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Knowing future has always fascinated humans but we still haven't evolved enough to predict future. The only thing we can do is analyze the present and past to plan our future and hope to achieve our goals. The biggest concern most of us have is about our career and growth. Luckily we have enough data and patterns to see how the jobs in the industries are either growing or slowing down. Job opportunities are directly affected by technology. So to understand which career options will be good for future we need to take a look at the current and upcoming technologies.

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Future Of Jobs

Job opportunities depend on various features. To calculate future opportunities for jobs we have to pay close attention to the current openings, amount of people opting for a particular job or technology, upcoming talent, the number of retirements per field and the relation of the job to the future technologies. Geographical location of one's location influences job opportunities to a great extent. There is less manual work left in in the farming industry in developed countries as compared to the third world nations. At times we hear people saying how technology is eating up our jobs and how humans will be out of employment due to rise in the Artificial Intelligence. It is not true at all if we take a look at the current situation it is evident the technology has not taken jobs away but provided us with new different jobs. We can agree with the statement that technology has put certain careers out of trend and this is why we need to keep upgrading our skills. So let's take a look at the skills that will be in demand in near or distant future.

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1. Data Science.

Data Science deals with the management of data that is being provided to push sales or online campaigns and manage records. If we look at the jobs that data science is offering now it seems fair but that is just a fragment of what is coming. Even today the whole world is still not connected to the internet and every day the number of people connecting to the internet via social media or web is increasing. One day the whole world will be connected but that doesn't mean that the Data Science jobs are going to slow down because even when the whole world gets connected the amount of data generated will never stop or slow down rather it will keep increasing. Python is the least difficult language to learn in the programming world. The best part is that even if you have no prior knowledge of any computer programming language you can learn Python and move into Data Science. To see why you should learn Python and check which languages are good for your future, take a look at Top 5 programming languages to learn. 

2. Nurse Practitioners.

A Nurse practitioner not only just give medicine and medical services but they also help people recover by providing the love and care needed by a patient. It is a tough job to make. Nurse practitioners are changing the whole medical health care system. It is a field which is growing since the 1960s. Nurses diagnose, cure and take care of the patients all the way till the patient is healthy enough to be at his or her own. It is a job which requires one to learn the technical aspects of healthcare and have a caring nature. Nurse practitioners have proven their efficiency with time and this has lead to a large demand for them in the healthcare business. Technology can't replace Nurse practitioners for many many years to come. They treat and diagnose patients' illnesses.


3. Renewable Energy.


We are using nonrenewable sources of energies on a big scale and soon we will out of energy if we don't switch to renewable sources of energy. It focuses more on use or creating renewable sources of energy for industrial or domestic use. A good example of that is solar panels for replacing electricity. One of the major problems we have in the world is pollution and resource depletion. We are already working on creating renewable sources of energy and waste recycling, Scandinavian countries are a great example of it. To some Renewable energy may not sound like a lucrative career for now but in the near future, it is going to be one of the biggest businesses in the entire world. It is a career which comes with the satisfaction of helping the planet Earth. So opting renewable energy management is bound to get you good opportunities.


4. Information Security Analysts.


We do everything online from shopping to pay our bills and our security needs to be tight or else there are countless hackers looking for opportunities to steal identities, money fraud, data theft etc. These hackers could be working individually or with organizations. Information security analyst works on neutralizing any attacks from outside sources on the public or private data. As we are growing every day in the field of information and technology soon the whole world will be connected to the internet. As more people connect to the web the requirement of their security online is on the rise. More and more Information Security jobs will keep coming and will be a new way of security we all need now and will always require the days to come.

5. Astronauts.


The reason this career is on the list is the successful landing of the spaceship by Tesla motors. This is just the beginning. We have launched many spaceships successfully in the past and the only thing that was stopping space travel becoming commercial was the landing process and now when that is out of the way there will be more and more organizations coming forward to start space travel as commercial businesses. This all will create a huge demand for Space-related jobs and Astronauts will be required as Airplane pilots are today. We can see how the space industry will create jobs by looking at the evolution of our transportation industry.

Getting the job is not the only purpose we should pursue but the job that best matches your passions or your interests. You can be successful at any job if you really work on it. All the careers mentioned above needs a lot of hard work and continuous upgrade with the latest technologies. The reason the above-mentioned careers have good opportunities for future is the great base they provide for future technologies to come. These jobs will evolve with technology. The statistics keep changing with time. It is very important to make technology-related research.the job statistics. There are various other jobs that are going to create more opportunities in near future, here are some honorable mentions:

* App developer


*Family Counselors

*Market research analyst

*Sales experts

* Elementary school teachers

* Lawyers.

In the end, it is your future and you have to make a choice.


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