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Do You Know Top Five Futuristic Predictions In The World Of Science 2018?

  1. The computer will become smarter than human beings
  2. Doctors will be able to make copies of transplantable copies of human organs.
  3. Products will be assembled molecule by molecule.
  4. Humans will be flying in the air with the help of elevators.
  5. The concept of floating cities will turn into reality
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Do You Know How To Select Best Science Fair Project Ideas?

So it is best to consult senior researchers to discuss science fair project ideas. They have years of experience and knowledge and can better guide you than other people.

Do You Know What Health Information Technology Is?

Health information technology is the area of technology which involves the creation, use, and maintenance of information systems for the healthcare industry.

It is aimed at improving medical care and make it low cost- affordable for patients. Information technology has the potential to enhance health care in numerous territories.

In the age of computers, smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices, the scope for information technology has grown in almost every field.

When effective administration and information technology combine, the state of healthcare improves that in turn influences the quality of patient care.

Do You Know These 9 Amazing Features about iPhone, iPhone X, andiPhone 8?

Apple is the most popular brand in the world as far as the sale of smartphones, tablets, Mac, iPhone and PCs around the globe is concerned. Its smartphones are popular in every nook and corner of the world. People are crazy after apple devices owing to their amazing features and exciting iPhone x applications. However, some users donít have knowledge of all the features and applications of Apple devices.

Here are 5 amazing features about iPhone, iPhone x, and iPhone 8 that you may not know:

  1. You can read your email aloud simply by giving the order to Siri.
  2. For travelling buffs, there is a function that provides flight schedules and status.
  3. You just need to shake your phone to undo the recent change.
  4. To recharge your phone faster, turn on the aeroplane mode of your device.
  5. If it is hard to use touch capture button when taking photos, you can make use of volume buttons to take photos.

Do You Know Where To Get Latest Apple News And Updates?

Apple releases new features, applications and accessories for its devices from time to time. The user need to remain updated to upgrade their apple devices. There are many new features and applications that donít work on the latest versions of Apple devices.

There are many third-party websites that provide the latest news about Apple Updates including prices, offers, latest features and updates.

Weetjij provides users most apt news and updates about Apple devices. We help Apple users to stay updated on all the latest application and features announced by Apple.

Do You Know Top 5 Most Read Science Magazines 2018?

Science magazines are most beneficial for students who are planning to appear in competitive exams. Science magazine keep them updated about all latest developments from the field of science and technology.

Science magazines carry research articles and interviews of experts from the field of medicine and engineering. For common readers, science magazines carry health tips and blogs on how to improve health and live a happy life.

Here is the list of top 5 most read science magazines 2018 :

  1. Scientific American
  2. Psychology Today
  3. New Scientist
  4. National Geographic
  5. Discover

Do You Know This 5 Mind-Boggling Facts About Solar Energy?

The use of solar energy will protect the environment from pollution, save non- renewable sources of energy, conserve energy, and save money. These are some primary benefits of using solar energy.

There are some hidden benefits of solar power which most people donít know. The knowledge about the 3mind-boggling facts about solar energy will change your perception of solar energy.

  1. The amount of solar energy absorbed by the earth, oceans, and land per day is approximately 3,850,000 EJ.
  2. Solar energy is not greener. The emission of greenhouse gases takes place while manufacturing solar panels. The toxic gases released have many thousand times more impact than the other gases.
  3. NASA is working on Space Aircraft that can entirely work on solar energy. NASA is working on this project for many years now. It is expected to become reality very soon.

Do You Know About The Predicted Future Of Nuclear Power?

Nuclear power can be made friend or foe depending on how we utilize it. If its use is made for war, it will bring an irreversible destruction and cause heavy damage to both flora and fauna. The nuclear power can be used to generate electricity to end energy crisis in the world.

The United States operates a maximum of the nuclear power plants in the world followed by France.

Whether you feel safe or threatened with the excessive use of nuclear energy, it will always remain the vital part of the energy grid. Most experts believe it is vital to use nuclear energy to cut dependence on non-renewable fuels and make world self-sufficient in energy. Nuclear power can run 24/7 owing to its low downtime.

Do You Know The Basic Difference Between Apple MacBook Pro And Air?

Though all Apple Laptops are equipped with greater power and capabilities, users often get confused which is best, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.

MacBook Air has been mainly designed for ensuring maximum portability while as Pro is equipped with greater functionalities. Apple MacBook Air comes in two sizes 11- inch and 13- inch while as Pro comes in 13 inches and 15 inches.

The laptops also differ in weight. Both are equipped with dual-core Intel processors but the pro is clocked at 2.4 GHz and Air at 1.4 GHz.

Do You Know The Best Gaming Laptop 2018?

Gaming laptops are becoming popular day by day. In 2018, the sale of Gaming laptops increased manifold. According to a Forbes magazine article, Acer Predator 17, G9-793-79V5 is currently the fast selling Gaming laptops. According to the magazine, it provides the best performance against its price and has as such no evident flaws./

Moreover, the magazine writes that the Best Gaming Laptop has a comfortable and responsive keyboard perfect for a laptop. It sports a 17-inch screen with G- Sync. The writer believes that it is most suitable for users who are looking for a less expensive gaming laptop and better performance at a low price.

Do You Know What The Predicted Future Of Automobiles Is?

Automobiles have changed significantly over the years owing to the advancements and growth in technology. In the new models of automobiles, the major emphasis is laid on to combat the negative impacts of the previous models. Futuristic predict that Autonomous Automobiles are the future of this industry with self- driving- cars taking the lead.

There are already some autonomous driverless cars on the market. Mercedes Benz unveiled its first autonomous car in 2015, the F-105 luxury vehicle. According to some media reports, Apple and Google will supply some popular automobile manufacturers with their head start on digital technology. This is why many futurists predict the digital future of the automobile industry.

Do You Know This Latest Trend In Computer Science Research?

Computer science is a very vast field as it is applicable to almost every industry. Information Technology professionals draw high salaries and are in very high demand. Artificial intelligence is growing in strength be it global robotic industry or software technology.

The technology is still in the early stages but all tech or computer science giants are investing their resources into AI research. Tech giants like Google, Facebook and IBM are leaving no stone unturned to make most out of the Artificial Intelligence. The bottom line is there is tremendous scope for breakthrough moments in the AI field.

Do You Know Why People Feel Scared When Moon Changes Color?

The longest lunar eclipse of the century is expected to fall on July 27. It has been observed that many people feel panic when the moon changes colour. On July 27, the moon will exude a blood-red hue. Many people take the lunar eclipse as a sign of doom that makes them feel panic.

Normally sunlight falls directly on the surface of the moon making it look white and bright. On the day of lunar eclipse when the earth comes in between sun and moon, white light reflects from the surface of the earth, blue light scatters leaving red light concentrated on the moon- and so, a red moon appearance.

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