Do You Know Facebook is Not As Good As You Think?


Facebook not only connected people but it also provided people with an opportunity to grow their business online. There are many businesses which flourish on Facebook's large user base. Facebook now is more of the marketplace rather than just a social media service for people to connect. The vision of Facebook is evolving it into something we never expected. Facebook is also working on connecting the world via launching its spaceships and also is working on IOT(Internet of Things). Some people doubt the intentions of Facebook for trying to give free internet to people all across the globe and reaching out to rural areas and are opposing it. India is one of the nations to block Facebook's free internet plan. The future of Facebook looks dark and bright at the same time just like its past.


There are various sides of Facebook people are not aware of. We will discuss all of them but we should understand first what Facebook is first. We need to know how it evolved and where is it going. To predict future we need to know the past and analyze the present. Facebook has helped the world for long but how long can it keep doing is the question.
"You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain" - by Harvey Dent, A.k.a. Two-Face. "The Dark Knight Rises".

                     Facebook Story So Far: Future Under Control

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Subscribe button enabled people to view their friend's post on their timeline. The last month of the same year Facebook launched a faster Android version. Facebook also became the second most accessed website after Google in the U.S.
This year online mobile store called Facebook App Center was introduced with 500 Facebook apps which consisted games mostly. Facebook for IOS was also launched this year.
2013 was the next big thing launched by Facebook in August 2013. It was a global partnership to enable the areas of the world which are still not connected with internet.

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The news feed was updated again this year.
Facebook messenger kept evolving with time and in this year it finally had a video calling service with a survey of call quality at the end. Facebook also started supporting 360-degree videos on VR.
Facebook started making changes to the design with an aim to compete with SnapChat. Facebook live was also introduced the same year.

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Security was also updated as a regular process and people's profile are not easy to find unless you have something in common. More warm emojis were introduced. Looking through your history on the same day feature and the legacy contact in case of your death.
In the publisher toolbar, there was another section introduced this year for selling products on Facebook.


Currently, Facebook is working with Mark Zuckerberg as chairman and CEO and Sheryl Sandberg as COO and 6 other board members.
Marc Andreessen as Member of the Audit Committee and Member of the Compensation & Governance Committee.
Erskine B. Bowles Chair of the Audit Committee.
Susan Desmond-Hellmann Lead Independent Director and Member of the Audit Committee.
Reed Hastings Chair of the Compensation & Governance Committee.
Jan Koum handles Whatsapp.
Peter A. Thiel Member of the Compensation & Governance Committee.


Innumerable Patents

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Even though Facebook is being targeted by Yahoo and Mitel for patent infringement it owns 64 Patents according to the records of USPTO(the United States Patent and Trademark Office). These Patents are the one filed and granted in Facebook's name and the Patents owned by other companies but owned by Facebook now. IBM sold around 748 Patents to Facebook making the number of Patents owned by Facebook around 812. Facebook is looking forward to buying more Patents.

Is Facebook Secure?

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Security has always been a priority for Facebook as it contains so much personal information about users that even the smallest loophole can cause huge damage. Facebook showed data in March 2011 about removing around 20k profiles on daily basis. These profiles are either spams or underage users. Still, you can see so many fake profiles and pages. The more Facebook is evolving and coming up with facilities like location check-in etc it is good in some ways but not entirely safe for example I was in Nepal during the earthquakes and I checked in to let my friends and family know that I was safe on the other hand I was traveling through Barcelona and one of my friends called up as Facebook sent a notification about me being nearby him, which I found little creepy. So we need to make sure to stay updated with the changes and new features Facebook comes up with.

Will Facebook Survive?


Facebook is not a very predictable product. It keeps changing for good and bad plus the way it has been acquiring its competitors one conclusion that can be drawn is that Facebook is here to stay. Mark and the team will do anything possible to make sure the Facebook stays in business. Someday if Facebook has a monopoly in the social media market, I won't be surprised at all. Facebook is already trying to have the monopoly on the untouched market with products like 

Facebook's Space Programs


Facebook is already trying to reach the space and their intentions about reaching the space became more clear after they partnered with Eutelsat Communication(French Satellite Company). $95 million is being paid over 5 years to Spacecom(Israeli Satellite Company) for the satellite. Even though the first launch was unsuccessful and the satellite exploded without causing human loss, Facebook is not giving up on the dream and is looking forward to get Aquila(Solar powered air fleet) in the air for broadband emission. Initially, the Aircrafts are supposed to be covered is 60 miles for 90 days and it will be increased later on.

What Can Facebook Become in Future?


Mark Zuckerberg has already shown his interest in artificial intelligence when he and Elon Musk debated if A.I. will take over the world. Mark was against the notion that A.I. is a threat. Facebook is definitely going to experiment with artificial intelligence, ubiquitous internet connectivity, and virtual and augmented reality. Most probably Facebook will grow to become everything for a user. It will take over Google and Facebook may also launch its own cellphones with its own version of Android and IOS. Facebook televisions like Netflix, Facebook marketplaces like Amazon, Facebook Space programs like SpaceX and Facebook News channels are all coming soon in the near future.

Unethical Facebook

Facebooks origin is not ethical and is very controversial but so are most of the big businesses but back in 2012 Facebook conducted an experiment to check if they can alter the emotional state of some users by filtering out the news feed on their pages. Facebook, later on, apologized officially but the experiment was already over and Facebook had their statistics on the experiment. The only problem with such incidents is that the users are not even aware of it and in case Facebook learned how to manipulate human emotions it will become the master of humanity as we are all driven by our emotions. Of course, Facebook has helped the whole world in connecting but that doesn't mean it is not capable of wrongdoings especially when it comes to its survival and with the amount of data Facebook has on all of us it is very likely that the same data can be used against us by Facebook or other organisations like governments. Let's wait and see how this will turn out to be.

In case you have any query or if you want to say something, please leave your comments in the comment section. I thank you for your time.


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