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Imagine you have been locked up in a room for 24 hours without any of the gizmos, especially your phone. Will you be able to survive this? Well, most of you will say NO and so would I because our generation speaks and understands the language of technology and just technology. Our phones and the internet has become synonymous to oxygen for us. And, with so many apps launching almost every day, we fail to understand how all of them can be used. One of these famous apps is Instagram. No matter if it is a celeb or a common man, everyone is going gaga over it. So, we present to you the complete guide that will tell you how to use Instagram and post pictures on it. Also read Online chatting sites

Part 1 How to Install the Instagram App?


It is a very simple process. Follow it step by step.

1. Download Instagram

Search for the app by typing its name in the ‘Search' section of either Android's ‘Play Store' or IOS' ‘App Store'. It completely depends on which smartphone do you have, Android or an iPhone. Then choose the topmost search result for download.

2. Open the App

Once the download is complete, open the app by clicking on its icon. It looks like a camera which is pinkish in color.

3. Sign Up

At the bottom of your screen, you will see a button that says ‘Sign Up'. Click that button to create an account. To begin with, mention your Email ID first, and then choose a username and password. Keep it as simple as you can. After creating the account upload a profile picture that will let your friends know that it‘s your profile only. Add some information about you in the ‘About' section and there you go. You are all set to access the account.

4. Find Your Friends

Once your account is set up, you can add your friends on your Insta account. The app will suggest you some of your friends based on your phone's contact list, Twitter account, and Facebook account. You can search for them manually as well.       

5. Follow Your Friends

Once you find your friends, start following them by clicking the button saying ‘Follow'. After clicking that button you will be able to see all their posts but if their account is not open to all, then you will have to wait for their approval to see their pictures. You can follow your friends and vice-versa whenever you want.

Part 2 How to Use Instagram Tabs?


Here is the list of Instagram tabs and how they work.

1. Tab to Add Pictures

instagram add option

The tab that is at the top left of your screen, a camera-like icon, is for you to add your stories based on pictures and videos. You can add instant pictures and videos but can't do much editing here.

2. Tab to Send and Receive Messages

instagram send option

The arrow-like icon is a tab that will let you send and receive messages.

3. Tab to see Your Friends' Posts

This tab is at the bottom left of your screen. It looks like a home and is your account's home page. Here you can see the posts of those friends and celebs or even pages that you are following. You can like them as well.

4. Tab to Help You Search your friends

The tab that is next to the home icon, on the right, is the search button. The icon resembles a magnifying glass and is used to search pages and people. You can find your friends there and follow them. It also shows the posts that are liked by those who you are following. 

5. Tab to add Pictures and Videos with Effects

At the bottom of the screen, you will find an icon that resembles a plus sign in the middle of the five icons. That tab is used to add pictures and videos from your phone's gallery. You can also add pictures and videos instantly also with great effects and text.

6. Tab to Check Notifications from Your Friends

It is the second tab from the right at the bottom. The icon looks like a heart and it is for you to know who all liked your post or tagged you, followed you etc.

7. Tab to Check Self's Profile

The tab is at the bottom right corner of your screen and its icon looks like a person. This tab is for you to check your profile, change settings etc. 

Part 3 How to Add Pictures and Videos on Instagram?


Go through this step by step list to know the way to post a picture or video on Instagram.

1. Open the Camera Tab

Open the tab that is in the center, at the bottom. It will let you click pictures and take videos. You can also post preexisting images.

2. Check Out the Three Options Given on the Page

On the camera page, you will get three options- Library, Photo, and Video. From the ‘Library' you can add pictures and videos that have already been taken. Then comes the ‘Photo' option. In this, you can click pictures directly to upload. For this Instagram will need to access the camera of your phone. In the ‘Video' option, you can make an instant video and in this one Instagram will need the access to your camera as well as the microphone.  

3. Take a Picture or Select One

If you want to take a picture and then upload it, then click the tab in the bottom center of the screen. If you want to upload a picture that is already there in your gallery, then click the button saying ‘Next' which is on the top right side of your screen.

4. Choose a Filter to Edit Your Picture

These filters will show up at the bottom of your screen while editing the pictures. There are as many as 11 filters currently on Instagram. These filters were launched to make the pictures look peppier and happening. You can also change the color contrasts, brightness etc. Once you are done with the editing work you can add a caption to the picture, tag a friend, add location and share it on many other social networking sites as well.

5. Post the Picture

After adding every detail of the picture click the ‘Share' button that is on the top right side of your screen and congratulations! You just now posted your first picture on Instagram.

So, that is how you can start using Instagram hassle free. It is free of cost, very fun and interactive. It lets you know what people around you are doing. It is too much fun. Try it for yourself. Happy Instagramming.

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