Do You Know Cristiano Ronaldo would have to give up playing at the age 15?


We have all seen Cristiano Ronaldo in skimpy attire and his football uniforms. We have seen him break records and demolish goal posts. Ronaldo, at his best, is an immortal of football but do you know how coarse his road to pride and glory was? How much will you bet that people would want the same life as Cristiano? There is hardly anyone alive on the planet who would not want to be CR7 for a mere day. Let’s hold that thought for now as I am going to unfold the true pain behind Ronaldo’s success. I am sure you would not want to be ‘the’ Cristiano Ronaldo if you knew that he might not be a footballer we presently know of.

The lethal Portuguese forward has seen so many injuries during his career. His consistent knee problem makes him tie an ice pack after every single match and even practice sessions.

He has seen many heartbreaks on and off the field. But the story of a 15 years old ‘Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro’ is truly heart wrecking. Let me open the long book of Cristiano Ronaldo and shine some light on the heart condition which almost made him quit football.

How it all started?

A footballing god was born in Funchal parish of Santo António, Portugal on 5 February 1985. The little boy was crazy about football and was referred to as a ‘crybaby’ by other kids. Young Ronaldo used to cry when he missed a goal or passed to see his teammates miss goals. Born in a poor family, he had to deal with the immense struggle to maintain his studies and passion.

At the age of 15, young Ronaldo was diagnosed with ‘Tachycardia.’ According to his mother Dolores Aveiro, Ronaldo has a condition where his heart used to beat faster than normal even if he was not running or doing any activity. Everyone close to Ronaldo was worried as they didn’t know what the condition and the cure was.

What did doctors say?

Tachycardia was said to be a complicated and life-threatening heart disease. Doctors said that the condition is not that bad but for an athlete, Tachycardia is something to be never mentioned. They also proclaimed that if the condition is not cured properly, it can lead to threatening his life.

Athletes with a ‘racing heart’ condition can experience heart attacks, seizures and lose consciousness. Many players have lost their lives due to heart attacks while playing. This major risk dropped a bomb on the whole Aveiro family.

How was Ronaldo cured?

Cristiano was at the Academy of Sporting Clube de Portugal (CP) when he was diagnosed with Tachycardia. He underwent thorough medical examinations and when the family came to know about the risks of cardiac arrests, strokes and heart failure with the condition, they went for the cure. Doctors used a treatment known as catheter ablation to cure Ronaldo’s condition forever. They inserted a wire through his leg to determine the area of the heart that is causing the situation. Then a catheter was put in his body and the area was heated to fix it.

What did his mother say?

Dolores Aveiro, “Ronaldo was not worried when he was diagnosed but I got a big fright. I believe that the surgery made him run even faster!”

We all know how great of a family man Ronaldo is. He often comes out as a ‘momma’s boy’ but then who wouldn’t be with a mother that supportive and caring. At the time of his condition, Dolores Aveiro said that he was operated in the morning and came out in the noon. After some days he was back to training and was already recovering. She was there at every point of his symptoms and cure.

All we see is the goal machine dripping in passion and panache. But little did we know that he might be working as an analyst in a corner of Madeira. We have witnessed various loses in football.

Former Benfica’s Miklos Feher, Manchester City star Marc-Vivien Foe, and Sevilla’s Antonio Puerta have all died on the pitch due to heart conditions. Even Lilian Thuram, the French legend was forced to retire from football because of a heart problem. But are glad that Ronaldo made it without any issue.

When he isn't scoring goals, he is helping people out or spending time with his family. Ronaldo had a glittering career despite a mere hurdle of the racing heart condition at the age of 15. In a nutshell, he is a true embodiment of what focus, hard work, perseverance, and discipline can help one achieve in life.

He surely went through a lot in his time, but all’s well that ends is well, right?


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