Do You Know These 12 Things Will Happen When Queen Elizabeth Dies?


"Long Live the Queen", well, even though we have always prayed for her long life, we cannot deny the fact that no one of us is immortal. Very recently, rumors surfaced on the internet and TV that Queen Elizabeth II is no more, but all these rumors were put to rest by the Royal family's spokesperson. It is a universal fact that we all love her, but the truth sadly is that as she is getting older, the chances of her final exit are increasing, and the plans of the palace and the Royal Family are in place. If reports are to be believed, then it is said that when she dies, a code will be used to convey the message. That code would be, "London Bridge is down". It will be a time of mourning as well as rejoice because when our beloved Her Majesty will depart, Prince Charles will be welcomed as a new King of the Great Britain. And, this would be just the beginning. Let's scroll down to know 12 things that will happen when Queen Elizabeth passes away.

12 Things will Happen When Queen Elizabeth Dies

Several people have made Queen Elizabeth II death prediction, but no one knows how true it is. The only thing that we know is, no matter how much we love her, she is not immortal and the palace has already made a plan for the day Queen Elizabeth will say her final goodbye. Here is all that will happen when Her Majesty dies.   

1. Prince Charles will be the Successor of the Throne. Immediately after the demise of Her Majesty, Prince Charles will become the successor and when he sits on the throne, his siblings will come to him and will kiss his hands.

2. Queen Elizabeth's Demise will be Announced Through a News Flash. The moment Her Majesty dies, the BPA AKA the British Press Association will receive a news flash regarding the same. The palace's official website will also be shut for some time in order to update the news there as well.  

3. Her Body will be Brought Back in Case She Dies Abroad. Just in case Her Majesty dies abroad, No. 32 squadron of the Royal Air Force will send a jet named BAe 146 with a special coffin to carry the body and bring it back. These coffins are custom made and are used in the case of emergencies.

4. Her Majesty's Secretary will Call the PM. Sir Christopher Geidt, the private secretary of the Queen, will call the Prime Minister of the UK and will break the news by saying "London Bridge is down". Once the news has been conveyed to the PM, they will make sure that the message is conveyed to the Commonwealth's 36 nations that still consider the queen to be the symbolic figurehead and to the governments of those 15 states that the Queen still heads. This message will be conveyed by the Global Response Centre of the Foreign office.    

5. Funeral Invitations will be Printed for the Guests. Nearly 10,000 invitations will be printed in order to invite guests for ceremonies like the Queen's funeral and the King's proclamation. To keep the palace and the events safe and to avoid any sort of stampede, Armed Forces and the Police will be appointed.

6. Prince Charles will Give his First Speech as a King. Apparently, when Queen Elizabeth dies, Prince Charles will give a speech on the same evening. The speech that he will give that day has already been written and it will be broadcast to the entire world through the Internet, TV, and Radio.

7. Both the Houses of the Parliament will be Recalled. Within a few hours of the death of the queen, Parliament would be recalled so that all the members of the Parliament can take the oath to follow their new King and mourn for their late Queen.  

8. Flags will be Positioned at Half-Mast. All the flags including the beach flags will be positioned at half-mast to showcase the loss of the Great Britain and to mourn the death of Her Majesty. All the museums, libraries and town halls will receive condolence books and big screens will be placed in the major cities to let people know of all the upcoming events.

9. The Day After the Queen's Death, Prince Charles will be Given the Title of the King. The day the Queen dies, on the very next day, a meeting will be held by the Accession Council to formally announce Prince Charles as the king. But, even though he becomes the king, the Coronation ceremony of the King will take place only after a few months. Also, by law, Princess Camilla will become the new King. 

10. Three Blasts of Trumpet will be Made by the Trumpeters. The Life Guards' trumpeters will go on the roof to face the Friary Court and will blow the trumpet thrice. Once it's done, the Arms' Garter King will initiate the procedure to announce the King.

11. After Becoming the King, Prince Charles will go on the Country's Tour for 4 Days. Once the proclamation ceremony is done. Prince Charles will leave the palace to visit the major cities of the country to meet the government as well as the public. He will also go through the infrastructures of the cities before meeting the Government and Ministers so that he can discuss the same with them.

12. The Palace will Hold Numerous Receptions. If you think that these receptions would be held for entertainment then let me tell you that you are wrong. In all these receptions the diplomats and heads of states will participate and serious business will be discussed in order to make Prince Charles understand his role.


Several people ask questions like is Queen Elizabeth alive or did queen Elizabeth die? Well, for all those people, let me clear the air, Queen Elizabeth II is still alive and is currently the reigning queen.

Well, as this piece comes to an end, I bid adieu. Please let us know in the comments section below how did you like this article.


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