Women Empowerment


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Do you know the main components of Women Empowerment according to the United Nations?

  • To generate a sense of self-worth among women.
  • Right with which women can have an access to equal opportunities and all other kinds of resources
  • Womenís rights with which they can have and determine all their choices
  • The ability of women with which they can also contribute to creating a better social and economic order.
  • Right with which women can have a control over their lives anywhere.

Have societal advances made any difference in the traditional gender inequality?

Does acid attack have a gendered aspect in India?

What all you need to know about Rupan Deol Bajaj?

Did you know about the first woman judge of Delhi High Court?

How is the PWDVA different from the Section 498 A of the Indian Penal Code?

Did you know about these three ways to boost up your self-esteem?

  • Learn from your mistakes and never look down upon them.
  • Edit the thoughts which make you feel inferior.
  • Always remember that each effort counts. You must aim at attempting rather than excelling. If you push efforts in a positive direction, youíll understand how to excel too.

Do you know about the Criminal law amendment in 2018?

  • The minimum punishment in the case of the rape of a woman has been extended from 7 years to 10 years. This can even be extended to life imprisonment.
  • If the rape victim is a minor, under the age of 16 years, the imprisonment used to be of 10 years which has now been extended to 20 years. This can also be extended up to imprisonment for life.
  • The punishment for the gang-rape of a minor is life imprisonment for the convicts.
  • For the rape or gang-rape of a girl under 12 years has a punishment of life imprisonment or the convict can also be sentenced to death.
  • The investigation procedures are ordered to be speedy and the respective trials are also demanded to be faster.

Do you have a fear of getting judged?

Did you know these famous celebrities are now dating?

  1. Priyanka Chopra Ė Nick Jonas: The couple was first spotted together at the Memorial Day weekend and there has been a lot of them appearing in public since then. The two attended the Met Gala 2017 together and now have been engaged, giving some major relationship goals to people.
  2. Chris Pine Ė Annabelle Wallis: The pair was spotted together and if sources are to believe they were very comfortable together. There were speculations about their dating until recently the couple confirmed about them dating.
  3. Shailene Woodly Ė Ben Volavola: The couple didnít confirm their relationship but now it is official after they have attended the Valentino Haute Couture 20218 show in Paris.

Did you know these facts about U.S.ís womenís rights movement?

  • The female literacy rate was rising in the northern states which were very much fundamental to the movement. Literacy became more or less a means for the rebellious individuals to express their thought and intellect.
  • The womenís right movement in its early stages was restricted to the northern states only.
  • The womenís right movement became the womenís suffrage movement in the two jurisdictions but in 1875, this fundamental right to vote was rejected by the Supreme Court.

Did you know these lesser-known facts about International Womenís day?

  • The very first Womenís day was celebrated on 28th February 1909 in the U.S. This was done after a declaration by Socialist Party of America
  • It was in the year 1910 that there was a proposal for the celebration of womenís day in every country a specific day.
  • The Russians marked their first womenís day on the eve of World War I. In 1965, the USSR declared it as a non-working day.
  • International womenís day has been declared as a holiday in 15 countries.

Which are the best clothes to wear in maternity?

  • Do not choose the clothes which are tight or extremely snug. You must wear clothes that are comfortable and light on the skin.
  • You must wear the maternity clothes that provide support to your stomach. Wearing clumsy and hard to handle clothes are a strict no-no.
  • If you are going for traditional clothes then you must wear the clothes that are tailored according to your body type. These clothes must not pose a problem for your baby bump.
  • While buying the maternity clothes, you need to look out for the clothes that have added space for the bust and belly.

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