Do You Know The Effective Ways To Become A Perfect Girl?


Definition of a perfect girl differs from person to person. But yes, there are a few things that every girl who wants to become perfect should follow. Right from the way you look, to how you speak, and how you behave- everything needs to be taken into consideration. Not only good looks make a girl perfect, working on your inner- self is important as well. Well here are the most effective ways that will help you to become a Perfect Girl!

Part 1 Working On Your Physical Appearance


Keeping Yourself Clean and Hygienic

Clean and Hygienic

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For looking pretty, the first thing to do is to keep your body clean and hygienic. If your body is not clean, no matter how hard you try, you will end up being a total failure. To keep yourself clean and hygienic, follow the below given steps.

- Bath at least once a day. Bathing is very necessary for a good hygiene. If you can bathe twice a day that is even better. Start your day by taking a shower in the morning. It will not only keep you clean, but you'll feel fresh as well. Another shower can be taken when you come back to home after office hours or when you've completed all your daily affairs. It will remove all the dust and germs that often become the reason of various problems like acne, cold, etc. So taking a shower is a must. Also read become a perfect teen girl.

- Washing your hair is another important thing you need to do. If you cannot wash your hair daily, you can do that three to four times a week. It will remove all the dirt and dust particles accumulated on the scalp and on the strings of your hair. Use a mild shampoo instead of opting for a heavy chemical based. Oiling your hair prior few hours you shampoo will give you strong and healthy hair. Use coconut oil as it is very mild. If you have frizzy hair, always use a conditioner after shampooing your hair. To make your hair shiny and smooth, you can apply a leave-in serum as well.

- Brush twice a day. As soon as you wake up, brushing is something you should do the first. Floss and use a mouthwash to remove the bad smell and bad germs present in your mouth. All these should be done two times a day. Once in the morning and next at night before going to sleep. Trust me you'll be away from the bad odour of mouth and cavities will never come your way.

- Say yes to Deodorants! Use a deodorant daily. Spray deodorant in you armpits as it fights against the unnecessary sweat that could embarrass you at times. So don't forget to use a deodorant daily. You can apply it as many times whenever you feel necessary.

- Always take care of your nails. Check whether your nails are clean or not. Cut and clean your nails at least once a week. If you cannot go to salon for a manicure, buy a mani- kit for yourself. If you like long nails, then manicure is something you should definitely do. If you like to add some fun, apply nail polish or play with a variety of nail art available these days.


Your Skin Needs Care

Skin Care


Who doesn't need a soft and glowing skin? If your skin is clear and glowing, you don't even need much make- up. Wash your face and you're ready to go. These are the few things you should definitely follow to have a healthy and glowing skin.

- Cleansing your skin is very important. Cleanse your face twice a day with a cleanser that suits your skin. Don't experiment too much with cleansers, use what suits you and your skin.

- If your skin is oily, then toning becomes an important thing. A toner is very essential in removing excess oil from skin. So girls with oily skin should use toner on a daily basis. It can be used twice a day as per the requirement of your skin, the suitable being at night

- Moisturization is another important thing that should be done to keep your skin healthy. No matter what your skin type is, moisturization is must. If your skin is dry, use a heavy cream-based moisturizer. While those with oily skin should use a gel based light moisturizer.

- Say no to acne. In our hectic schedule, we often forget to take care of our skin. But dirt, dust and pollution could bring problems like acne. To fight with acne and pimples on your own, use treatments are based on benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. If that doesn't help, rush to dermatologist. Don't squeeze you pimples if nothing is helping out. It can lead to marks on your skin that you'll always regret. Instead of doing that, use a concealer to hide your pimples.

- Protecting your skin against the sun is very important. Harmful sun rays could damage your skin leading to quite adverse results. Don't ever forget to apply a sunscreen on the uncovered areas of your skin. Use a sunscreen that contains good amount of SPF. Try to consult an expert while choosing the suitable SPF level. Protecting your skin from harmful rays of sun is very important as you can suffer from tanning and other ill effects.


Say Goodbye to Stray Hair!


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 It's totally your personal choice how you maintain your face and body hair. But there are certain things that are to be kept in mind while removing the unnecessary hair from your skin. These ways can be very helping is followed correctly. Have a look.

- Plucking the hair. This technique is the best and the easiest way to groom your brows on your own. But it would be better if once get your brows done professionally so that you'll get a perfect shape. After getting a good shape, you can pluck the unwanted hair on or near your eyebrows on your own.

