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Do You Know these 5 Health and Fitness Secrets of Celebrities?

  1. Pick your most favourite meal and cut back on other meals
  2. Eat low-fat protein snacks before and in between meals
  3. Make dancing an integral part of your workout
  4. Exercise in shifts
  5. And, donít starve yourself. Starving will affect your health.

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Do You Know What Meditation Can Do To Your Body and Mind?

Do You Know These 4 Fast Facts On The Bipolar Disorder?

  1. It involves severe abnormalities in mood
  2. The person suffering from bipolar disorder experiences depression and alternating bouts of hypomania or mania.
  3. The patient witnesses stability in between the episodes of mania or hypomania.
  4. It can be easily managed with a right dose and combination of medicines.

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Do You Know Secrets of Womenís Health in France?

  1. The women in France tend to stay healthy by eating small amounts of quality food, fresh, and antioxidant-rich wine beside butter and cream.
  2. They walk instead of drive. This is the reason why low incidences of heart disease and obesity are not found among French women.
  3. The women in France prefer to eat home cooked food rather than going to a restaurant. They eat foods like fish and game birds which tend to be leaner than the farm raised poultry.
These were just a few secrets of womanís health in France. Hope you will find them useful.

Do You Know How To Nip Seasonal Allergies In The Bud?

  1. To prevent seasonal allergies, it is necessary to reduce exposure to allergy triggers. You should stay indoors on windy and dry days. Rain settles down the pollens and makes air clear.
  2. You should get rid of weeds that stir up allergens.
  3. You should take a shower to rinse pollen from your body when you are worn outside.
  4. During spring season pollens stick to clothes left to dry under the sun.
  5. You should wear a pollen mask while doing outside chores.

Do You Know These Five Cons Of Birth Control Pills?

  1. Birth control pills fail to give desired results when taken with certain medicines.
  2. They can disrupt the menstrual cycles.
  3. They can reduce milk supply if used in early breastfeeding.
  4. You need to take them every day.
  5. They can trigger a hormonal imbalance in the body.

Do You Know Pros Of Diabetes?

  1. It gives you a reason to exercise and keep exercising.
  2. It develops a habit of eating healthy foods in the patient. You stay away from foods that contain high amounts of sugar, carbohydrates, and fats.
  3. It makes you a much-disciplined person. You eat healthily, drink healthy and adopt healthy habits.

Do you know the causes of Psoriatic Arthritis?

  1. It occurs when the immune system in the body begins to attack normal cells and tissues. It results in the inflammation of joints which causes pain. Psoriatic Arthritis also results in the overproduction of skin cells.
  2. It can also result from physical trauma or something in the environment.
  3. Genetic factors can also result in the condition called Psoriatic Arthritis.

Do You Know These 3 Everyday Benefits Of ABS Workout?

  1. ABS workout will make you a good and competitive athlete. For athletes who play football, baseball, tennis or cricket, ABS workout strengthens their muscles and they are able to produce more force. They need to produce force with their limbs.
  2. Strong abs make your back stronger and you donít suffer from lower back pain. Lower-back pain is a very common issue among athletes.
  3. Abs workout will make your waist slim and prevent long-term health risks to the body. You should also try shoulder workouts and chest workouts to make your body more athletic, good looking and stronger.

Do You Know Amazing Benefits Of Cardio Workout For Your Body?

  1. Cardio workout cuts belly fat and makes you look slimmer. Slim people are more attractive and active than fat people.
  2. Cardio workout promotes the growth of the brain and improves your intelligent quotient.
  3. It reduces stress and makes you a healthy and cheerful human being.
  4. It increases your concentration and you are able to do well in your studies or job.
  5. It reduces anxiety and you are able to sleep well.

Do You Know Best Arm Workouts That Tones Back, Arms, Core, And Chest?

Triceps Dips
Sit on a bench with legs straight out. Shift weight on to your arms. Lower your body posture and bend your elbows with arms at a 90- degree angle. Lift your backup as if you are doing a reverse pushup. Pushups tone your back, arms, core, and chest.

Do You Know The Ways To Lose Weight Fast?

  1. To lose weight, you should drink as much water as you can. Water adds zero calories and carbs to your body making it the perfect drink. It improves your metabolism and helps you get rid of toxins from the body. It is undoubtedly the best way to lose weight.
  2. Eating rice, sandwiches, and spaghetti increase your body weight so you should eat fibrous food that fills your belly but without adding harmful calories to your body.
  3. You should exercise daily to burn extra calories and make your body stronger. Choose the best exercise to lose weight and start your workout. You can try some best back exercises, arm exercises, and shoulder exercises to keep yourself fit and lose weight.

Do you know the possible causes of multiple sclerosis?

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