Do You Know The Popular Myths About Whey Protein?


Whey protein may be the one and only product in the fitness industry that faces the harshest scrutiny by consumers and patrons. It is a matter of concern as well as it is the most widely used supplement in the sports and fitness industry by athletes and general gym goers alike. Whey protein powder, as the name suggests, is a protein source that is derived as a byproduct of making cheese. It is the most easily and efficiently digested form of protein and has a variety of benefits to people of all ages. But the recent catastrophe of fake proteins and the incomplete knowledge of self-proclaimed gurus have led to several myths regarding this dietary supplement. This gets even more interesting. People are so driven by distrust and insecurities that opportunists see this as yet another opportunity to reap profits from consumers who have no idea about authentic and fake proteins. And this just gives rise to more myths and more misinformed people.

Popular Myths About Whey Protein

Whey Protein

They Are Not Natural

This has become a popular remark, especially among the youth. But this allegation is absolutely baseless. Whey is the byproduct procured during the manufacturing of cheese. Best Whey protein which is also called Lactalbumin is essentially considered to be a dairy product, except the lipids and the fats. It comprises of Alpha-Lactalbumin, a protein which can be found in breast milk, Beta-Lactoglobulin, a protein which can be found in sheep and cow milk, and Bovine Serum Albumin, a protein, in the form of a serum which can be found in bovines (present in the popular supplement brand, MuscleMeds) and of course, immunoglobulins, basically antiviral and antibacterial agents which are naturally found in whey protein. All of the above components are naturally obtained from animals, which indeed makes whey protein completely natural.

Whey Protein

Consuming Whey Doesn’t Make You A Natural Lifter Anymore

Another highly common myth associated with whey proteins. I am a competitive bodybuilder and I come across a lot of people on a daily basis. I came across many people who have this notion that consuming whey or whey related products wouldn’t make them a natural lifter anymore. Nowadays it is more of a style statement to use fancy supplements and incorporating them into your fitness regime. But even for someone for whom the authenticity of dietary supplements is the last of concerns, it is pretty shallow to even consider the fact that whey protein would make you an enhanced athlete. The only means by which you can get out of the “natural” list is by taking Performance enhancing drugs or PEDs which as many of you will know, essentially fall under the category of AAS a.k.a., Androgenic Anabolic Steroids, and Polypeptide hormones, namely IGF-1 and HGH.

Whey Protein brand

They Cause Acne

Another popular myth one would hear from every regular gym goer in the world. People have a tendency to make other people or objects, the scapegoat. In this case, it is whey protein. Although, I would say that it is not absolutely incorrect. The way in which whey protein, does add to the factors of acne to an extent is by increasing the body’s functions. But one needs to understand that acne vulgaris or just acne is also a genetic disorder and is caused by various other factors like hygiene, environment, food habits, gut and colon health etc. The problem surfaces when the balance is disturbed. Since you are consuming large amounts of protein, you have to counter that with other inputs like an increase in water consumption, increase in anti-oxidants intake, and vitamins & minerals like B complex, vitamin A, iron, zinc, vitamin C etc. Whey doesn’t directly result in acne. Your habits do for body fortress Whey protein. 

woman drinking whey protein

The More Expensive The Better

Definitely not! If you really have to purchase an expensive whey product, you have plenty of options. Brands like GNC claim to have one of the most premium protein powders on the planet and they charge accordingly. I mean to say, who in their right mind, purchases a 4-pound whey protein tub worth ten thousand bucks? You rather buy a decent whey protein product well under four thousand bucks and utilize the remainder into your nutrition. The one thing you absolutely need to follow while purchasing protein powder is that you search for a trusted dealer and find the designated importer logo on the item. These products aren’t manufactured everywhere so this makes it necessary for these products to have an importer logo if you reside somewhere other than the place where the product is manufactured. Expensive is NEVER better. Most of the excellent protein powders that are available in the industry today are well under USD 50 if you buy them from a decent source. Some of them are Gold standard ON, Ultimate Nutrition, SAN’s Titanium Whey, Muscle Pharm’s Combat and Inner Armour.

boy drinking whey protein

Liver And Kidney Damage

Whey protein isolate, being a type of protein has certain effects on the kidney and liver but that is also true for every other compound we intake, be it food or medicine. But to look at it from a more detailed view, whey protein is actually helpful for people with issues of liver damage. Whey protein is much simpler to digest and very efficient. There is a component in the amino acid called “Cysteine”, which in turn produces Glutathione, a very effective anti–oxidant. This anti-oxidant in turn protects the liver and helps people with previous liver damage issues. Whey has been documented to treat diseases like hepatitis. In addition, whey protein has many benefits like improving wellness and stamina along with the promotion of fat loss in individuals with higher body fat percentages, and even for treating disorders like osteoporosis and stress. Kidneys to the contrary are quite tricky. There have been no specific studies that work on proving that whey contributes to kidney damage. But studies have been conducted by universities in the United Stated of America that show that there isn’t direct relation between kidney function and whey protein. HOWEVER, people with kidneys that are already going through tough situations can face even more problems if introduced to the usage of whey protein.

Anyways, I hope the article helped. If you still think, however, that whey is not at all natural, you sir have a small penis and are an idiot. Thank you for giving it a read. Keep it, real guys! Peace.




 Hi, I am the author of this article. I am a fitness enthusiast and bodybuilder. I have been a three-time state champion and coach people to help them reach their goals. Fitness is not rocket science. With a little effort in exercising and nutrition, your body can do wonders. All you need is legit guidance


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