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Do you know the best finance tips for startups?

  • Brand Solidification
    Solidify your brand and stand your ground. No matter what happens, your business (finance) is your project, your blood child. It has your hard work, your sweat, and your blood. Work hard on it.
  • Budget Determination
    Determine the budget for your business and work as per the allocated finance.
  • Define Goals
    Goals are important for every finance-oriented business and they help you set the standard of work that is required.
  • Select Target Audience
    Selecting your target audience in the right way can be the difference between establishing a successful venture and vice versa. Even the Business Insider states that.
  • Follow Trends
    Never forget to follow trends in the market.
  • Main Focus: quality
    When it comes to financing, remember that quality always prevails over quantity.

Do you know the things to be careful about in online marketing?

  • Mobile is the future
    We live in a mobile using generation. Gone are the days when mobile was just a device to make calls and send messages. Today owning a mobile is equivalent to having the whole world in your pocket. This holds especially true for an online business.
  • Focus on the micro-moments
    In the online business world, micro-moment are defined as these few seconds that decide if the customer is going to buy something or not.
  • Apps are in
    With mobile phones being in every person’s hands, apps have become prevalent too. The use of apps needs to be considered in the process of making a strategy for your online marketing.

Do you know these facts about the stock market?

  • The oldest share market
    Parts of the world known for trading and selling goods and debt since ancient times are India, Venice, and parts of the Roman Empire. However, when it comes to the oldest stock market, the award goes to Amsterdam. The Dutch East India Company set it up in the year 1602.
  • The notorious October effect
    This is a weird time when investors and stock market players get nervous. The month of October is infamous because of it.
  • Hollywood loves the stock market
    Hollywood has made numerous blockbuster movies on the stock market. The latest one being, ‘The wolves of wall street’.

Do you know these fascinating facts about small business loans?

  • They are very hard to obtain
    SBA or small business loans are extremely hard to obtain. There are many steps a business has to go through. These steps also involve a lot of evaluations and tests.
  • Banks require a lot of info
    Obtaining a small business loan is not as simple as it looks. The bank that is issuing it will need a ton of info about your business.
  • No set of strict rules
    SBA loans are hard to obtain and we have already established that fact. But there are no hard and fast set of rules regarding that. The rules change from bank to bank.

Do you know these not so common facts about investment banking?

  • It is not merely for finance students
    If you think that investment banking is just for finance students, you are so wrong. Investment banks look for students from computer science and even engineering.
  • It is a tough sport
    Unlike other fields of work, investment banking is a tough one. The hours of work are grueling. The work needs everything you have. But then again, the rewards are equally nice.
  • The interview is different
    Investing money is not the only thing you will be asked about in the interview. The interview also consists of a hard quantitative aptitude test that needs to be cracked.

Do you know the ways to write a business plan?

  • Always do your research before starting something. A good research is vital for your business plan.
  • Have a purpose. Without a purpose, the business will not survive.
  • Creating a company profile is vital for your business plan. Always create a good one.
  • Never forget to document the various aspects of your new business. Documenting gives you the ability to retrospect.
  • Invest heavily in making a marketing plan. In today’s world, marketing has become a determining factor in the business’s survival.
  • Be flexible in your business plan and ready to adapt to change.
  • Be reflective and always show people who you are and what your business stands for.

Do you know these tips about business management?

  • Separate the business expenses and personal expenses
    Never forget to separate these two types of business expenses. This is the number one rule in business management. Personal expenses and business expenses must always be separate as this allows space for cost management.
  • Buy an accounting software
    The days of manual accounting are gone and you should be smart enough to know this. Invent in buying an accounting software and use it to your benefit for business management.
  • Train the employees good
    Training your employees is a part of good business management. This will allow you to function at your best.

Do you know these facts about credit cards?

  • The first ever credit card was only valid in the restaurants of New York City.
  • The first largest ever anti-trust debt settlement case was over a credit card.
  • The second largest anti-trust debt settlement case was also over a credit card.
  • The sheer number of credit cards that are in circulation can cover the entire diameter of our planet 3.5 times.
  • The person who created the credit card thought of it as just a trend that would fade away with time. Oops.

Do you know these facts about bookkeeping?

  • For those who never noticed, the term ‘Bookkeeping’ is the only English word that consists of three double back to back letters together.
  • Ever heard of the infamous personality, Al Capone? Well, guess who brought him down? FBI bookkeepers!
  • The Latin words, ‘debitum’ and ‘creditum’ are the origin of the English words ‘Debit’ and ‘Credit’. Interesting, isn’t it?
  • The famous bubble gum investor, Walter Diemer was once a bookkeeper and an accountant.

Do you know these facts about the global market economy?

  • There are about 3.8 million less American citizens who are aged between 30 to 44 years today than there were 10 years ago in the American economy.
  • As per the Wall Street Journal’s market economy section, oil production in the United States of America was the highest in the year 2012.
  • As per global market economy stats, Bill Gates and Carlos Slim have a cumulative worth of more than USD 100,000 for every hour that they have spent on this planet.

Do you know these facts about Bitcoin?

  • The first ever bitcoin that was spent was spent buying pizza. That only goes on to prove how important pizza is.
  • Every great thing that was ever invented has someone behind it claiming its invention. However, this does not hold true for Bitcoin. The creator of Bitcoin is still a mystery today.
  • Never lose your Bitcoin private key. If you do, you can say goodbye to all your Bitcoins as well.

Do you know about these top fundraising ideas?

  • Crowdfunding:
    there is no bigger method for fundraising than crowdfunding. It is effective, smooth, and gives positive results. It uses the abilities of social media and gets you the support of the public.
  • Show drives:
    It is stated by surveys that every individual throws away about 8 pairs of shoes away. That is about USD 50 – 80 in the trash. Shoe drives help you turn this waste into funds.
  • Object auctions:
    Set up an action of things that you do not need anymore. This is a great way to raise the required funds especially if you have a very short window.

Do you know why health insurance is indispensable?

  • The early the better:
    the early you opt for a health insurance, the better. It is your life and if you plan to live long and save your life’s savings on medical bills, you should definitely have a health plan.
  • Financially secure:
    Investing in a good health insurance makes you financially secure. You would have to shell out huge amounts of cash every time you have to visit the hospital.
  • Tax benefits:
    Never the immense tax benefits that an affordable health insurance plan can give you.

Do you know why car insurance is indispensable?

  • Damages are taken care of:
    Any damage to your vehicle is taken care of via a good car insurance. Car insurance allows you to tackle this issue that is so common. Damages can occur any time, especially to a vehicle.
  • Liabilities are reduced:
    when you purchase progressive car insurance, you automatically reduce your liability.
  • It is cheaper when purchased online:
    Car insurance, like health insurance, is way cheaper when you buy it online.

Do you know these facts about progressive home insurance?

  • Protects against unwanted liability:
    A good home insurance will protect you against all kinds of liabilities against your house.
  • Cover against acts of God:
    A good progressive home insurance will cover your losses against acts of god or natural calamities that cannot be controlled.
  • Banks see it as a positive sign:
    If you have a good home insurance in place, banks give you cookie points. In financial terms, this provides additional security against home loans.

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