Do You Know The Ways to Sexy Dress Up Yet Classy?


‘Sexy’ is a word which is misunderstood by many people out there. People often misinterpret sexy with skin-show and being X-rated. For all those folks who define sexy in all such ways, you need to learn a little about this particular word! It is a high time when all such stereotypes should be broken! Sexy has nothing to do with vulgarity or being smutty; rather it is about being sensual and tempting. While people think that you could only look sexy by wearing short clothes, there are a number of ways you can look sexy without revealing much of your body. All you have to do is to understand how you can manage to be sexy and classy at the same time. So, all the ladies out there, get ready to know the ways you can dress up in a sexy yet classy way. Have a look!

The Ways to Dress Up Sexy yet Classy

Can’t wait to look sexy and classy both at the same time? Well, no need to worry as here are all the tips and tricks that will help you dress up in a sexy yet classy manner! Let’s begin.

Feel Confident in What you are Wearing

confident girl

If you will not feel confident about yourself in what you are wearing, then do not expect anybody else to feel that way. No wonder you want to impress people out there but it starts from your own self. Be comfortable in what you are wearing, whether it is a casual tee and jeans, or a sultry cocktail dress. You need to walk like you don’t care what people about you because to be very honest it is impossible to impress everyone. So, do not be shy or feel shy in whatever ensemble you are carrying. The idea is to be carefree and vivacious as ever.

A Little Cover-Up With Tiny and Tight Dresses

tight dress

If you want to keep it real classy while wearing sexy dresses, then you would always have to keep this golden rule in mind. I know ladies love to wear tight and tiny dresses but if you want to nail classy at the same time, make sure that the dress is not way too revealing. You could either pick a maxi dress that is strapless or opt for a full-sleeved dress that is mini in length. Trying to wear a dress that is figure-hugging, short, and full of cuts here and there, may make you look quite raunchy and then, the idea of being classy may get lost. So, keep it a little covered up while you go tight on your curves.

Lace to Make It Ace

lacy dress

Of course, lace dresses are amazingly classy and sexy in unison! Whilst you wish to look sexy and classy at the same time, you can go for beautiful lace dresses without any second thought. You know lace has this amazing way of keeping it chic whilst showing your skin without making it look cheap or vulgar. Not only you should prefer lace dresses, you can also consider wearing lace skirts with decent tops, or do it the other way round as well. If you love to wear leggings, you can go for tight leggings and team it up with a lovely lace crop top to keep it sexy and classy at the same time. This combination will flaunt your curvaceous hips, highlight your waist and give you a dynamic appeal.

Red will Always Be Sexy and Classy

red dress

I reckon red color would be the favorite of the majority of women out there. Honestly speaking red is my most favorite color after black. You know the color red has something to it that speaks in itself. Whenever a woman wears red, it shouts out loud ‘I am a powerful woman and I know how to have fun!’. Well maybe that’s just my thinking but you will agree that red is a strong color and it could makes any woman look classy and sexy. You can pick either a red dress, a red top, or even a red skirt you are going to nail it anyway. Especially, a red cocktail dress or a flowy gown can win many hearts out there.

Go Shameless with Sheer


While we are talking about looking sexy, I think wearing a little sheer won’t hurt. I am not asking you to wear a daring overall sheer dress or top, the idea is to highlight a little of your skin. You can both pick a sheer top and team it up with a tight skirt, or how about trying a sheer knee-length dress? Or you want to keep it a little playful, try a sheer skater dress. This will not only make you look sexy and classy, but bubbly as well. So, buy a sheer dress for yourself today and be the showstopper of the evening, or the day if you are going out in the daytime. Just saying! (Pun Intended).

Drapey Necklines to Accentuate Your Curves

drapey neckline

Balancing the art of dressing up sexy and classy can be really tricky and challenging. Particularly, when it comes to showing skin, you might end up thinking whether you would look classy if you expose your assets. Well, that’s a myth. You don’t have to reveal most of your body parts, just focus on a specific at a time. And picking drapey neckline which highlights your cleavage and curves is a very smart trick of looking sexy and classy simultaneously. Chose a cowl neck top and wear it with a skirt or even tight-hugging jeans as well. On the other hand, ‘dress-lovers’ can definitely select a dress with a low-drapey neckline.

Kill it with Pencil Skirts

pencil skirt

According to me, pencil skirts are absolutely one of the classiest pieces in every woman’s wardrobe. The best thing about pencil skirts is that they accent your curves in the best way. This is one of the quintessential things you need to have in your closet. You can pick some basic colors such as black, gray, navy blue, red, etc. that will look good with almost every other color. Be it at the office, a dinner date, or a formal event- pencil skirts are definitely going to make you look sexy and classy at the same time. You can team up your ‘pencils’ with different kind of tops, blouses, and shirts for different occasions and places. While at the office, pair your mid-length or knee length skirt with a classy blouse and see the magic!

Pick a Dress that’s good at Front and Back

Front and Back

You can act smart at this one. How about picking a dress that’s as flirty from the back as it is at the front? It is not necessary that the back should be highly revealing, even little details can make it work really well. Zipper detail at the back is a good way to make it sexy. Or what about a low back? You can also choose dresses which are figure-hugging and have a detailed back. But while you pick such dresses make sure that they are not very revealing at the front as it could kill the drama and deviate the focus on two sides. So, maintain a balance between the two. While your dress is good at both the ends, you can make a bun to let your dress speak!

The Art of Androgynous Dress Up

Androgynous Dress Up

The idea here is to borrow some of the pieces from the guys. You should know how to mix those masculine pieces with all the lady-like debonair. Team up a tight dress or pencil skirt with a boyfriend blazer. This looks outstanding on anybody and the best part, it maintains the law of looking sexy and classy at the same time. If you are daring enough you can also wear trousers with a sexy crop top and finish the look with a tailored boyfriend blazer. There you nail the art of androgynous dress up.

Classics will Never Go out of Style


Trends may come and go, but some classics will never go out of style. Some of these classics are a well-fitted white shirt, a black pencil skirt, a killer pair of stilettos, tight hugging jeans, and many others. If you are unable to understand what to wear, just pick a plain white shirt and team it up with a pencil skirt or well-fitted jeans and you would look sexy as ever! And the best part of this look is that it won’t cut the classic quotient out of it. On the other hand for a casual look, you can wear a white tee and tie it at your belly. Wear it with black leggings and statement heels. Carry the confident look and there won’t be anyone whose head won’t turn, count on me for that!

So, ladies that was it! I hope these ideas helped you in dressing up in a sexy and class way. If you have any queries or suggestions, do let us know in the comment section below. Till then keep looking sexy, and classy!


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