Do You Know the Facts About the Clan of Indian Saints Called ‘Aghoris'?


It's not for nothing that India is called the "melting pot of religions". People from almost all the religions of the world are living in India and one such religion is Hinduism. It is India's dominant religion and is an epitome of a "melting pot" in itself. Even though Hinduism is one single religion, different states follow different traditions. Similarly, there are different types of saints also in India, but the most distinct one is the Aghori clan. They are the most respected and most feared ascetics of not onlyHinduism but the country as well. Being a saint is certainly tough, but being an ‘Aghori' is even more difficult. What they do in their daily lives is something that we will fail to do even if we try hard. Intriguing, isn't it? So, without wasting much time, I will present to you some quick facts about this clan of Indian Saints called ‘Aghoris'.

Some Quick Facts About the ‘Aghoris'

Without any further ado, scroll down to get all the deets.

1. They Never Get Their Hair Cut

Not just Aghori woman but men too never cut their hair. They are ardent followers of Hindu Lord Shiva and follow what he used to be like according to the legends. He had long dreadlocks and just like him, these Aghori Saints also carry long locks which they never get cut.

2. For Them, Nothing is Unholy

Aghoris are worshippers of not just Shiva but of Shakti, the Goddess of Destruction, as well. This clan of Saints believes that the Goddess of death demands contentment by consuming alcohol and meat, and by having sex. This is the reason why, for them, nothing is unholy. They consume human urine, feces and even rotting dead bodies to understand the fact that everything is equal and nothing is unholy or holy. So, the next time you see an Aghori eating a dead body, do not cringe because Aghori cannibalism is a common practice.

3. They Have a Cure for Every Disease

Be it something as normal as a fever or something as fatal as AIDS, Aghoris have remedies of all these diseases. Apparently, the oil of the pyre where a dead body has been burnt is full of natural oils that relieve you from any sort of disease. They practice black magic as well to make different potions to fight against severe diseases. Aghori black magic is something that people stay away from, but according to them, they do this only to save the mankind from fatal diseases and disorders.

4. Aghoris Practice Necrophilia

Necrophilia is practicing sex with a corpse. Yes! This is exactly what the Aghoris do with the dead bodies. The reason for which they do this is quite simple. As told earlier, they find nothing to be filthy so this is just another way for them to believe in the oneness of everything and come a little closer to the God. Another reason for them to practice necrophilia is that they take it as a test. If they are having sex with a corpse and still chanting the name of their beloved god, then it's a sign for them that they are on the right path.    

5. They Smoke Marijuana

According to the Aghoris marijuana makes them calm and better at worshipping Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti. Not just that, they smoke it also because it makes their meditation practices way better and fruitful. In fact, Aghoris are always under the influence of marijuana and that is why they are always so calm. Moving on to the hallucinations due to marijuana, well it is just an elevated spiritual experience for them.

6. To Bless Someone, They Curse

Yes! This is the truth that most of us are unaware of. This lot, in order to bless people, curse them because their curses work as blessings. They believe in profanity as according to them, this is what will lead them to the liberation of soul or Nirvana. So, the next time you see them cursing or abusing, understand that they are harming no one or abusing no one, they are simply giving them their blessings.

7. Each One of Them Possess a Skull

For the Aghoris, the true sign of being one of them is possessing a skull. It is said that the Aghori sadhus powers double when they possess a skull. You will see every Aghori holding a skull either in his hand or wearing a garland made out of it. they take it from the pyre of a freshly burnt body and use it to consume liquor, water, food and also as a bowl for begging.

8. They Mostly Walk Nude

Aghoris wear just two things- either a jute loin cloth or ashes, except these they wear nothing else. They believe that they were born like these and they will die like this because there is no shame in being yourself. They smear ashes on their body as Lord Shiva used to do the same and these ardent followers don't leave a single thing undone that was done by their god. According to the Aghoris, ashes cover their entire body and also save them from mosquitos and lizards.

So, that was all about the major Aghori facts. Stay tuned to Weetjij for more of such interesting pieces and don't forget to let us know in the comments section below how did you like this article. 


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