Do You Know the Ways to Safeguard Your Child from a Predator?


All of us are quite protective about our children. We do each and everything in our hand to protect them and safeguard them, but still, there are several cases of child abuse in the newspapers almost every day. Why is it so? Even though we understand our children, why are we failing as parents? Aren't we supposed to understand the pain of our children? We are, but what fails us is our lack of understanding of a child's psyche and our behavior towards the child. We shouldn't act as if they are children, rather we should be friends with our toddlers in order to understand them. It is only then that you will understand their situation and they will stop hiding their problems from you. There are a million ways to protect your child and given below are some of the basics of the same. Go through it to know how can you help and safeguard your child.

Ways to Safeguard Your Child

Here are the ways to safeguard the free souls from any kind of trouble.

1. Know Who All are a Part of Your Kid's Life

Did you get your child enrolled in a play school or are they about to join a new dance class? Make sure that before sending them to a new place, you are done with all your pieces of research. Even if you are not at home and your kids stay with a nanny, check their background and don't finalize them without doing so. If possible, try to go to your home uninformed to keep a check on your child. Similarly, when they have joined a new school make sure that there are supervisors to take care of the child. If you feel that there is a behavioral change in the child, then talk to other parents of his friends or classmates as well. It might be that your child is too scared to admit to his problems.

2. Identify the Red Flags

Even though your child is showing no physical signs of harm, don't sit back and relax if you feel something is not right with the kid. Children are scared souls and if they are scared of someone they will listen to them. So, that might be one reason that they are not sharing things with you. Another reason might be that they are too scared to share. Even though they don't understand what's happening to their body, they do understand that something is not right with them. That's the reason why you need to identify what's wrong with them. If they are reluctant about meeting certain people or going out with them, then start believing them and try to know what's the bone of contention between these people and your child.

3. How to React When Your Child Discloses Abuse

This is a tough situation for any child and it goes without saying that kids don't have such a skilled brain that they will lie about such issues. Understand that it is a very tough situation for your child and deal with care. If they are admitting what has happened to them, then listen carefully without a sign of anger or sadness on your face that will scare your child even more. Sit down with the child at their eye level and look into their eyes while listening to them. This will give them confidence and they will explain to you everything without fear. 

4. Let Them Trust People Around Them

If something of that sorts happens to a child, they often lose trust. Don't let them do that to themselves, that won't let them grow as a balanced human being. Let them meet new people and let them identify who makes them feel comfortable. If need be, take them to counselors and let them talk to the counselors privately. Let them assure the kids that they can trust them and tell them all the truth.

5. Monitor Devices

When children start going to school, they meet new people who can involve them in activities that they are not supposed to be a part of. These days internet become their best friend as well. A combination of wicked people and the internet's free usage can be a lethal combination for your child. You need to make sure that you are keeping a tab on your child's internet usage and whenever you feel something is wrong, just let them know. Ensure that while speaking with them you are not scolding them, else they will become stubborn. Always check with them if they are doing okay and tell them that whenever they need you, you are by their side.

So, that was all about protecting your child. Stay tuned for more of such informative articles. Also, let us know in the comments section below how did you like the article.     


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