- Shaving the unwanted hair. For removing the unwanted hair from your legs and armpit, shaving is the easiest and the most common way. It is also the cheapest and pain- free method of removing the unnecessary hair from your skin. Before shaving the hair, apply a shaving cream as it will soften the hair. Check whether the blades of your razor are sharp. Don't hurry while shaving as it may cut your skin. Gently shave your legs and armpits. These days, epilators and electric trimmers are also available in the market, if you want better results then you definitely go for them.

- Waxing will give you good results. Don't ever try to wax on your own. Always visit a parlor or a salon to wax the unwanted hair from your skin. Waxing will cause you pain but it gives the best results. Not only the hair is removed, the skin gets a better tone as the dirt is also removed. For removing the pubic hair, bikini wax could be done. But please don't ever try it on your own.

- Laser and Electrolysis Treatment. If you want to get rid of all the unwanted hair from your body, you can opt for laser and electrolysis treatment. These are a little expensive, but are pain-free and will remove all the unnecessary hair from your body permanently.


Hair Styling is necessary!


A good hairstyle can entirely change the way you look. So it is very important to choose the perfect hairstyle for your personality. To select the suitable haircut, a lot has to be kept in mind like the shape of your face, your body structure and your hair texture. Maintaining your hair time to time is very important. Follow these steps for better results.

- Comb your hair twice or thrice a day. Trimming is also very necessary. Remove all the split- ends after 6- 8 weeks as they inhibit your hair growth. Also, try to keep away from hair- gels and heavy chemical based hair- sprays.

- Say no to heat treatment. No matter what type of hair you have- straight, wavy or curly, embrace it! You might end up degrading the quality of your hair making it prone to hair fall.

-Eat a balanced diet that is rich in proteins. Add fish, eggs, chicken and fruits to have a good hair growth.


Makeup is Good At Times!


It's not necessary to wear makeup all the time, but on some occasions, makeup becomes a necessity. But there are certain guidelines that need to be followed while applying makeup. Have a look.

- After applying a moisturizer, wear a coat of foundation on your skin. Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone. Foundations covers all the imperfections on your skin, hiding all the marks and spots. A wide variety of foundations are available in the market, from gel to cream and powder to liquid. The choice is totally yours depending on the skin type.

- Concealing the dark spots and marks. If you have dark spots under your eyes or acne marks on your cheeks and forehead, then you should apply concealer before you apply foundation on your skin. It will hide all your marks. Choose a concealer one shade lighter than your foundation. You'll get amazing results.

- Eye makeup is a must! Yes, eye makeup is very necessary. Right from winged eyeliners to thick lashes, eye makeup can be a game changer. For a party look, apply cat- eye or winged eyeliner. You can also use a mascara, or if your lashes are thin then you can apply false eyelashes as well. Depending on the color of your dress, you can apply the apt eye shadow. If you want to keep it simple, just apply a kohl under your eyes and you're ready to go.

- Blush- Blush. Rosy cheeks can melt anyone's' heart. So while you're done with your face and eye makeup, time to play with your blush. Select a blush that is close to the color of your actual cheeks, after all, you won't like to add up looking fake by applying the wrong blush! Peach and Pink are the most common but you should pick one according to your skin tone.

- Apply a Lipstick or a Lip- Gloss. Choose a lip color according to the occasion and the kind of dress you're wearing. For an evening look, dark colors like red, maroon, and marsala are perfect. While for a daily affair, apply a color that matches the color of your real lips.


Smell Awesome

smell awesome

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If you look amazing but have a bad body odor, then all your efforts will be vain. Coco Chanel has rightly said, "A woman who doesn't use a perfume, has no future." So, wearing a perfume with a good fragrance is a must. Follow these guidelines to choose the perfect perfume for you.

- Check what suits you. It's not necessary what suits your sister or friend will definitely suit you. Since everyone has a unique aura, the type of perfume that suits you might not suit another one.

- Don't opt for cheap perfumes. Make sure while picking a perfume, you check on its ingredients, the type of fragrance it has- floral or fruity, that is something very important. You can also try for free samples that are usually provided by a number of brands. Go for your favorite smell that could win any heart.


Dress Amazingly Good!

Dress Amazingly Good

Dress up in a way that not only looks good but is comfortable as well. Comfort comes first. Follow these guidelines to become a stunner!

-There are some classic pieces that never go out of style. Opt for such masterpieces. A white tee, a tailored blazer, blue jeans, button up shirts are something you should definitely have in your wardrobe.

- Don't go crazy for trends. Just because something is in trend doesn't mean it has to be bought. Trends come and go. Choose wisely before spending your money on it. You don't want to regret after buying something.

