Do You Know There are 14 Surprising Rules of the Royal Family That Even the Queen Cannot Break?


"With great power comes great responsibilities", this is one phrase which I believe to be really true. And, when it comes to the royal family, this phrase becomes even more prominent. It is seen that Her Majesty and the entire royal family follows the rules without fail. It shows in the way they talk and walk that they are royal and not just by their blood, but by their behavior as well. They stick to the rules and make others do that as well. Let's get going to see what all rules they have to follow, which even the Queen cannot break. Also read, What happen when queen Elizabeth II dies.

Royal Family's Rules That Even the Queen Cannot Break

Here is the list of those 14 rules that are required to be followed by everyone in the royal family:

1. No One Can Eat Once the Queen is Done With Her Food

The Royal Family of Britain

No matter if Her Majesty is eating with the family members or an outsider, everyone is supposed to follow her. This is a very simple and important rule. If someone is eating with her, they are supposed to stop eating when she does so in order to show their respect towards her. 

2. They are Supposed to Spend the Festival of Christmas Together

The Royal Family of Britain

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The royal family is following this rule since a very long time. They always spend Christmas together without fail. However, there was one exception when Catherine went ahead and celebrated Christmas with her own family and this act of hers wasn't appreciated by the Queen at all.

3. The Royal Family isn't Supposed to Travel Together

The Royal Family of Britain

This rule is something that is not followed much these days as the logic and meaning of this rule has changed. This rule was made back in those days when traveling too far was a big risk and in order to keep them safe, the rule was made so that the entire family is not at risk. But, now, as traveling is very safe these days, this rule is diminishing.

4. They Need to Accept Gifts With Politeness and Grace

The Royal Family of Britain

No matter if the gift is big or small, cheap or expensive, they are supposed to accept all of them with equal politeness, gratitude, and grace. All these gifts belong to the queen because all the gifts are for the crown and not the people of the royal family. It is the queen who decides which gift needs to be given to whom.

5. They are Not Allowed to Wear Fur

The Royal Family of Britain

In the twelfth century, Edward III decided and declared that no one is going to wear furs and as decided people stopped wearing it for a long time. But, now, not just the common people but the royal family is also wearing fur. Even the Queen was also spotted wearing fur sometime ago. Even though this rule had relevance in the past, now it seems that it is irrelevant. 

6. Their Attire Shouldn't Send Wrong Messages

The Royal Family of Britain

With their elegant and sophisticated style, the royal family is expected to lead the path of fashion. In their empire, they should be the ones who are supposed to set trends that the common people can follow. So, as they are really influential, they need to wear clothes that are not sending wrong or ambiguous messages. This is the reason why they usually wear very sophisticated, modest and smart clothes.  

7. No One From Them Can be Roman Catholic

The Royal Family of Britain

According to this law, the royal blood cannot get married to a Roman Catholic. Even though changes were made in this law in 2011, the Royal Family still sticks to this rule to show their loyalty towards the Church of England.

8. They are Supposed to Sit and Walk at Processions According to the Family Hierarchy

The Royal Family of Britain

They have very strict rules when it comes to the hierarchy of the family. Whenever they go to any wedding or processions, they make sure that they are sitting according to their position in the family and outside of it. Even while walking, they Queen walks in the front and others follow.

9. They Cannot Eat Shellfish

The Royal Family of Britain

This rule is not just a rule but a preventive measure as well. To stay away from stomach infections and food poisoning, they stay away from most of the sea foods. Her Majesty avoids not just shellfish but all the sea foods and on the other hand, there is Prince Charles who loves to eat oysters.

10. They are Not Allowed to Play Monopoly

The Royal Family of Britain

Many years ago, during one of his public appearances, the Duke of York, Prince Andrew was offered to play Monopoly. But, he declined the offer politely saying they don't play the game in the royal family as they get vicious while playing it.

11. They Cannot be a Part of Any Political Party or Office

The Royal Family of Britain

This rule was made to make sure that they don't take advantage of their position to influence the thinking of the people or for their personal benefits. This is the reason why nobody from the royal family is part of any of the political offices or parties.

12. They Don't Have the Right to Vote

The Royal Family of Britain

This rule is very much valid as they are highly influential and if they are allowed to vote, people will get influenced and vote according to them which would be unfair. This is why they are not supposed to vote.

13. Non-Royal Cannot Touch Them

The Royal Family of Britain

This one is not just a rule but a guideline as well which is broken very often. It is true that common people cannot get too close to them, but when they get clicked with the celebs, they often touch each other and hence the rule is broken.

14. At the Tower of London, at least Six Ravens Must be Kept

The Royal Family of Britain

Legend has it that if the tower gets rid of all the ravens, that day the kingdom will be destroyed. So, the Royal family makes sure that a minimum of six ravens are present at the Tower of London to keep the Kingdom intact. Even till now, they make sure that there are more than six ravens at the Tower of London.

So, with that the list comes to an end. Do let us know in the comments section below how did you like this article.


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