th anniversary is coming soon and you do not know what gift you should give to your consort, then no need to worry as we are here to the rescue! We are going to share the clever 4th wedding anniversary gift ideas. Read through to find out

Clever 4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Is your 4th wedding anniversary coming soon? Don’t know what to gift your spouse? Don’t worry as here are some of the clever 4th wedding anniversary gift ideas. Have a look!

Themes for 4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas


While picking a gift in the first years is relatively easier in comparison to the latter years. If you are looking for 4th wedding anniversary gifts, then you have to do a little brainstorming. The idea of gift-giving is quite ancient, dating back to the medieval period. You will be thrilled to know that in the Roman Empire, husbands would give silver garlands to their wives in order to celebrate their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Hence, the twenty-fifth anniversary is known as the silver jubilee. On the other hand, to celebrate the fiftieth wedding anniversary, they would gift their wives golden wreaths and so the name Golden Jubilee is given to the fiftieth anniversary.

Moving on to the traditional themes for the 4th wedding anniversary, as per the United States you have the gifting options of fruits and flowers. On the other hand, as per the standards of the United Kingdom, you have the gifting choices of Linen and Silk. According to the modern standards, for the 4th wedding anniversary, you should gift electrical appliances to your consort. Talking about the color scheme of the 4th wedding anniversary celebrations, blue and green hues are to be selected. Pick blue stone as the perfect gemstone to gift to your spouse on your 4th wedding anniversary. If you are unable to find yourself blue stone, then you may opt for amethyst or blue zircon.

Wonderful 4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him and Her


As we have discussed the theme for the 4th wedding anniversary gifts, it is time now that we reveal the best gift ideas for your 4th wedding anniversary. Men and women both have different tastes and likes, hence they need to be given different gifts. So let’s discuss the best 4th wedding anniversary gift ideas for him and her.

4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

There are a lot of things that can make a woman’s heart melt but the major problem is with their counterpart who always fail to understand what they actually want. Husbands take notes to impress your women on your 4th wedding anniversary.

Useful cooking and Home Appliances

Cooking Appliances

Women love to keep their home clean and are definitely great cooks. Hence, you can make your lady happy on your 45th wedding anniversary by gifting her with any useful home or cooking appliance. You can pick anything from a towel warmer to a massage chair, a donut maker or an ice-cream maker. These are the best gifts as it will help your lady love in her daily affairs.

Go Floral!

Floral Items

Since flowers are the best gifting option for her on the 4th wedding anniversary, gift her anything from a beautiful floral dress to a bouquet of flowers like orchids or roses, or whatever your darling likes. You can also opt for floral-inspired accessories such as jewelry, silk scarves, stationary items, floral-print posters, or a flower pot. She will definitely like them all!

A Little Fruity here and there

Chocolate Strawberry

Your woman is going to enjoy a fruity ride on your 4th wedding anniversary for sure! Bring her some strawberries dipped in liquid chocolate, gourmet fruit pastries, or a perfume with a fruity smell. Just keep in mind the theme, act a little smart and your honey will be feel loved as ever.

4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

When it comes to gifting the male counterpart of your life, women can get baffled to heights! Do not worry as it can’t get that worse. Here are the 4th wedding anniversary gift ideas for him. Have a look.

Clothing for Your Hubby’s Favorite Sports Team

Chicago Bulls Tee

Oh yes! How clever is that to impress the man of your life! As per the traditional theme of the UK, nylon is the perfect option to gift on your 4th wedding anniversary. Hence, you can spoil your husbands by gifting them their favorite sports team’s clothing. It could be a T-Shirt, shorts, or whatever they always have longed for. You don’t have any idea how happy they would be on receiving such an amazing present.

Shoulder and Back Massagers


Nothing could be better than receiving a shoulder and back massage after having a hectic day at the office. While your husband comes to home after spending a long and tiring day struggling with their bosses at the office, you can make them happy by gifting them shoulder and back massagers. This will not only make them filled with joy but take care of their health as well.



If your man is a fitness freak, then Fitbit will be the perfect gifting option for him on your 4th wedding anniversary. Fitbit is a wearable technology gadget that is designed to take care of everything related to fitness right from your heart rate to no. of steps walked, quality of sleep and what not!

Now you can impress your spouse on your 4th wedding anniversary with these clever gifts. Happy Anniversary!


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