- Good Shoes can conquer the world! So be very picky while buying shoes. You must know your sizes well before you pick your shoes. Have a pair of comfortable sneakers- black or white, a pair of heels, ballerinas, flip- flop and a good pair of sandals.

- Keep your clothes and shoes clean. Yes, you heard it right. Wash your clothes as when required. In case of shoes, clean the dirty area with a cotton cloth and cleaning liquid. Cleanliness matters a lot!

Part 2 Working On Your Inner- Self


Be Confident

Be Confident

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No matter who you are, or how you look, if you are not confident about yourself, then nobody could help you. Also, in a research, it was found that optimistic and confident people are the most attractive. So act confident, no matter what. These guidelines will definitely help you in increasing your confidence level.

- Maintain a good posture. Always stand and sit straight. Don't bend your posture. Your posture speaks a lot about your personality. Make sure your shoulders shouldn't bend. While speaking with someone, behave in a way that you are having the charge of the entire conversation.

- Don't compete with others, rather compliment them. Everyone is unique in this world. Don't waste time with competing with others. If someone is jealous of you, act kindly with them instead of giving hatred in return. You'll see them changing eventually and it'll make you a better person.

- If you are unable to feel confident, just fake it. Do yoga and meditation regularly. It will help you become more confident about yourself. Till then fake it!S


Smile While You Still Have Teeth


A bright smile can win a thousand hearts. So smile as often as you can. It can do wonders. Keep in mind the following guidelines.

- Give a natural smile. No need to fake it. Keep a habit of smiling, especially while looking at young kids and the elderly. It can make their day.

- Let your eyes to crinkle while you smile. It looks way more natural and heart- warming. So let your eyes play with your smile.

- Develop a sense of humor. If your sense of humor is good, then smiling will never become an issue because you will find humor out of anything.


Respect Others and Be Polite to Everyone

Be Polite to Everyone

In order to be perfect, never forget to speak politely with everyone. Show respect to the elderly people. No matter if you're speaking to a waiter or a driver, always be gentle and respectful. Also, have a look at these steps to always be humble and respectful of others.

- Don't use abusive language, at least not in public. Words like thank you and please could so wonder. Use them often.

- Say no to Swearing. No matter how much you are frustrated, cussing or swearing should be away from you and your mouth. Also, it can sometimes become a matter of controversy. Better stay away from it.

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- Don't forget who you really are. Coming under peer pressure and doing silly that can cost your moral values, should not be done. Never give up for your principles. Your one mistake can haunt you throughout your life, so better not to do that

- Try to become mature. Have a hold on the situation you are in. You should be enough mature to decide what's good for you, and what's not. Be decisive. Observe things around you. Don't take decisions in a hurry.


Follow Your Interests

Follow Your Interests

Do what makes your heart happy. Indulge in activities like singing, dancing, reading, or anything that pleases you. Keep yourself engaged. You can follow these guidelines to maintain your interests.

- Indulge yourself in extra- curricular activities. You will meet a lot of new people, and you will become more social.

- Try keep yourself busy. "An empty mind's a devil workshop" It's better to be always indulged in a particular activity, then to sit vain cussing and criticizing others. You will stay from stress if you'll pursue your hobbies, be it music or painting. Nothing can be worse than sitting vain


Education is Very Important


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In order to be a perfect girl, looking good and behaving sweet isn't enough. One must be good at studies and have a proper education. Keep in mind the following things.

- Choose a subject that you like to study, whether Science, Math or Arts. Don't come under anybody's pressure.

- Stay true to yourself and work hard. Your education will decide whether you would have a good career or not.


Give Respect to Others

 Respect Others

In order to be respected, one must learn to respect others. No matter how the person behaves with you, never lose your temper and always be respectful of them. Follow these particular things.

- Always listen to what your parents say to you. Also listen to your teachers, older relatives, and elder siblings. They only want the best for you. Their words might not please you, but eventually, you'll find that they are absolutely correct.

- Respecting others will make you a better person and you'll become the perfect girl, for sure!


Be Proactive and Optimistic

be optimistic

Yes, it is indeed hundred percent true that being positive is the best way to deal with the problems of life. But never let anyone let you down. Speak whenever somebody pinches your self- esteem. Be proactive. Stand up for yourself, for what is right!

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  • I hope these things will help you in becoming a perfect girl that you want to. To be honest, it is more important to work on your inner self than just to look like a sparkling doll. If you are not a good human being from the inside, then there‚Äôs no use of your outer beauty.

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