Do You Know The Greatest Conspiracy Theories of the World?


Half a century has passed since the Roswell incident but the sparks surrounding this conspiracy theory has not died. Such is the intrigue of conspiracy theories. Whenever general public witnessed something extremely unusual, it came up with weird conspiracies to back it up. Some of these theories have a strong ground whereas others are just hoaxes. Let’s us look at the greatest conspiracy theories that change the world.

Greatest Conspiracies Theories of the World

1) Roswell

alien aircraft

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It was this incident of 1947 that started an interesting and equally dangerous phenomenon; we have come to known as, the conspiracy theory. The furor around the UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) started with Roswell in Texas where allegedly a flying object had crashed. There were numerous eyewitnesses who claimed to have seen a flying saucer. The conspiracy theory has grown new roots in the recent years since the people have added some more details to it. Apparently, there was a whole operation to search and recover the alien aircraft in Roswell. The speculations pertaining to intimidation of the witnesses who had seen a blazing craft before the crash have also come to light. Glenn Dennis, a former mortician had claimed to be the part of an alien autopsy in 1989.

The US military has failed to clarify the theory over so many years. In fact, it was fuelled due to its recurrent changing stories. Within the hours of the crash when the whole media talked about the recovery of an aircraft, army officials shrugged the reports saying it was only a weather balloon. Later in 1995, the report of ‘Office of Secretary’ said that the recovered aircraft was nothing but the material remains of a secret government program known as the Project Mogul. This project included high altitude balloons used to sense the sound waves. The aim of this project was to detect the nuclear testing by the Soviet. Two years later, a different report released, according to which the recovered dead bodies were dummies used for paying homage to the injured and killed army personnel. Aliens and UFOs have been one of the favorite subjects of theorists. However, the truth behind the crash of Roswell can be only known to the ones who crashed.

2) John F Kennedy Assassination

JFK assasination

The assassination of John F Kennedy took place on November 22, 1963. He was riding in a motorcade with his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy when rounds of gunshots wounded him fatally and ultimately took his life. The aftermath of the incident saw officials struggling with 10 months long investigation at the end of which, Lee Harvey Oswald was held responsible for killing the president. Lee Harvey was ordered filler in the Texas; he had denied killing anyone and said he was just a patsy.

The investigation had taken place under the Warren Commission, which was appointed to unveil the circumstances behind the President’s death. The accused assassin was shot dead by Jack Ruby before he could even be prosecuted. Over the past few years, the doubts pertaining to the official story and the report of the Warren Commission have been in abundance. There has been a divide on the opinion that Oswald single-handedly shot Kennedy from the Texas Book Depository. A footage taken by Abraham Zapruder on an 8mm film camera strengthened the long lasting belief that there were at least four rounds of the bullet fired on Kennedy. In addition to this, some of the eyewitnesses supported the belief that at least one bullet came from a different direction as opposed to Oswald’s position.

These conspiracy theories were fuelled by the HSCA (House Select Committee on Assassinations) findings which claimed that the official report by CIA and the report by Warren Commission were majorly flawed. However, the recent reports including the one published by the ‘National Academy of Sciences’ has expressed disagreement on the four-shot theory. It has also questioned the credibility of the evidence used by the Committee for supporting its four shots findings.

3) 9/11 Attacks


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One of the most unfortunate and earth shattering terrorist attacks in the world happened on September 11, 2001, when the twin towers in New York City crumbled to the ground. Within five to six hours of the attack, conspiracy theories started making rounds on the world web and they haven’t seemed to settle even after 16 years of the attack.

The conspiracy theories revolving around JFK and Roswell being subdued by the speculations surrounding the twin tower attack. Although the multinational Islamist organization, Al-Qaeda has repeatedly claimed the responsibility for the planning and execution of the attacks but the additions to this information has not stopped.

There have been a number of official and non-official investigations concerning the whole truth behind the twin tower attacks. Some investigations have claimed that the structural weakness was the reason behind the collapse while the other theories point towards the government having prior information of the attacks and yet did not do anything substantial to prevent it. Some even point out that the US government and administration wanted to launch attacks in Middle east and hence, turned a blind eye towards the warnings associated with the attacks.

A dedicated group known as the 9/11 Truth Movement mentions the evidence, that the airliner did not hit Pentagon and twin towers could not crumble solely due to the impact made by the planes or aviation fuels.

According to the claims made by the witnesses, there were explosions in the lower levels of the towers. All these wild conspiracy theories have also pointed towards an inside hand being responsible for the attacks. However, scientific Journals have negated all these possibilities time and again.

4) Moon Landings Was a Ploy by NASA

conspiracy theory

There have been several theories that suggest that NASA never actually landed on the moon and it was just a ruse to use the huge funds. The effects of this theory can be seen in the popular culture. Blockbuster hits like Interstellar and Transformers have mentioned the fake landings and discrepancy with the information regarding the landings.

