Do You Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media for Society?


The advent of social media marketing has engulfed everyone in its storm. For the past decade, there has been an unprecedented surge in the varied platforms. The platforms such as Facebook or Twitter have successfully engaged over millions of users who relentlessly take benefits of social media interactions. The society has grasped a lot of advantages from these podiums in terms of real time interaction and dissemination of the information. On the other hand, many disadvantages have also come to society because of an extreme prevalence of a behemoth, which has come to be known as the social media. Also read, Also read, Famous Snapchat filters.

The Pros and Cons of Social Media to Society

Pros and Cons of Social Media

The social media is used fervently by the developed as well as the developing nations as a beneficial platform for the people. The real-time interactions have helped to enhance people’s life for better. However, on the other hand, the power provided by the social media has been exploited negatively. It has left a negative impact on the society, advertently or inadvertently, just like everything that can be perceived in different ways. Let us go through some of the advantages and disadvantages of social media grasped by the society.

The Top Advantages Offered By the Social Media to the Society

1) Better Connectivity

When Facebook was launched in 2004, it had somewhere an underlying aim of making the world a more open place. After a decade it has become a leviathan for connecting the people residing in different corners of the world. The connectivity is a major advantage offered by the social media today. Irrespective of the religion or location, the denizens in the entire world can connect with each other. Many people look up to social media for getting suggestions and updates from various communities. It has enhanced the awareness among the public pertaining to various professions by engaging in the informative social media communities.

2) Education


There are a plethora of websites that provide valuable information on the internet today. All these websites promote their content by using different social media platforms. Millions of people who visit podium like Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis get educated about so many things that they were not acquainted earlier with. Most of the journalistic sites operate by promoting their content via social media accounts. This helps the populace around the world to know about the latest happenings and news on a global level.

3) Advantages to Businesses


The social media has emerged as the most imperative tool for the business promotion and creation of an online identity. Almost all the businesses take advantage of social media networks as a promotional tool. It is a highly interactive, a two-way communication platform which allows the businesses to gain valuable insights from the customers. Its importance also arises from the fact that it is relatively a cheaper mode than the other forms of advertising. The positive feedback and suggestions provided by the customers help to proliferate the sales by multifold.

These are few but not all the advantages that are enjoyed by the society at the expense of social media. Let us go through some of the disadvantages.

The Top disadvantages Offered by the Social Media to the Society

1) Cyberbullying


Anyone can fake their identity on social media and can use it adversely. Many people have become the victims of an ill-practice, we know as cyber-bullying. Most of these victims are children who are not mature enough to handle the trauma. Sometimes, people are subjected to verbal sexual harassment by some of the mischievous social media users.

2) Hacking


It is another major disadvantage of social media. There have been innumerable hacking cases in the past even when the users used proper safety guidelines. The case sensitive information such as personal data and pictures have been used in a negative light to harass the reputation of the user. It is rumored that the security agencies along with the government hold access to social media accounts that can compromise the privacy of an individual. Identity theft is also a major issue while conducting the online transactions. There have been many reports of social media frauds and scams where the users were left affected financially or mentally. Users have used these networks as a proposing or socializing dais, where they were left cheated and scammed into a relationship.

3) Addiction


Nothing can come out of an excess use of anything. Social media is no exception. As interesting and engrossing it is, the addictive nature can be harmful for the users. Sitting for long hours in front of a computer screen have adverse mental and physical health effects. People stick to these sites without much movement resulting in health problems such as blood pressure, weight issues, insomnia, and fatigue. It also gives a false idea how everyone else is living a happier life than yours and this can lead to anxiety and depression.

Social media is a progressive platform that has given the pros and cons to the society. The pros exceed the cons by a huge margin but if a person starts misusing the same pros, it can affect the society as a whole adversely. Therefore, it is necessary to impose certain restrictions on yourself while using these networks.


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