Do You Know The Simple Ways to Become a Not-So Perfect Teen Girl?-Part 1


The current generation of teen girls is bearing the brunt of unrealistic expectations. There is a constant pressure to score well in the school and in the personal life which many of them are not able to handle well. The hormonal changes make it even worse. Teens are neither adults to handle these issues prudently nor kids who can brush away all the worries, the result? We have got a baffled generation who rarely has an idea as what it is doing and where it is heading. It doesn’t do any good for the parents either. They are relentlessly worried about their teen children; after all, this is the phase that shapes up the entire life of their children. Then there is the internet that that takes an already complex situation and aggravates it very easily. The endless ‘how-to-do’ list by the ‘experts’ makes teens more concerned about materialistic aspects of their personality and less concerned about areas they should be focusing to improve. Therefore, in order to help the teen girls caught in the crisis, we have assembled a list of simple ways which will take any teen girl to the level of (moderate) perfection.

How to Be the Perfect Teen Girl?

If you think you are facing some crisis and need help; then you are at the wrong place, the internet is the worst of all to bless you with any prudent advice. This is not any advice column either; it is a simple guide to help you differentiate between the enlightened and the incautious guides available all around.

1) Do not take the Internet for the Gospel Truth

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The internet is laced with self-proclaimed experts who are first to drop advice like ‘be beautiful’, ‘become popular’, ‘be ever-smiling glam doll’ and so on whenever it comes to becoming a perfect teenager. First thing first, there is no ‘perfect’, there never was and there never will be, so all the teens looking up to the internet for some inspiration, get your head around this fact. Secondly, do not fall prey to all the columns beginning from ‘beauty lies in the eyes of beholder’ and ending up with some tips for glowing skin. They are meant to make you more concerned about pimples on your face than you already are. Perfection is not about achieving flawless skin or exhausting your energy in trying, it is about being satisfied with your imperfect self.

2) Learn to Accept the Issues

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The teenage can be very confusing, challenging, unfair and raging. Expecting you to handle all this with maturity is unrealistic. There will be issues; you will be continuously conflicting with your parents, with yourself, with friends and with your teachers. You will not be in awe of most of the people, especially who relentlessly emphasize you to become better, to achieve better, to think of the future, and the similar rants. Yes, I accept; things are not easy for you right now, therefore wither away all the confusion and take a deep breath (very important). Does that mean there is no scope for improvement? No, not likely. Accept the issues and own them to work towards a solution.
Being in a state of constant denial is as wrong as consuming too much negativity. If you think you need help, talk it out with your parents who can understand you the best. If you do not share such repo with them, look for someone wiser and older who can help you out. If you are not much of a problem-sharing teen girl then calm down and read through.

3) Identify the Concept of ‘Perfection’

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Now, if you have calmed your anxious self, let’s get to the work. So, if we have established that there is nothing called ‘perfect’ then what exactly are we here to achieve? There is nothing perfect but there is a perfect level of moderation that everyone should aim for, especially the teen girls who need to be prepared for what comes after. It’s going to sound like a gender-biased rant but girls do not have it easy. They go through more complex situations in their teenage than boys. The Bible of internet guides for teen girls is much more in abundance than for the boys. It is also much more ridiculous and wayward than the self-help material for the boys. All this accounts for a more matured response from the girls. So, take it step by step.

4) Taking it Step by Step

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There is no magic wand for self-improvement that any teen girl can wave in the air and become perfect, the process needs time and toil. Some of the solutions might not conform to your personality but doing things out of your comfort zone is the whole idea. For instance, you might not be very social and hesitate to mingle with the crowd. Teenage is not the age to cut yourself from the people. That age comes later (trust me on this). A teen girl who is not very friendly cannot become all jolly and hyper-social in a flash. Everyone needs time to process an advice. Identify the issues, find a solution and take small-small steps to follow through. For example, you have realized that you need to work towards being more courteous or polite. Start by wishing everyone you meet in the school hallway. Learn to pay regards to your parents. Slowly the habit will seep into your system and politeness will come to you effortlessly. The same method applies to everything else.

5) How Important is the Personality?

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Personality is an umbrella term. It constitutes a person’s behavior, mannerisms, attire, and even looks. Most of the self-help blogs on internet advise teen girls to enhance their physical characteristics in order to enhance their personality. There is no harm in looking good but being obsessed with it can do much more harm than you can imagine. One of the articles I read suggested with good looks comes good confidence, ultimately concluding all not-so-good looking people are under-confident, which is a farce. I am not utterly negating the materialistic aspects of one’s personality if you want to improve your dressing sense, your looks, and your hairstyle it is well and good but if you are simply not that types, learn to feel confident in your own skin. Be the best version of yourself instead of looking up to anyone else for inspiration. Do not be obsessed with achieving the best body, instead be obsessed with your entire body of work, mannerisms, productivity and creativity. Another important thing that every teen girl needs to work on is sound health. Do whatever you need to do to improve your health.

It is very important to differentiate between unrealistic and realistic expectations. One easy tip for this is: identify most of the expectations that your parents have from you as realistic. Identify most of the expectations that the popular group of girls in your school has as unrealistic. Those really cute looking boys who have formed a school band are also adept at expecting an unrealistic perfection. Be Aware!

In the next chapter, we shall focus on the ways that can help a teen girl to improve herself without succumbing to the unrealistic expectations.


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