One of the theories suggests that NASA never landed on the moon. It used different techniques such as forging photos, tapes, and transmissions to trick the general public into believing that it did. NASA to this day participates in supporting the stunt it pulled, known as the Apollo Mission. Most of the similar theories base their arguments on the photographs from the lunar surface which show shadows falling differently and a noticeable lack of stars in the landscape. The flags hosted by Buzz Aldrin wavered in an unusual way. Just like these theories have been in abundance, the rebuttals smashing the NASA’s moon landing conspiracies have been in abundance. Click here to know more.

5) The Illuminati


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According to the Illuminati and New World theory, the powerful and influential people of the world are joining hands to give mankind away to a single world government. Most of the world-changing incidents of the past have been ascribed in the name of the Illuminati and the New World order.

The Illuminati use different types of political, social, fear to propagate and mind controlling tools to achieve what they want. The logo of Illuminati is a pyramid on the Great Seal of USA. The powerful and influential world organizations such as IMF, World Bank, the European Union, NATO and the United Nations are considered to be the founding organizations of the Illuminati and New World Order.

6)  AIDS Was Created In a Lab Stunt


Dr. William Campbell had published a theory according to which the HIV was genetically created by the World Health Organization in the year 1974. The aim behind this ruthless attempt was creating a killer virus that could wipe the world population. It was created from a virus found in the African Monkeys. Others have claimed that there is a hand of KGB and CIA behind the engineering of HIC to curtail the ever growing world population. Other allegations stated that the government wanted to wipe out the people of certain race or homosexuals.There has not been any citation of evidence and the theories have been shrugged by the officials.

7) Shakespeare was not Shakespeare


“What’s there in a name?” the man who took credit for this quote has been accused of taking credit for someone else’s work. Shakespeare is not considered as the greatest writer of the English language. There have been theories that the work of Shakespeare as we know today wasn’t actually his work. His name bears the fame of any other writer that got lost in the timeline. There is a very little knowledge concerning the life of Shakespeare. Some of the candidates that have been the cause behind Shakespeare’s fame could be William Stanley, Christopher Marlowe and Francis Bacon. However, just like the biographical information on Shakespeare, the evidence backing this theory is also very scarce.

8) Elvis Presley faked his death

elvis presley

This theory suggests that Elvis Presley faked his death in 1977 and went into a hiding. He isolated himself from all the attention and limelight due to numerous reasons. There have been numerous claims relating to his after death sightings. One more reason that has fuelled this conspiracy theory is the wrongly spelled name of one of the biggest cultural icons in the world. Elvis Presley’s name is spelled as Aron, instead of his real name Aaron. Supposedly, his parents might have tried to match his name with his stillborn twin brother, Garon Presley.

People believe that Elvis faked his death to get away from public. As per another belief, he had become a drug informant and went under the FBI protection. This belief arises out of meeting with the president Nixon in 1970 where his expressed his wish to eradicate the drug abuse. Maybe all these theories stem out of the pangs of his fans who want him to be alive.

9) Harold Wilson was a Soviet agent

harold wilson

According to Anatoliy Golitsyn, the soviet defector, Harold Wilson was a KGB spy. Allegedly, KGB assassinated Hugh Gaitskell so that they could replace him with Harold Wilson as Labour leader. This conspiracy theory was refueled when MI5 officer Peter Wright made the same allegations in his memoir, the ‘Spycatcher’. According to him, Harold Wilson was a soviet spy who was investigated by MI5 for years. Although the secret service concluded that Wilson had no contacts with MI5. Wilson had expressed his fear of being investigated by MI5 on BBC. He had said that he was diluted by MI5’s constant investigations in the 1960s and 1974 when he managed a thin election win against Edward Heath.

10) Paul McCartney Died

Paul McCartney

There have been claims concerning the death of Paul McCartney. The member of the ‘The Beatles’ allegedly died in the year 1969, in a car crash. Apparently after a heated argument Paul McCartney drove in his car on the morning of October 21, 1969 and subsequently died in a car crash. Beatles did not want public to grieve one of their favorite music stars, therefore they hid the news.
The first mention of this conspiracy was published in the articles written by the American College students in 1969.
He was replaced by a look-alike named William Campbell who had won the Paul McCartney lookalike contest.

Apparently, the clues supporting this theory have been found in the recordings of the Beatles. Many have claimed to hear the statements by the members at the backstage. Some have blamed the vague lyrics of the songs for their belief. The hazy images on the cover of the album, for example, Paul McCartney stood barefooted in one of them has rekindled this theory time and again.

The Beatles star himself made fun of this long-lasting hoax by titling his live album in ’93, as “Paul is Alive”.

There might not be any truth in all these theories but they have managed to grasp the attention for a long period of time. People enjoy researching about conspiracy theories even though they realize what they are reading might be just a hoax.

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