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The technology has revolutionized everything about a human life education, jobs, business, sports, farming etc. Everything we know is changing and the internet is shaping the changes. Good old fashioned jobs and businesses are not the only source of bread and butter for people. Technologies like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. changed the way people could earn money. There are various other ways to earn money online without investing money. The only investment you'll need is your time and knowledge. The best part about earning money online is that once your system starts functioning all you have to do is just make sure the flow is maintained and you will keep receiving money. You will also need to keep upgrading your methods with time and technology in order to keep up with the trends, which is not very difficult.

If you google about how to make money, you will come across numerous websites claiming to provide you with the relevant information but most of them are spams or are region specific. This is why it becomes important to have a global and relative information about making money online. The more you will work online the more you will get to know about the scams that are taking place online and are robbing people of their earnings. So let's take a look at the features which makes sure that you make money online easily and more safely.

                                   How to Make Money Online

1. Paypal

This is the first step for any online business. You need to open a Paypal account as all the legal online transactions are secured through Paypal. There are various other online money transfer applications and some of them are really good like Payza, Payoneer etc. The reason for listing Paypal is that it is an old and reliable service. Most of the online businesses acknowledge Paypal. You can either use Paypal to transfer money into your account or you can also opt for Paypal debit or credit cards and use the money directly from Paypal. Paypal is also secure for doing business online, it is difficult to scam as Paypal takes some time to transfer money and if someone complains then Paypal reserves the rights to revoke the payment and also put that particular account on hold. So start with an online transaction account to begin the online money journey. Some alternates to Paypal:
Google Wallet


2. Social Media

This is one of the easiest methods to make money online. All you have to do is to have a popular channel, page or profile, now that is a time-consuming activity if you are not a celebrity. There are various methods of being popular on social media but it is a vast topic to cover for now and we will stick to the topic. Once you have a popular presence online you can start using advertisements or promotions on your social media channels. The best part is that it would lead to a passive income that means once your particular video or post is trending it will keep generating money as long as it stays online and you don't have to do anything. So start earning by creating your:
YouTube channel
Facebook page
Instagram page.


3. Freelancing

This business term has been in use for many ages, it basically refers to an employee not working full time with an organization. The online world has created an unlimited amount of opportunities for people looking to work without being employed. I know many people who created their entire businesses based on freelancing. All you have to do is to register yourself on good freelance websites like, and create a profile of your skills. The second step will be to bid or apply online to the jobs posted on the websites. Once accepted for a job the deal is yours. The only challenge you will face is the availability of abundant freelancers for one job so it becomes very important for you to create an impeccable profile and deal with consumers with an attitude of a long-term relationship. Here are some freelancing portals:
Hubstaff Talent


4. Own website

If you want to create a business without much investment the easiest method is to create your website. You can create any kind of website like a blog, photo sharing, video sharing, etc. Once you are done with the website creation you have to follow the path of increasing the reach of your website to masses. Once you have enough followers, you can start using AdSense on your website and earn money with it. There are many platforms out there which are providing the tools to create your own website, here are some:
CMS Made Simple


5. Domain trade

Since the whole world is going online there are many people who want to use particular domains for customer reach or brand purposes. You can start making research and start buying domains which are at a cheaper price now and have the probability of increasing in future. For example, Facebook purchased the domain name for $200,000 and recently a deal was struck between Mark Zuckerberg and an Indian student Amal Augustine for the domain name of Mark's daughter. The domain sale and purchase is a good business and all you need is to have good analytical skills and patience. Some websites to buy domains:


6. Open an Online Store

This method is very direct for making money. It is more like an active income as it is based on the how much you can sell. There are various online help tools available to create your own online store without needing to build an e-commerce website. Shopify, Woo-Commerce or Marketplaces are some examples. This kind of process will start bearing fruit much faster than any other method but you will need to keep making sales in order to earn and also will need to maintain good online ranks. You can also choose to use other platforms like OLX, quikr etc. to sell your products or anything that you think you can sell. You will also need to make a good presence on social media to reach out to customers.


7. Website or App Sales

This is a new business and is gaining popularity. All you have to do is to build an app or a website, work on it for more than 6 months or till you start earning some money on it. Once you have 2-3 months of making money on it, you can easily sell it for 10 to 20 times of its cost. In case you want to start working with the software industry or want to learn how to build websites you can check Top Programming languages to learn as you can easily work online if you know how to make websites and sell them. 


Some other options
I'm not a big fan of this method due to the number of scammers present online for this kind of jobs but that does not mean that all these jobs are scams. You can choose to work as:
Data Entry
Captcha Solver
Take Surveys
Review Art(Music, videos, games etc.)
Reading Advertisements for 30-40 seconds.

All these jobs are available online and are a good source of income.

The competition for earning money online is increasing every day and so are the number of scammers. There are many scammers who talk about staying aware of scams and will scam you in the end. Hence it becomes very important that you should make your research before you work for someone or start something of your own. The best way to go is not to rush if you are looking for a stable passive or active income online it will take time. It is like growing a tree, you keep working on it for a year or two and then wait for it to bear fruit unless you've got magic beans. 


For more information or any kind of feedback, please leave a comment in the comment section. 

I thank you for your time.



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