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More and more people are diving into the programming world without prior planning just because the job prospects seem good. No doubt programming languages increase your chances of employment but there is no guarantee. Your job security depends on you hard and smart work. To get a job in good organizations like Apple, Google, Microsoft there is no one particular language that will help but the only thing which helps is how skilled you are. You can learn a language and practice it for years without putting your heart into it. Your success will also be based on how informed you are. Hence you will always have to be looking for opportunities constantly.

Best Programming Languages To Choose For Better Career Opportunities.

Programming is a very lucrative career and it's demand keeps growing with time. There are various programming languages one can learn but the most critical point to take care of is to know which language matches your interest. There are plenty of languages which will get you good salaries but can be confusing and mundane. We need to choose a language based on the field we are going to pursue in the future. There are certain languages which need prior programming language knowledge whereas there are few which are easy to learn for beginners. Without further ado let's take a look at the top 5 programming with good future prospects.

1. Python 

Python is considered as the language of future due to its relation to Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. It is one of the easiest languages to learn for beginners. Since it is an open source technology one can learn it while sitting in the comfort of his or her home. Python is used for a variety of purposes like building websites, data analytics, cybersecurity and the list goes on. One of the most important advantage Python has over any other language is the ease of coding, python codes are almost very close to spoken English and the syntax process is also easy. Another question you will come across is which version of Python to learn. The 2.x versions expiration date has been extended until 2020 from 2015 and is much easier to use while the 3.x version is the future of Python programming. Choosing the 2.x version is going to help you to understand the ins and outs of python better and then it will also be an easy game for you to learn the 3.x version. Python works best with Django and Flask frameworks. If you like pattern prediction and have an analytical brain, Python is the best language for you to learn.

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2. Swift

Almost all the IOS applications are built on Swift. It could be an Ipad or an iPhone, applications used in them are built with Swift. Apple created this language to make it easy to use and have good error handling tools. A critical advantage that Swift has over Python is the speed. Swift is faster than Objective C. Swift is also an open source technology and hence can be studied easily at the official IOS website. The reason I'm considering Swift as the language worthy enough to learn is that it is going to replace the Objective-C and C in the future. The latest version for Swift is 4 and it is doing really better than its predecessors. Since the iPhone market doesn't seem to be going down in the near future, probability of Swift being a language in demand is very high.


3. SQL

SQL is a language which is the Gandalf of the programming world. *Lord of the Rings reference* A programmer has to deal with it sooner or later. It is extensively used for data management which is stored in Relational Database Management System. Almost all businesses use SQL in one form or the other. The most widely used SQL types are Microsoft SQL and MY SQL but PostgreSQL is also held as an important one. SQLite is the database used for all the Android and IOS applications. SQL is important for all fields of life ranging from food to health and sports to space. Anytime there is a data transaction(extraction or storing) SQL is used. therefore it's safe to say that it is also an important language for data science. It has always been in high demand will always be in the future too.

4. Java

Java is used for Android app development widely and is well recognized all around the globe. Websites like LinkedIn and Amazon are powered by it. Java is popular due to its readability and use of ease. Until and unless the android phones go out of use Java is going to stay as one of the most prominent languages in use. Java developers have ample opportunities for employment. Knowledge of Java also makes it easy to learn other languages. Java has open source libraries which makes coding very easy for the programmers. It an easy language to learn and simple in use. Javascript is a different language and shall not be confused with Java as they are entirely different languages. Java is not an easy language to learn but definitely has its perks in the long run. Employment opportunities for Java programmers will not seize for decades to come.

5. Go

“Go will be the server language of the future.” — Tobias Lütke, Shopify
Go is the new kid on the block. It was created by Google in 2009 and since then it's popularity has kept increasing day by day. Go now has a position among the top languages of the world. Go is also the language of the future as it is memory efficient it consumes only the memory when there is a requirement. IBM, Adobe, and many other multinational companies are using Go which increases the chances for Go programmers to bag good jobs at esteemed organizations. The biggest advantage 'go' has over other languages is its high speed. Since Go is a new language it is still evolving which creates an opportunity for programmers to grow with it. Hardware compatibility of Go is also an advanced feature which makes it really useful to learn. In case you are looking forward to work in China, Go is the language to learn.

There are many other programming languages that are good from future or employment point of view but it all comes down to your area of interest in the end. Here are some honorable mentions:

* Ruby on Rails.

* JavaScript.




Before you get into programming make sure that you have done your research and are ready for the life of a programmer. Programming is not a one time deal but it is a continuous learning process. A programmer always has to keep upgrading his or her skills to grow. You can also choose to learn many languages but make sure that those languages have some connection with each other so that your skill set keeps getting better and your time is being utilized the best way it could be.

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