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Do You Know These Fun Facts from the Movie the Secret Life of Pets?

  • The owners of Gidget’s are loosely inspired by Louis C.K. (Who did the voiceover for Max) and Ellen DeGeneres.
  • Snowball is the leader of the Flushed Pets. Flushed Pets were subjected to mistreatment by humans in the past owing to which they are not quite fond of them. In the Animal Farm of George Orwell, Snowball leads the revolution on farm opposing humans who mistreat animals.
  • In a scene where a house is shown to be full of cats, the news reporter from Despicable Me (2010) can be seen on screen.
  • Also, the Piranha in the movie that can be seen in the Flushed Animals sewer is from the Despicable Me.

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Do you know about the world’s biggest pet store?

Do you know this way of earning unlimited lives in the Pet Rescue Saga game?

Step 1: Once all the available lives in the game have been exhausted, players will be required to exit and close the game.

Step 2: Following this, they shall be required to launch the Settings option in their mobile devices.

Step 3: They will have to access the Date and Time menu from all the options.

Step 4: The next step will involve adjusting the date and time to future (atleast three hours from the current time at that point). This will fool the game to think that it has been enough time and the lives shall be replenished.

Step 5: After this, the game will have to be launched. This is when the lives will be replenished.

Step 6: Once you earn lives again, reset the date and time of your phone to correct settings.

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Do you know about these heart - touching Pet Adoption stories?

  • Ariel Nichole Dehart of Colorado adopted her pet, Nook Nook, a Dogo Argentine from her favorite shelter in the region Peanuts Pit Bull Rescue. When found by the rescue team he was 100 percent deaf so the rescue home sheltered him for a period of 6 months. Nook Nook has now learnt sign commands and grown into a big lap dog.
  • Isis Maria shares story of her pet Chad who was abandoned by his family along with his mate Clarisse. In an endeavor to save Clarisse, Chad got badly bitten by one other group of dogs. A neighbor, however, luckily reported Chad and Clarisse to animal control and the people from Georgia Jack Russell team eventually sheltered them. Chad’s infected wounds healed quickly but Clarisse succumbed to heartworms. It was after a while that Isis’ family along with her decided to adopt Chad.

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Are you aware of these little - known facts about animal shelters?

  1. Animals in are not damaged : Circumstances often leave families unable to care for their pets because of which they drop their beloved pets into animal shelters. Even if they do come with illnesses or wounds, they are treated before being put up for adoption.
  2. Majority of animals in animal shelters are purebred : More than 25 percent of the pets that are sheltered inside these homes are purebred.

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Do you know about these kids – friendly small dog breeds?

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Do you know these things about Freshwater Aquarium Fish?

  1. Freshwater fish for maintaining high salt contents inside their bodies do not drink water. As a result of this, a reverse osmosis effect occurs through which water is drawn in their body.
  2. Freshwater fish miss vocal cords which makes them ideal pets. However, they can make groaning or clicking sound. But, then even those too quiet to reach the ears of humans.
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