Do You Know The Procedure To Write A Check?


We often go through situations where we need to write a check but due to some reason or the other, we never learn to. For some of us, it is tough while for others are simply not interested. You might feel, what's the use of writing a check, but let me tell you, it is very crucial for you to know how to do it else you will end up in a situation where you will have to write a check with cents and you will make excuses not to. Embarrassing, right? Writing a check is not at all a tough task and the procedure to write a check should be known by one and all. So, in this piece, we will tell you the step-by-step procedure of writing a check in a very simple way. There you go!

  Procedure to Write a check

Here is how you can write a check in six easy steps.

Step 1.

how to write a check

Start writing a check by mentioning the date first. To write the date you need to fill the blank space above the line on check's upper right corner. Above or below that line you will be able to see the word "Date" written.  

Step 2.

how to write a check

After mentioning the date, mention the name of the recipient. There will be a line next to Pay to the Order of or simply Pay to written on the check. This is the first thing that is mentioned on the check after the date. You need to write the full name of the recipient here. If you are not sure about the recipient's name then you need to confirm it first before writing the name. If the name is not correct, then the check is useless for the other person and the Bank. You can also write Cash, but if it lands in some wrong hands then you will be in trouble. 

Step 3.

how to write a check

Next to the Pay to line will be a dollar sign. That $ is for you to fill the amount in it. Mention the exact amount without any mistake above the line next to thesign. The amount you mention need to be in dollars and cents, for example, if it is for $50 then write 50.00.

Step 4.

how to write a check

In the line below the Pay to one, you will have to mention the monetary amount in word form. If with dollars, there are cents as well then mention that too in words. When you are done with writing the exact amount written on the check in words, then at the end of it write Only. Writing 'only' is very important because in this case, nobody would be able to add a further amount to your check. For example, if your check amounts for $50 then either write Fifty dollars only or Fifty dollars and 0/100 cents.

Step 5.

how to write a check

Once you are done with writing the amount in words, sign the check. You will see a line at the bottom right corner of your check, you need to sign that. Remember, your check is invalid if it is not personally signed by you.

Step 6.

how to write a check

Now you are almost done with your check. All you need to do now is you need to fill the memorandum section. This section is at the bottom left corner, on the left side of the Sign section of the check. Though writing a memo is not that important or mandatory, you can write it to remember what you used the check for, or for the recipient to know the same. 

That was it! So, the next time someone asks you to write a check, don't hesitate because it's really not that difficult. Write one or two and then you will be a pro. All the best! 


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