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You need to remember why you started and keep it in focus.
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Do you know you if you are qualified to write on Weetjij?

Put your worries to rest, as the only eligibility for writing on Weetjij is your enthusiasm for sharing knowledge with the world. You don’t need to be an expert or a veteran to begin writing on Weetjij. You could be anyone!

  • Maybe you are a self-trained musician who has gained expertise in a particular instrument. Now is the time to take your learning to other music aficionados around the planet.
  • Perhaps you are someone who has been being praised for their cooking skills. What could be better than sharing your innovative cooking techniques, gaining followers, and making money out of it?
  • Or possibly you are a programmer who likes to code and write about it! Nothing can be more gratifying than collaborating on a platform that is devoted to learning.

It's your passion in life that qualifies you to be a contributor on Weetjij. Your interest area could be anything- be it something as mainstream as computer gaming to something as elusive as eggshell carving! Our wide list of categories enables you to pick and write on any topic in the world that you choose.

Do you know writing on Weetjij is as easy as pie?

Absolutely, Yes!

1. New user? Sign up easily!

The first step is the obvious one. You need to be registered with Weetjij to begin contributing on the platform. The Sign Up process can be easily initiated through your Facebook or Google account.

Don’t want to use your accounts? Directly create an account on Weetjij by filling up simple details.

2. What interests you?

The second step involves the selection of your wide areas of interest that you wish to write upon.

Unsure at the moment? You can skip this step and come back to it later.

3. You are now at your Account page

Eager to start tapping? Begin with your writing by clicking on the ‘Write an Article’ tab.

4. Choose your title

At this step you will have the option of either selecting for the title if you know what you want to write on, or suggest a topic so that someone who has the essential expertise can write on it.

5. Get tapping!

After 4 steps you can finally begin writing your article. You will have the option of selecting and writing based on different format- this ranges from Multiple Methods, Multiple Parts, or Neither if your article has no particular method.

6. Ready for posting

Once you have successfully written your article and chosen a relevant image and your article is ready to be posted! You can also preview or edit your article if required.

7. Article approval and expert verification

Now that you have confidently submitted your article, you can wait patiently for your article to be published after our review panel has checked that it meets’s guidelines. An expert verification stamp would mean that your article has been verified by a specialist in the field!

8. There you go; you have successfully published your first article on Weetjij!

Do you know your amount is payable through easy methods?

Getting paid on Weetjij is as easy as writing on it! Once you collected at least $50 in your account, you can easily request for your payment to be transferred through one of the following methods:

  • PayPal
  • Bank account

So what keeps you from signing up on Weetjij? Spread your knowledge and earn money in the process.

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