Do You Know Even You Can Become a Cool Teen Girl by Following Some Simple Tips?


When I was a teenager, I always looked at cool girls and wanted to be like them someday. Although I could never be like them, I learned what it takes to be a cool girl and in this piece, I will discuss it with you. It is not a very tough thing for you to become a cool teenage girl. You just need two things- confidence and guidance. To feel confident all you need to do is follow your heart and for guidance, well I am here to serve you. So, without any further ado, let's get going.

Become a Cool Teen Girl by Following Some Simple Tips

Here is the list. Let's go through it.

1. Learn to Relax

cool teenage girl

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Don't get mistaken here. You don't have to be lethargic. You simply have to relax. Maintain a low profile and your exclusivity. Talk to people over phone and text but don't get too involved. Rather, do things that make you feel relaxed like listen to music or take a warm bath.

2. Be Confident

cool teen girl

You can become and feel confident by voicing your opinions and interests. You need to show that you have an opinion of your own and nobody can bully you. Whatever you do, be passionate about it.

3. Stay Happy

cool teen girl

Obviously, you can't be happy all the time but try to look happy every time you meet new people. It will help you in not just one but many ways. However, in this case, it will help you in making friends. People will understand that a happy person like you will keep them happy as well. It's ok if you are sad occasionally, after all, you are also a human being and you have every right to be sad and upset sometimes.

4. Smile

cool teen girl

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Imagine a person who is sitting in a room cribbing and frowning. Will you ever go and talk to them? No, right? That's because no one is interested in talking to a sad person. So, keep smiling. Meet new people with a smile on your face and then see what wonders it can do.         

5. Participate in Competitions

cool teenage girl

Start participating in competitions and talent hunts to get noticed. Do something that interests you and don't feel shy about trying and retrying. If you are into sports join some sports team of your school or college. If you are into singing then join school's choir or if you are interested in painting then join the art team but do something or the other to engage yourself in the activities of the school. The only thing that you need to take care about is that you don't have to come across as an attention seeker or a spoilt sport.

6. Talk to People Casually at Break

cool teenage girl

Lunch break is the only break where everyone is free, so make the most of it.  Don't just restrict yourself to a person or a group. Talk to new people.  You need to share a good bond with almost everyone to become a cool girl at your school. But, don't freak out and stalk people, as that will leave a bad impression of yours on others. 

7. Keep Your Room Well-Managed and Well-Maintained

cool teenage girl


Make sure that your room is well maintained. If it is not sparkling clean then it shouldn't be messy either. Try to decorate your room with posters and wallpapers that reflect your taste.

8. Make Friends

cool teenage girl

The more friends you have, the better it will be for your cool quotient. It shows that you are a nice person and you are good enough to hold bonds. But don't disclose every single detail of yours to everyone, as all your friends cannot be real. 

9. Meet New People

cool teenage girl

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Rather than wasting time on social networking sites, go out and meet friends. Hang out with your crush for real rather than stalking them on social networking sites. If you start talking to people face to face, they will start realizing how confident you are. They will start understanding you and that is what is going to help. 

10. Listen to Music
cool teenage girl

This is the easiest thing you can do. Listen to as much music as you can. Develop taste for different genres of music and discuss it with people you want to talk to. If you are someone who loves only a certain type of music then too it's ok. It's good to stand out from the crowd. 

11. Follow the Ongoing Pop Culture

Try to watch TV and follow some shows that are meant to be watched by teenagers. You will not just have fun while watching them but will also learn a few lessons.

cool teenage girl

Here are some of them.

- Hit the Floor

- True Blood

- The Next Step

- The Vampire Diaries

- American Horror Story

- Pretty Little Liars

- Dance Moms

- Gossip Girls

- Make it or Break it

- One Tree Hill

12. Get Fit

cool teenage girl

A routine workout not only helps you in staying in shape but also plays a huge role in uplifting your mood. Try to hit the gym every day without fail. If you are a sports lover, then start playing sports that help you in losing weight.

13. Be Yourself

cool teenage girl

Don't pretend to be someone else. Don't try to copy others. It will land you nowhere. If you want to be known as a cool girl then start behaving in a way you would when you are alone. Take decisions and stick to them. Don't lose your identity in this race. Be ‘You'.

14. Treat Others Nicely

cool teenage girl

It doesn't mean that you need to make more and more friends. You simply have to treat others warmly. Show gratitude and love to others. It's only respect that will take you a long way.

15. Be True to Others and to Yourself

cool teenage girl

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If you are someone who believes in spreading rumors then stop this habit of yours right now. It helps no one to defame another person. Even if someone wants you to spread the rumors, simply say no to them. Don't do anything that hurts your conscience. Be true to yourself and don't hurt anyone.

