Do You Know How the USA, China and India are Infecting You with Cancer and Respiratory Diseases?-Part I


Air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, garbage pollution, and light pollution, we have created pollution for almost all our senses and organs. Pollution is the invisible killer. It’s our own demise we created during the industrial revolution. It’s easy for us to blame the factories, vehicles, and the politicians who aren’t taking care of us. But do you really think complaining is the solution? Even if you want to complain at least do it at a bigger level. Complaining to your friends or colleagues won’t fetch any results. Pollution is not only caused by big industries or transportation but we also contribute to it a lot. Most of the time we don't see pollution and aren't worried much. I would like to remind the dire consequences humans face in the form of lung cancer, skin cancer, esophagus cancer, nasal cancer, liver cancer, heart strokes, leukemia, and other respiratory diseases like asthma, COPD, and Pneumonia.
The problem with developing countries is that the people don’t know the ways they can contribute to control pollution like using trash bins and by separating the bio and non-biodegradable waste. The problem lies in the education that is given to the people of these countries. We need to educate and make people aware of the consequences of pollution on our environment. If the developed nations with low pollution index think they are safe, they need to rethink because Love is in the air and this air is moving across the globe with the winds.

Three Countries Killing Us All

Three countries that are a pioneer in the field of pollution are United States, India, and China. China and India are competing with each other in all the fields and I mean literally in every field. After the world’s first two highly polluted countries, the third most populated country is the USA. Recently India has made achievements in the field of polluting its air more than China.Bravo India Bravo!! The United States of America seems united to beat India and China in this Olympics of pollution as Donald Trump has shown his commitment towards polluting the world even more by pulling out of the Paris climate deal. Didn’t he watch Leonardo’s speech in Oscars?

You may argue that the most polluted city in the world is Iranian city Zabol. I don’t deny that but also take a look at the first 500 polluted cities in the world. I’m sure that when you’ll scroll down with your eyes closed and stop at random ranks you’ll notice India and China there. These two countries are becoming gas chambers and nothing is being done to stop it. On the other hand, governments of the USA has been wiping all the evidence about the air pollution the country is facing. If you are living in a developed nation and think your city has cleaner air and you are safe, think again and ask yourself if you really are that safe. Make a little research about how the ecological system works on our planet.

Sooner or later, the whole world is going to be affected by the pollution that is generating in Asia. So just because you don’t have that Chinese cloth factory in your neighborhood from where all your clothes come, it doesn’t mean you are not going to be affected by its waste. Now let’s take a look at the reasons why this is happening and what we need to do to stop it.

I’ll take up China first because it’s a communist country and has very fewer chances of working on its environment as compared to the world’s largest democracy, India, and the USA.

1. China

We are always fascinated by Chinese culture and its traditions, but that’s just on the outside. If you start digging deeper into Chinese world, you’ll find a darkness that will consume you. Illegal trades, animal tortures like dog fest, high female executions, human trafficking, etc. The list goes on and on.

Since China is all about making money, they have built factories for producing almost everything in the world. China as a nation has grown very rapidly in short amount of time. Another factor that adds to pollution in China is the large population. There are at least 1.371 billion people in China; an insane amount of people.

Top Causes for China's Pollution

Let’s see the factors that cause pollution in China:

  • Air Pollution from Coal

The major cause of air pollution in China is coal-fired power plants. Since China has increased the power prices, many companies are choosing to use coal as a power source. 40% of the deadly PM 2.5 (Particulate Matter) in the Chinese atmosphere is due to the burning of coal. Annual consumption of coal in China is almost equal to the coal consumption by all the other countries in the world combined.

  • Vehicular Pollution

This pollution is something that all the Chinese contribute to on a daily basis.The fact that China has the largest population the planet makes it easier to understand why this is an issue. There are around 300 million licensed car drivers in China. Millions of Busses, trucks, cars, and motorbikes running on Chinese roads have a major role to play in the emission of Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Oxide.

  • Factories

Most of the factories are old and are not willing to adapt to the eco-friendly environment because it’s an expensive affair to buy new machines which cause less pollution. The manufacturing in China isn’t going to stop because of the consumers all across the globe and the economy of China relying on these factories.

  • Shipping

90% of the world’s merchandise is shipped via oceans. There are no signs of China reducing its export anytime sooner as the competition for China has increased recently as India is making its way to the international market. The pollution created by world's biggest 15 ships cause the amount of pollution equivalent to 760 million cars in the world. Most of us aren’t aware of it as it is not visible but 71% of Earth’s surface is water and this is how countries like China are shipping their products at cheaper expenses.

  • Lack of Government Control

The Chinese government has failed at controlling all the mentioned issues. The governmental policies have always focused on expanding its customer base at any cost. It has always promoted business to manufacture more for the likings of the consumers in the world. In return for more productivity, the government turned a blind eye to the businesses which were violating permissible pollution norms. Recently due to global pressure, the Chinese government has started taking measures to control pollution. This action has led to some control on China's pollution.

2. India

That brings me to the second country with high pollution rates, India. Recently India has made achievements in the field of polluting its air more than China. Air pollution in India kills 1.3 million people every year. In 2015, the number of people dying daily due to air pollution in India was recorded more than China.

Pollution is rising in India and is going unmonitored. With the growing economy and the boost for 'Make in India' movement, the country is more likely to face a staggering amount of Industrial waste and air pollution. The government of India seems keen to work on improving the conditions but the general population seems to pay no heed to it.

To see what this country of Yoga and Meditation is offering to our beautiful planet, read the second installment of this article- Do You Know How the USA, China, and India are Infecting You with Cancer and Respiratory Diseases?-Part II

Hope it was a good and informative read. For further queries or to know more kindly leave your comments in the comment section.


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