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Did you know art and craft activity can improve the cognitive abilities of your child?

Did you know about these top 5 skills your child learns from art and craft activities?

  1. Inventive skills
  2. Visual learning skills
  3. Decision-making skills
  4. Perseverance
  5. Fine motor skills

Did you know about these 5 low-cost home décor ideas?

  1. Paint one of the wall with a bold color that can break the monotony of beige or white.
  2. Hang an abstract artwork or a large painting.
  3. Add classy look by installing wallpapers or murals.
  4. Introduce some live plants to uplift the space-mood.
  5. Add personality to your interior and buy decorative artifacts like table vase, pictures, decorative box and other low-price accessories.

Did you know about these extravagant celebrity Valentine’s Day gifts?

  • Jay-Z gifted his wife Beyonce a cell phone made from platinum and worth US$24,000.
  • Kanye West picked Panthere De Cartier Cuff worth US$73,000 as a Valentine’s Day gift for his wife Kim Kardashian.
  • Victoria Beckham received a Bulgari necklace studded with ruby and diamonds worth US$8 million.
  • A 20-carat ruby ring was gifted to Katy Perry by John Mayer as Valentine’s gift that costs US$5,000.
Whether it is about the Valentine’s Day or thinking about Christmas Gift Ideas, our celebrities always travel extra miles to enhance the experience for their loved ones.

Did you know about this adorable Mother’s day craftproject for kids?

Did you know about these two Easter Gift ideas?

  1. Floral Basket: add a pretty feminine touch to this Easter gift by grabbing a plain white basket and a bunch of faux flowers. Add colorful and artificial egg-shaped candies to the basket. Use cellophane paper to cover it.
  2. Bunny Pouch: Pick a cloth of your choice and cut it in asquare shape. Give a curvy scissor cut on one of the sides. Sew it like a pouch from the three sides. Take a cloth of a complimentary color and cut it in shape of bunny ears. Sew them to the pouch and you are ready.
Other than this, you can think of your own Easter day DIY project. Let the Easter gift ideas flow in and evoke your creativity.

Did you know about these winter craft ideas for your toddler?

  • Making a snowman using cotton balls: You need paper, crayons, colorful cotton balls, buttons, and glue.
  • Winter tree with fingerprinting: Dark blue-colored sheet, white painting color, and paintbrush.
  • Snowman pom-pom: White woolen yarn, buttons, a ribbon, a scissor, and a glue.

Did you about this special birthday gift idea that even celebrities cannot afford to buy?

Did you know about this low-cost DIY wall painting idea?

  • Pick a wall that needs an ‘art-attack’.
  • Clean it with the wet duster and let it dry.
  • With the help of chalk, draw a tree that has the elongated branches.
  • If the color of your wall is dark then pick white fabric color to paint the tree.
  • In case the wall of the lighter shade, pick black fabric color to paint.
  • Outline the picture first and then start painting.
  • Let it dry overnight and you are done.

Do you know what is hot in the world of Kitchen Design?

  • Industrial-inspired concrete surfaces
  • Factory-inspired faucets
  • Glamorous brass kitchen handles
  • Built-in wine room
  • Modern kitchen island
  • Clever kitchen storage

Did you know about thesenatural air purifierindoor plants?

  • Orchid drama
  • Spider plant
  • Lady Palm
  • Aloe Vera
  • Snake plant
  • Devil’s ivy
  • Classy grass

Do you know what art lovers admire as a gift?

  • Arty shopping bags
  • Art history novels and books
  • Irish jewelry
  • Art-inspired silk tie and pocket square
  • A famous art gallery tour
Many may not try an art gallery when it comes to gifting. But, it is an excellent gift idea. Not all art pieces are costly. There will always be something to fit your purpose and budget.

Did you know about these Home Décor tips by Twinkle Khanna?

  • Add a splash of colorful geometry prints
  • Add retro glam to the contemporary ambiance
  • Use neon painted bottles and artifacts
  • Add a vintage quirk to the Home goods furniture
  • Feature your walls with pop color frames
  • Add a burst of color to the monochrome home furniture

Did you know about these essential knitting tools for beginners?

  • Knitting needles
  • Pattern book
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Darning needles
  • Measuring tape
  • Knitting needle gauge
  • Knitting needle storage
So, open any tutorial about ‘how to knit’, gather these essentials, and start your new knitting project today!

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