16. Start Using Facebook

Though you should not waste much time on social media, spending a few minutes or an hour on Facebook won't be an issue. Start by creating a profile on Facebook but only when your parents approve of it. Use correct sentence formation and grammar to post your opinions and get going.

17. Keep Secrets

cool teenage girl

Be clear to yourself that you have to keep other people's secrets. The saddest thing that a friend can do is betraying the trust of their friend. Don't be one of them just for the sake of getting popular. It is only going to tarnish your image and nothing else.

18. Stay Stylish

This is going to be a long list. Let's get started.

- Maintain Hygiene

cool teenage girl

Will you like a person who has a bad body and mouth odor or who wears dirty clothes and carries greasy hair? You won't and nobody will. So, to improve your chances, stay clean and hygienic.

- Make Good Choices in Choosing Colors of Your Clothes

Choose colors that suit you and make you look good and attractive. Your clothes shouldn't just look good but should also be comfortable for you to wear. If you don't wear comfortable clothes, it shows on your face. Some of these can be good for you to enhance your personality.

There are days when we don't feel like putting in too much of efforts. In that case, you can wear graphic tees. They are in, as well as they look very cool.

Buy some denim skirts and wear them with t-shirts. They make you look cute and smart without much effort.

Wear jewelry but not much. Maybe a simple long necklace.  

In the winters you can wear scarves to beautify your appearance.

cool teenage girl

You can also wear sweaters and hoodies during winters. They help you in staying warm as well as look cute.

During summers, spend your money on skirts with flower prints. They make you look fresh and smart in no time.

Wear broad belts with low-waist jeans.

If your ears are pierced then wear hoops or pearls or any other sort of big earrings for that matter.

Wear jeggings or skinny jeans instead of baggy ones. 

- Shoes

During the winters, you can try wearing uggs. They look cute as well as keep you warm.

cool teenage girl

Buy a pair of converse shoes as well. They are the best out of all shoe options. You can pair them up with almost everything.They can be worn in all the seasons and the best thing is they are very long lasting.

Girls with long legs can wear flat shoes and sandals. 

- Wear Good Perfumes

cool teenage girl

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You can say that this one is optional. Some people might not like the idea of wearing perfumes to school and it's ok. But, if you like to, then buy a perfume that is different from what people usually use and keep using it every day. People should know you from the way you smell. It leaves a great impact on others.                                                                                                                    

- Start Wearing Makeup

cool teenage girl

If used in the right way, makeup can be really cool. You don't have to apply too much of it. Just lip gloss, mascara, and eyeliner would do. A little amount of foundation would also do if you are interested in going a bit further.

19. Follow these Tips Only When You Feel Comfortable

Going beyond your comfort zone to become a cool girl won't take you anywhere. Follow these tips only if your parents, your heart and the environment of your school allow you too.

So, with that, I bid adieu. Hope that these tips will help you in becoming cooler and a better person. Don’t forget, being a better person is more important than being a cool person. All the best!

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  • 1. Behave respectfully with everyone even if you don't like them personally.

    2. Figure out what extracurricular activity you like the most and get going.

    3. Don't judge someone new to the class or to the school. They are new and scared, don't scare them any further.

    4. Start organizing slumber parties for your friends and give them a warm treatment.

    5. The key to being cool is confidence. Remember this. If you get nervous in doing something you will only fail but when you become confident, then you know what to do and how you can win.

    6. Stay happy. If you keep mourning or cribbing for one reason or the other, then people will start avoiding you.

    7. And the most important thing, be yourself. Even if you fail to follow all other tips, following this tip only will simply do the trick. It is very important to be true to yourself. If you know what you are like, no one is ever going to befool you. Plus, what can be a better age than this to get started.


  • 1. Don't have sex, do drugs or drink alcohol. You have your entire life to try all these things, (except drugs. Never do drugs) but staying away from all this will save you from ruining your life. Even if peer pressure forces you to get into it. DON'T.

    2. Wear high heels only if you are comfortable in them, otherwise don't wear them otherwise you will get a sprained or a twisted ankle. You can start practicing to walk comfortably in heels by wearing them at home for some time.

    3. Don't come across as a wannabe by following or stalking the popular girls of the school. Don't even take an ounce of attitude tips from them. It is only going to tarnish your image and do nothing else.

    4. Only be friends to those who you like and not to those with who you are supposed to be friends with.

    5. Keep yourself polite and down to earth. Being rude is not going to help you in any way. In fact it is only going to deteriorate your personality. Period.


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