Do You Know Do You Know These Top Online Chatting Sites Other than Omegle?


The internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. Most of our daily tasks are fulfilled by the virtue of world wide web. One of the major functions performed by the Internet these days is the function of socializing. Thanks to various social networking sites, we can interact and befriend the strangers. Though there has been a debate pertaining to the pros and cons of using these sites for socializing but the pros have superseded the cons by a stretch. Now the comfort of a friendship and the satisfaction of an acquaintance can be felt sitting at home with a single mouse click. Facebook has been the most popular social networking site for the past decade but there are ample other sites that give close competition to Facebook. These sites are free, creative, interactive and a lot of fun. Have a look at these sites you might want to use. Also read, procedure to use Instagram

Top Social Networking Sites Apart from Omegle

One of the most popular websites on the internet today is Omegle. It provides a great platform for texting strangers. You can even make video calls which are just like the face-to- face conversations. It serves as a medium to meet and click with completely random strangers.

Here are some more chat sites of this genre:

1. TinyChat

tiny chat

According to the company running this chat medium, it is one of the most prominent video calling services available on internet, presently. Every day the users at TinyChat generate millions minutes of airtime. This forum allows the users to find the chat rooms suiting their interests. They can form their own chat rooms and run them according to their wants. It is free of cost and people can exhaust up to 12 video feeds in a single room. The service also provides the facility of streaming shows that are hosted on its network regularly. The users can video call, text and instant message each other.

2. Chatroulette


Much like Omegle, this service also allows users to video chat and text strangers. It is similar to the Russian Roulette. The users can text or make webcam based calls to the strangers they are paired with. If the person sitting on the other side doesn't like the gesture, he can leave the conversation or as Chatroulette puts it "Kill" the chat.
It was the creation of a teen who invented it in the year 2009. The kid ran this site from his parents’ home. Within a month, the site grew magnanimously even without the use of advertising. The website struggled with the issue of perversion and inappropriate behavior pretty much like the other websites available on the internet. After quite a few years of trials and correction, it succeeded to cope up with the challenge of inappropriate behavior.
When users register on Chatroulette, they have to agree to its terms and conditions. If they violate its terms they are blocked by the moderators checking the inappropriate behavior. Most of the users on Chatroulette are in the late 20s and the majority is female users.

3. ChatRandom

When the Chatroulette started changing its rules time and again, another site came into existence to challenge its supremacy. ChatRandom is a webcam site that sets up the random strangers. It also aims to become the next Facebook or Twitter.
This site serves as a social networking platform to connect the people residing in different parts of the country. It keeps bringing new languages and countries every day to become more competitive. Users are allowed to make the choice of interacting with groups, an individual or with girls. The other choices are choosing the sexually oriented people of your own choice and the preferred languages. The site is being enhanced, some more additional services are being added impress its users even more.

4. Fruzo


It is one of the fastest growing online dating services available on the internet today. The users can meet people with similar interests using this site. They need to create a profile either by using their Facebook Profile or by creating a separate profile for Fruzo just like Tinder. Also, pretty much like Tinder, users can get matched, text and in addition can video chat with their matches.
The search function of Fruzo allows the users to find the potential matches using the gender, location, age, and keywords. There is a picture uploading option that allows people to meet attractive people. It can be used on Mobile Phones and the service is almost accessible everywhere.

5. FaceFlow


Faceflow has taken the whole demesne of social networking a notch higher. It allows the users to video chat with three people in a single sitting. There is also the option of video chatting or conferencing with your friends and with the random strangers. You can share your pictures or favorite Facebook videos by the virtue of the searchable profiles.
It is not only restricted to being one of chat services for the strangers. Its services match with the services offered by a premium video calling network we have come to known as the Skype. The site has also offered a pretty tough online game known as Flappy, which is getting popular day by day

6. Hey-People

Hey-people has been promoting itself as a non-commercial site. Unlike the other chatting platforms it is not laced with the advertisements. It also connects people with the random strangers. One of the unique features is the availability of options such as 'Dating, Nothing Special, Small Talk, Adult Stuff and Freak Show'. Different people use these dating sites for the different purposes. The availability of these options makes it possible for the people to choose the ones with the similar purpose. It helps to avoid the awkward and displeasing encounters when the people are very well aware of the intentions of the one they are interacting with.  

The other advantage is its easy usability. Users can register themselves easily by creating a username and password. You can choose among the categories mentioned above and click the "ZAP" button. This will connect you with a random stranger. If you happen to like this encounter with the stranger you can choose the "Friendship" option else you can just "Blacklist" them. You won't be matched ever again. The site ensures safety.

7. iMeetzu


This site is similar to Omegle. It also has random chat rooms and video chat rooms. In addition to this, users can use the option of friend finder and online dating.
This site is growing rapidly and is a unique kind of social networking site with accelerating registered users day by day. It is good for practicing online dating before having the real encounter

8. ChatRad


ChatRad is rare G-rated sites on the internet that allows random strangers to connect. It is constantly watched over by the moderators who do not allow any kind of sexual behavior to prevail. They want to keep the site clean and decent and want people to behave with decency just like they would behave in the real life.
This site provides a very safe environment for people above 18 years age of age to find interesting people and interact with them. They can meet people based on the common likings rather than just for the sexual payoff.

9. FaceBuzz


FaceBuzz seems to be pretty much inspired by the Mark Zuckerberg's stunt in the Harward dormitory, the Facemash, that allowed people to rate the girls. FaceBuzz is a network used for video calling the random strangers around the world. The rating option is something that makes it even more fun. Most of the users on this website are the interesting characters that win high ratings by doing funny and crazy stuff. They wear the funny costumes and do outrageous things.
If you happen to like someone you can enlist them in friend list, if they accept your request you can get connected. If not anything then you can always have fun on this site.

10. Bazoocam


It is also one of the safest webcam based websites on the internet. If you are looking for a decent interaction with the stranger with similar interest, Bazoocam is the place to be. The moderators keep a strict check on the behavior of the participants. If any user shows any kind of perversion or inappropriate behavior he is blocked from further participation.
It works in a similar way just like other websites. You need to register yourself and you will be paired with strangers using Bazoocam anywhere in the world. You can choose the 'skip' option if you do not happen to like the encounter. It also provides the facility of playing multi-player games if you are exhausted of just conversating. However, you can only choose decent options while opting for something else rather than just the talking.
Although socializing through the internet is a fun process but there are a lot of downsides too. If you want to use these platforms to interact with the strangers, least you can do is memorizing some rules and abide by them while using the chat platforms.

Things to Implement While Using Chat Sites

  • Remember your video call can be recorded to be used negatively. Therefore be very cautious in whatever you say or do.
  • Do not take the cyber-bullying and cyber sexual harassment lightly. If you think you are experiencing any of these things, report the person doing such things to you.
  • Never trust anyone with your personal and confidential information. The online platforms are never a safe option to do so. Hacking, blackmailing and spamming are a few common issues we keep hearing about on daily basis.
  • Do not leave any personal hint in the chat or profile which can be used to blackmail or threaten you. A user you are interacting with can be a stalker or criminal.
  • Always teach the family and friends to be cautious at the time of using the internet and social networking websites. Although these sites are moderated most of the times and are safe, but some people are just expert cyber criminals.
  • Hope your cyber socializing experience is safe and more importantly fun.



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