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Did you know aboutthe classical music periods?

  • The Gothic Period – The classical music produced in the period between 9th to 14th century, this was the era of primarily liturgical music.
  • The Renaissance – This was in the year 1400 – 1500s. The most common works of this era were madrigals and motets. William Byrd, Andrea Gabrieli, and Giovanni Palestrina were the famous composers of this period.
  • Baroque – The period of 1500 to 1700s is labeled as the Baroque. Early operas, fugues, and concertos were usually works of this period. The prominent composers of this era are Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, and George Frederick Handel.
  • Classical - The classical period marked from the year 1700s to the early 1800s with usual works being concertos, symphonies, and sonatas. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig Van Beethoven were the prominent classical music composers. Top songs and musical compositions of this period were known to be revolutionary.
  • Romantic – The period of Romantic music extends from the 1800s to the early 1900s. Johannes Brahms, Franz Liszt, and Giuseppe Verdi are the top composers from this period.

Did you know these interesting facts about Bollywood songs?

  • The songs ‘Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Sathiyon’ is the longest Hindi film song ever composed. With that being said, it must also be noted that this song is featured in the movie in three installments.
  • Before the year 2001, all the Bollywood songs were recorded in the studios. It was after the year 2001 that the Bollywood songs and sounds were recorded at the locations.
  • Kishore Kumar is a name that almost every person who loves music knows about. He was banned from Vividh Bharati and All India Radio during the Emergency period (1975-1977) because he had refused to endorse the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Did you know about these lesser-known facts about hit Bollywood songs?

  • The video song ‘Masti Ki Pathshala’ from the movie Rang de Basanti is indeed a hit song we bet you don’t know the story of its start. The composition of Rang De Basanti was given to A.R. Rahman which was completely clueless as to what to record. But just then the director of the film, Rakesh Mehra cleared his throat in a manner which was like Uh-huh-Huh. And this is how the song originates.
  • The Hindi video song ‘Choli ke Peeche’ from the movie Khalnayak is the only song which was protested by more than 40 political parties back in the year 1993.

Do you know which Hindi Video Song are topping the charts?

  • Stayamev Jayate’s new video song “Dilbar Dilbar” featuring Nora Fatehi is on the number one position on Mirchi’s top 20.
  • The romantic Hindi music video of “Dhadak” from the movie Dhadak has become the favorite of people in a short time. It is ruling on the top 20 on second position.
  • On Number third we have the power-packed Hindi music video of “Zingaat” which has won many hearts and has emerged as the top song on the party playlist this year.

Did you know about the fun facts of your all-time favorite Bollywood romantic film DDLJ?

  • Before Shahrukh was approached for the movie, the first choice for the movie was Saif Ali Khan. In fact, it is amusing to note that, even Tom Cruise was also one of the actors which were thought to be perfect for the role of Raj Malhotra. However, it ended up with Shahrukh Khan in the lead. Can you think of Tom Cruise grooving to (Hindi Romantic Songs)
  • Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye was one of the first romantic songs of the movie DDLJ to be shot.

Do you know these fun facts about Billboard top 100?

  • Poor Little Fool by Ricky Nelson was the first Hot 100s Number 1.
  • The most number of billboard hot 100 number 1 has been earned by Mariah Carey.
  • Drake marks the most number of hot 100 i.e. 157 visits among the soloists
  • There has been no other act which has retained the position of No. 1 than The Black-eyed Peas which stayed on the No. 1 position for 12 consecutive weeks with “Boom Boom Pow” which got followed by “I Gotta Feeling” which made it to for 26 weeks in total.

Do you know these lesser-known but amazing pop songs?

  • Fools – Madison Beer: This fizzy pop song is what needs to be definitely on the list of your favorites.
  • Solo – Clean Bandit ft. Demi Lovato: known to be U.K.s most competent electro pop factory, Clean Bandit has delivered yet another song pop. ‘Solo’ is better be called as an ode to self-love.
  • Just a Little: Violet Days: Singer and songwriter Lina Hansson have beautifully captured the feeling of yearning for love.

Did you know these facts about Musician Christopher French?

  • He runs his own recording studio, Ladybug Sound which is located in Downtown LA.
  • Christopher French isn’t just a musician but a composer with many compositions under his name.
  • He is the front man for the band Annie Automatic
  • He has even composed the theme for the American sitcom Young and Hungry
  • He was just 11 when he started to compose music

Did you know about this year’s Billboard’s awardees?

  • Despacito emerged out to be the winner of Billboard music awards for many categories; top streaming video, top-selling song, top collaborations, top hot 100 songs, and top Latin song.
  • Post Malone’s Rockstar won for the category of the Top rap song.
  • Imagine Dragons emerged out to be the winner for the category of Top Rock Artist
  • Kendrick Lamar became the billboard music winner for the category of the Top rap artist.

Did you know this interesting fact about Taylor Swift?

  • Her connection to Number 13 – Number 13 which isn’t considered to be an auspicious or a good number according to the majority of western civilization, Taylor has a certain love for this number. Whenever number 13 is involved, something good happens with her. With her birth date as 13th December and her turning 13 on the Friday 13th, she has always had a fondness for the number 13. In fact, it is quite interesting to note that every time she performs or does any show, she paints a 13 on her hand.

  • Did you know these facts about your favorite classic rock band Queen?

    • It was Freddie who named the band Queen and which was done to make it sound regal and strong.
    • Brain May’s wife once said, “I want it all and I want it now”. Yes, that’s where they got the inspiration for the song ‘I want it all’
    • Michael Jackson told the Queen members to release the song ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ as earlier on, Queen didn’t plan on releasing it.

    Do you know about the winners at Billboards 2018?

    • Taylor Swift became the winner for her album Reputation as it emerged to be the top-selling album.
    • Winner for the top soundtrack is Moana
    • The billboards music awards for the category of the Top R&B Male Artist and Top R&B Artist was given to Bruno Mars
    • The award for top rock album was given to Evolve by Imagine Dragons.
    • While most of the music awards were swept away by Despacito but Shape of You by Ed Sheeran emerged as a winner for the top radio song category.

    Did you know these lesser-known facts about international rock bands?

    • Jack White of Third Man Records before founding Third Man records was a professional furniture upholster and even owned an upholstery house in Detroit with the name of Third Man Upholstery.
    • Ryan Adams had said that he got his debut Heartbreaker named after looking at a poster of Mariah Carey.
    • Bono from the rock band U2 is the only person who has been nominated for Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globe and the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Did you know about these 3 female pop singers before?

    • Charli XCX: Charlotte Emma Aitchison who is a name behind some of the inescapable pop hits in the recent times. With ‘I Love It’ and ‘Fancy’ being co-written by her, you can surely not deny the power and gorgeousness of her voice.
    • Tave Lo: you definitely need to listen to her ‘Queen of the Clouds, and ‘Habits’ if you wish to listen to some really good pop.
    • Jessie Ware: the modern day Sade, her soulful voice is what you need to listen right away. ‘Selfish love’ and ‘Tough Love’ are the songs you’ll enjoy if you love pop. She is one of the pop singers you are probably missing out right now.

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