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LGBTQ Equality and Human Right Movement

With thatcurrently, there are 26 countries across the globe that recognize the rights of LGBTQ people around the world as part of basic human rights.

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City of Gulfport | LGBTQ Resources

Additionally, the city of Gulfport hosts more about a numerous LGBTQ favorable events taking place throughout the year.

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Gay Couples and Cisgender

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Famous gay couples around the globe

  1. Anderson Cooper – Benjamin Maisa :Probably the most influential news anchor across the globe (besides being a gay news anchor), Anderson Cooper and partner, club owner Benjamin Maisani have been together since the year 2009.
  2. Matt Bomer – Simon Halls: The world was left stunned When Matt Bomer from The Normal Heart revealed to Details magazine in an interview that he and his now husband, celebrity publicist, Simon Halls are married to each other since the year 2011.

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Lesbian and Transgender

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Do you know that India has decriminalized homosexuality?

With the ban on Section 377, homosexuality has been decriminalized in the country. This was marked by a historic judgement wherein the chief justice of India stated that denying homosexuals the right to have homosexual sex is unconstitutional and irrational and that the history owes an apology to the people of the LGBTQ community.

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Do Queers face issues with their Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity?

Queers of the LGBTQ community, therefore, struggle from issues related to their sexual orientation and not gender identity. Once they figure out their sexual orientation, they can identify as anything from Lesbians, Transgenders or Gays.

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Do you know that LGBTQ individuals face twice the risk of being homeless?

While people from the LGBTQ community have earned acceptance in 26 countries, social justicefor them still remains an issue in the better parts of the world.

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Gay Pride Month

The symbol that can be commonly noticed during the times of Gay Pridemonth is the “Rainbow or the Pride Flag, the Greek symbol of Lambda or a black triangle”.

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