Do You Know the Simple Ways to Become a Perfect Teen Girl?-Part 2


In the previous chapter, we established mainly that perfection is subjected to different opinions and it varies from person to person. The teen girls should not fall prey to ignorant advice floating proudly on the internet with the promise of making them a perfect brand. We also discussed the realistic and unrealistic expectations and ways to avoid the latter. The gray areas as of ‘what not to do’ have been covered mostly. So, in the following passage, a more favorable ‘what to do’ of becoming a perfect teen girl is discussed.

How to Become a Perfect Teen Girl?

There are certain expectations associated with everyone when it comes to their mannerism and behavior. For example, kids are expected to be naughty and adults are expected to forgive them for their mischievousness. Teenage is no different. However, at times it becomes difficult for the teens to determine which expectation to fulfill or which one to ignore. Therefore, instead of scoring gold on everyone else’s parameter, teen girls should follow simple ways that will help them to get through this baffling phase without much difficulty.

1) Taking Care of Your Health

girl eating healthy

We ended the last chapter on the important note of health. Sound health is highly imperative for improving productivity and creativity. Teenage is the best age to mess that up. A teen is no longer gullible like kids who are made to eat broccoli over the dinner table at the expense of monster’s threats; they are also not matured like adults to resist the temptation of the fast food. As a result teen girls end up messing with their health.

Most teen girls disturb their sleep by withering away their sleep time on the internet. Avoid staying awake till late in the night and waking up late in the morning. A morning run does not hurt anyone. Building small habits like brushing up the teeth before going to sleep and changing innerwear daily will help you in the long run. Take care of your health and your looks will take care of themselves.

2) Working Hard at the School

Girl in School

The entire focus should be centered on the school activities. For a teen girl, school is like her second home. Focusing on studies is more important than ever. The grades received as a teenager can be a strong base for shaping the entire career. Try to do your best at school, not solely in studies but see if you can get your hands on creative activities too. Learn to work hard at this age. It will surely pay off in the future.

Some students might not be too enthusiastic about their grades as their focus lies in some other areas such as dance or theater. These folks need not burden themselves with the unrealistic expectations of becoming nerds overnight. They should pursue their respective interests with a fair amount of emphasis on their studies.

 In case, you are not very bright as a student, then do not get disheartened, it is not the only parameter to become the perfect teen girl. You can keep trying to be better at the studies and excel in other areas, for instance, the mannerism.

3) Mannerism Over Personality

manners in Girl

The previous section of the article explained what constitute an overall personality. Your ways of interaction, communication and carrying yourself in the presence of others are a few but not all aspects of your personality. Enhancing your personality is taking your perfection a notch higher. Although it does not mean it is everything. Some teens are not highly interactive or social by nature. It is unrealistic of everyone to expect them to change. In case, you are one of the introvert teen girls, then try to win over everyone by your mannerism. Learn to meet everyone with warmth and learn to show compassion towards everyone. Teenage is the best age to exhibit rage and become furious over the petty issues. Learn to keep your calm and treat everyone with respect.

4) Not Succumbing To the Popular Culture


Teens are not matured enough to deal with the pressure of keeping up with everyone and everything around themselves. Girls have it worst. They feel the constant need of looking good, wearing good and impressing everyone around them. At an age where girls should be discovering about their creative aspects and potential, they entangle themselves in the process of keeping up with the pop culture. Like an old saying all that glitters is not gold, it is very important for a teen girl to differentiate between the real gold and an imitation. What all you see around yourself, the expensive brands, popular groups in the college, a cute looking guy might not be worth your efforts. Attractive pop culture habits like substance abuse, swearing and speaking ill of others can be highly vicious. 

A different perspective to perceive things differently can help you to identify the real gold in the world full of imitation. Not succumbing to the popular culture will make your personality even more strong and unique. It will help you to accept all your imperfections and yet feel completely perfect.

It is easier said than done. Teenage is the perfect age to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. In the process, you can thrive to be a perfect version of your cranky, impatient and stubborn self.


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