Do You Know The Gym Essentials Every Fitness Enthusiast Must Have?


There are several people who go to the gym and exercise. Regardless of the time, they all go and put in the work. Not everybody wants to be professional lifter; some may even go for general fitness, having a time way from work, relieving stress and maybe even socialize. Whatever the reason maybe, everyone enters the gym with one motive in their mind, that is, to make progress. Now, this progress isn’t a walk in the park. It will test you, more mentally than physically. It’ll take all the patience you have. One can say it is like building a statue. You would need skill, patience, hard work and perseverance. But along with these, one may even utilize the benefits of tools. Now, these tools are not at all necessary, but they may give you an edge when you are in pursuit of your goals. Check main gym essentials for you. 

The Gym Essentials Every Fitness Enthusiast Must Have


Gym essentials form an important part of your arsenal as they help you overcome hurdles which you would otherwise face with them. Check out the seven most important essentials you must have in your kit bag. Read also benefits of lemon water

Wrist Wraps

Ever felt that your wrists go weak whilst lifting a heavy dumbbell or discomfort while moving the barbell? It is a common issue with many lifters. Wrists are small joints that have very limited support from auxiliary muscles. In the case of heavyweights, wrists are often left sore, bruised and even injured at times. These tiny joints are used in every lift you can think of, therefore it is all the more important to keep them safe and sound and away from injury.

Wrist wraps come into play here as they provide the optimum protection and support for the wrists. Movements like bench presses, military presses and other free weight movements can aggravate the condition of wrists. Wrist wraps provide the stability which proves to be vital for the longevity of wrists.

Wrist Wraps

Gym Chalk

How awesome does it feel when you see a lifter clap his hands and make a big cloud of chalk dust in the air just prior to the lift? In my opinion, very much.

Gym chalk is very effective especially when used before crucial lifts like deadlifts, bench press, and shoulder presses. Other lifts like the barbell curl and bent over rows also benefit from the grip provided by the gym chalk. Powerlifters and weightlifters even apply chalk on their shoulders, back, and hips to facilitate the lift with an extra bit of grip.

However, the usage of gym chalk is limited as modern day gyms often restrict its use for cleanliness purposes and convenience of other gym members. In such a scenario, one should resort to liquid chalk. It is not that effective, but still gets the work done.

Gym Chalk

Training Log

Working out day in and day out is a long and a lengthy process. Results don’t come overnight. It takes time, patience and diligence. It involves innumerable sets, repetitions, and weights. Thus, it is highly recommended that one keeps a record of it. It is much simpler and convenient if you keep a record of all the sets and reps you perform inside the gym rather than trying to remember what you did last time. It is much simpler and organised if all the data and records are in one single log which you can refer to as and when you feel like it.

In other words, as we progress into our training regime, we add variables to it, that is, an increase in sets, an increase in reps or an increase in the weight lifted. These changes should be documented as they may help you assess your progress over the course of time. You can also figure out if your present regime is benefiting you or not. There is no point in doing something that is not getting you close to your goals.

Training Log

Lifting Belt

Lifting belts are a great life saver when incorporated during heavy lifts, especially the ones which involve the core. The body’s core is involved in almost every movement imaginable but there are some which demand too much of them. Power movements like the squats, deadlifts, shoulder press, and bent over rows test the true strength of your core. Despite rumours that the use of belts can hamper the core involvement, gym belts, in fact, improve core activation and increase the involvement of the erector spinae or the lower back by more 25 percent.

To top it off with whipped cream, it has been found that due to the increase abdominal pressure created because of the trapped air inside the abdominal cavity, the spinal cord becomes more stable as compared to a scenario where no belt is used. This, in turn, leads to a more stable core and successful heavier lifts.

Lifting Belt

Earphones / Headphones

The most effective tool for shutting the world down- Earphones. One can immediately figure out that the person in front of them is in no mood to strike a conversation when they are wearing earphones. It is cheap and extremely effective in keeping talkers from creating disturbance in your fitness regime.

People go to the gym to make progress and train. At least those who do can use this as a weapon to ward off unnecessary interruptions. Wireless earphones/headphones are a better option as they are tangle free and don’t come in the way of your lifting.


Workout Fuel

Nutrition is king. A workout regime without a proper and well sought after nutrition plan is a failure. Thus, having a good stack of dietary supplements at your disposal is always an advantage.

As you progress further into your fitness regime, your workouts ought to become more intense. Having a combination of a good pre-workout and a Branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) supplement would make sure that you go ahead with full steam and do not get exhausted before you can even finish the workout. Pre-workouts can be used as an igniter prior to your workouts to get you all fired up. BCAAs or a combination BCAAS and a bit of pre-workout can be used between the sets to keep you hydrated and powered up.

Additional research shows that incorporation of BCAAs between sets can prevent muscle damage and fatigue during intense training sessions.

Post-workout nutrition is as important as pre and intra workout nutrition. It is essential that you have with you a decent protein shake for your protein requirements and a source of simple and high glycemic carbohydrates like white bread or sugary drinks for optimum muscle growth and recovery.

workout fuel

Deodorant Spray

Always have one in your bag. ALWAYS. People sweat during workouts and that is no big secret nor is that something to be ashamed of. Sweating is as natural as breathing or eating. But the core issue is not the sweat; instead, it is the odour that comes along with it. Other people do not need to get a sniff of your odour. Spare them the trouble and get a nice deodorant to deal with the problem. 

There you go. Seven gym essentials that need to be in your kit bag to boost your performance and get you closer to the goals you set for yourself.




 Hi, I am the author of this article. I am a fitness enthusiast and bodybuilder. I have been a three-time state champion and coach people to help them reach their goals. Fitness is not rocket science. With a little effort in exercising and nutrition, your body can do wonders. All you need is legit guidance


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